My Son’s Two Wives

They were busy collecting baby blankets, dolls and toy accessories upstairs. I could hear quiet whispering and giggling, even brother was involved.

I didn’t dare disturb them. It had been a long, hard week, recovering from our trip to Africa. Laundry piles scattered and sleep coming at all the wrong times.

Then I heard: “PUSH! You can do it.”


I couldn’t help but laugh and let them.

It’s a lot better then what they were playing the week before…..

[The Masai are the indigenous tribe in Kenya that I wrote about last year. This tribe is known throughout the world for their practices of female mutilation and polygamy, as well as the blood they drink from cows.]

(I think my son was remembering how old boys are when they get circumcised)

Masai dress in red plaid, make beautiful beadwork and can be spotted in most parts of Kenya.

My mom bought each of my kids a little Masai figurine (women for my girls and an old wise man for my son) at a market and they played…..

(My oldest is making my son kiss his second wife)

polygamy all day.

“I’m his favorite wife,” my four year old argued with her big sister….until I made them play something else.


See? So birthing babies upstairs is no big deal!



  1. 1


    I guess my kids aren’t quite as creative as yours. They just play things like House and Store. Maybe I should take them to Africa!

  2. 2


    Too funny! After our recent trip to Ethiopia, our 2 year old enjoyed being carried on our backs, and wanted to carry her dolls on her back. A cute observation of culture, but not nearly as unique as your kids!

  3. 3


    Haha! Thanks soo much for the chuckle. I needed that this evening.

    PS~ I was able to catch alot of your interview online. I’m soo glad that God didn’t let you completely lose your dream to change the world. We will never know the result of the ripples that God has created using you and your family and Maureen. I just wanted to say thank you for following Him.

  4. 4


    That is sooooo bad in a cute sort of way. It brings to mind the breastfeeding baby. What is better for our kids to play with? I think our morals and values must be the guideline for play. As Christians, our belief in God’s Holy scriptures as well as what It teaches must dictate to us what is truly appropriate play. You were right on with that one.

  5. 5


    Hahahaha! Bless their hearts. Play is a way of processing ideas for young children and they must have been doing a lot of processing. Now if my older children were playing this little game, I would be concerned because they have enough moral and spiritual parameters to know the issues involved. But with little guys, I think they are just processing. It doesn’t mean they “approve” the morals in question. A simple explanation and redirection are usually all that is necessary when they are young. I think you did a great job! :)

  6. 7


    Funny, my husband and I were just talking about polygamy in the bible this morning.

    I said “Well, I guess it was an easy way to get a lot of sons. But I’ve done a decent job of that for you all by myself”.

    His reply? “Well, you could be my favorite then.”

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    Wendy Anderson says

    Hahahahahahah that is too funny we have 4 girls and a little man that is just one month today, and my girls are always playing “hospital’, and lat me tell you that Daddy hates it he thinks it is too grown for them to be playing that. Does anyone have suggestions for getting Daddy to loosen up a little????

  8. 10


    Love it! You’re opening the eyes of your children to the world! My girls are constantly pantomining life in their imaginative play. G. used to breast feed her baby dolls – she only saw me breast feed her sister. It’s interesting to hear them process life through their play – even more so given the experiences you are giving your children.

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