Kenya: Update One

After a very long journey (more than 24 hours), we made it safely to Nairobi, Kenya. Our kids did amazing traveling and all of our bags (with more than 1,000 pounds in donations) arrived too without a bit of trouble (except we did resemble a total circus in the airport), so thank you for praying!

We were greeted by the staff and girls and given a quick tour of the maternity home. We slept under mosquito nets to the sound of monkeys outside (seriously) and emerged from the fog of jet lag feeling rested.

The morning was spent exploring and visiting with Maureen (we love her so much) and we spent the afternoon unpacking and organizing half the donations.

And then we walked about 1/2 a mile to the nearby store, which happens to be Kenya’s version of a Super center Walmart to pickup a few things. We met a giant warthog on the way!

After a delicious dinner, we showered, but before we fell into bed we gave each of the girls a special doll hand crafted for them by Baby Be Blessed. We told these three precious girls all about each of you, how much you’d given, how big your hearts were, how we represent you here in Africa.

The girls (residents) are precious, shy and unsure of these Americans, but our kids have helped ease the discomfort. My youngest had them giggling and my oldest taught them how to play volleyball with a balloon and clothesline.

All in all, it was a great first full day in Kenya! (but the Internet is terribly, so I hope to update this post with pictures this weekend!)