I thought I’d be less busy once I returned from Kenya.

Hysterical. Only not the laughing kind.

Considering this week was a fast and furious blur…..

I even asked for a wife. On Twitter.

I’m trying hard to balance it all, not lose sight of what’s most important and glorify God in all I do. I’m not doing so hot, but I’m trying.

I’ve had half a dozen people volunteer to help me with Mercy House stuff this past week and had my socks blessed off, so I’m learning the art of delegation and letting go. And being thankful.

In other news, 2/3 of my kids are heading to the Grandparent’s farm for the week. I can’t wait to count ticks when they get home.

Oh, and also, I’m dreading school. Summer is flying too fast and the Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby irritates me.

This is what I look like (in Africa) when I’ve washed my hair in the sink, let it air dry and bathed with a wet wipe:

The exciting part of the busy week was AAALLLL the orders from the Mercy Shop. Thank you! Thank you! I Skyped with our darling girls in Kenya and told them how much everyone loved their creations. (FYI: I got emotional seeing our new baby snuggled up to her momma).

So, before I make this post any more random, I’ll tell you the THREE winners from the Mercy Shop giveaway:

Congrats to random commenters: Amy @ Tiny Blessings , Deb Wilson, Renee

71	8	66

Do have a happy weekend y’all. xoxo


  1. 1


    Still a beautiful lady regardless of how you washed your hair and with what you washed. Remember: Even Jesus took time for replenishment and prayer.

  2. 4

    Renee says

    Thank you! It will be fun to have something made by Mercy’s girls and a good way to share about them IRL.

  3. 5


    I’m mostly glad to know that I’m not the only one who washes themselves (and my sinks, and counters and the floor while I’m in the bathroom with the kids in the tub!) with wipes!!! LOL. Summer does go by way to fast…especially here in Buffalo where we live because winter lasts WAAAAYYYYY toooo long….

  4. 7

    Crystal says

    hi busy mama:) your pic just shows how naturally beautiful you are,and we all know it’s inside and outside loveliness!

  5. 8


    Lots of hugs to you!! I only traveled to Louisiana…by myself…and I can’t seem to get caught up with everything. I feel like my days and weeks are just attacking me and I’m losing the battle. For instance, I spent the day cleaning my living room and once it was clean and I was feeling half decent about it and things in general, I realized that I am now 3 weeks behind with getting my kids’ curriculum for the up coming school year. AHHHH!! But this, too, shall pass and God has it all under control.

    You are soo beautiful…it doesn’t matter how your hair was washed or what you used to bathe. For what it’s worth, my kids get wipey baths about every other day. LOL

  6. 9

    JADELL says

    I just wanted to make mention that I received my order today! The necklace I ordered is beautiful and much bigger than I expected! Thanks so much for offering such pretty jewelry. I can’t wait to wear it soon.

    Thanks again!
    SJ Williams

  7. 10


    “the Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby irritates me.”….oh gosh…I walked in there today and totally avoided the left half of the store….just so I wouldn’t have to see it. I’m not even kidding.

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