And Now, I’d Like to Talk About Rodents

My kids love animals. Pets, to be precise.

They would have every species living in our home if they were allowed. They are not allowed. I’m not THAT mom. Much to their disappointment.

We have a dog, which is technically the kids but she loves me (secret: I love her, too). After Hurricane Ike devastated our part of Texas a few years ago, we adopted a cat (named Ike) because hundreds were going to be destroyed. He’s technically theirs too, but loves my hubby.

So, we quenched their pet-loving obsession with fish a few years ago.

Turns out fish are a temporary fix.

The kids have been campaigning HARD for hamsters for several years now. I don’t do rodents, so the answer has been obvious. But they persisted. My oldest started wearing me down by saving her money, talking about being responsible, growing up, yada yada yada….

For a year now, I’ve been saying, “maybe after we get back from Africa we can talk about a hamster.”

Guess what? We’re back from Africa.

My daughter finally had enough money saved (thanks to a big clearance at Petsmart. Sheesh.) I told her when she returned from visiting her grandparents we’d do the deed.

Meanwhile, my other two were chomping at the bit for their own rodent. They talked about pooling birthday money together. Plus, the grandparents got involved by offering odd jobs.

Clearly, there was a conspiracy to make me hold a rodent.

Last week, my mom’s friend called and heard we were looking for a hamster and asked us to take her beloved miniature hamster (with cage, food, accessories). Great, now the world is against me.

Then some hamster drama happened, but I will spare you details. It’s really a long story that ends with every kid in my house owning their very own hamster.

So, let’s review: We went from no hamster (not going to happen-ever) to owning THREE in a week.

God does provide (according to my kids).

I like to think He is wanting to stretch me spiritually.

And also to check this off the proverbial parenting list.

If I close one eye and tilt my head, they are kinda cute.

In a rodent-kind of way.

But I’m still not going to hold one.

P.S. Turns out getting your kids a hamster makes you MOM OF THE YEAR (for the week, at least). Tell me your rodent story…. Yes, I had two “sister” hamsters as a kid that turned out to be a boy and girl and we woke up one day to 12 babies. And then the mom started eating them. I kid you not.


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    Well, I never had hamsters, so I have no personal tales…I did, however, have quite a bit of contact with a hamster belonging to a childhood friend. They are nocturnal, so according to her, the only way she could get any sleep was to put him in the closet with the light on at night.

    If you get guinea pigs, give me a ring. I am the *guinea pig whisperer.*

    {Just when you thought you had me figured out…}

  2. 2

    Sylvia says

    I had pet mice as a teenager and have enjoyed various rodents as classroom pets over the years. My favorite class pet was a very smart white rat named Sparkle. She was very smart and very tame. The kids taught her to sit up and beg for food. Hamsters ( I’ve had some as classroom pets) can be territorial meaning they will bite when someone reaches into the cage to take them out. My students tell me this is not unusual. They are fine once they are out. This behavior has ruled them out for the classroom. Enjoy the little critters. They are very endearing. I mean the hamsters and the kids :-)

  3. 3


    Hamsters aren’t my thing. Sometimes you get a mean one. When I worked at a daycare as a teacher for the 1 year olds, I got the room a pet hamster. It was a mean one.

    Now, when I was young, I found a baby mouse in our backyard. I took it inside,put it in an aquarium and kept that little hairless thing alive for 2 whole weeks before it finally died. Then my parents got me 2 mice…that turned into 10 mice….that turned into 27 VERY quickly. We gave them to the pet store for snake food after that…

  4. 4

    Shari says

    I have tons of rodent stories…

    1. When I was very wee, we had two hamsters, Alice and Henry. Henry was vicious. Once, he accidentally (really!) rolled down our concrete basement stairs in his little plastic ball. We thought that was kind of funny, so we let him do it again, only this time it knocked him out. We thought we’d killed him and were feeling so terrible, holding him and talking to him, when he woke up. And from that day on, he was a different, tame hamster. Knocked some sense into him? Maybe.
    2. Also about that time, Henry and Alice got together and made many babies, many babies with skin so thin you could see their veins. One day my father was leaning over the cage looking in, when the bubble gum he was chewing fell out of his mouth. It stuck to Alice’s tale and as she turned around and around trying to get it off, she picked up a couple of babies with each turn. It took my mother and I forever to carefully pick gum off baby hamsters.
    3. When I was seventeen, I got a hamster named Furbee. She was so sweet and smart, and when I’d close my bedroom door and let her run loose, she would always come right back to my hand when I called her name.
    4. Once a hamster got out of his cage in the garage, slipped under the garage door and disappeared. A few nights later, I was cooking at the stove, heard something rattling in the fan over the stove, and when we carefully opened it, thinking we’d find a squirrel in it, out fell that hamster.
    5. Our hamster Sally gave birth to 63 babies (not all at once!) over her lifetime. She was a good little mother until the last batch, which she tried to eat, but we managed to pull two of them out of her jaws and save their lives. I can’t really blame her; it’s probably really hard being a mother at that age and who hasn’t wanted to eat their young a few times? 😉
    6. Most of the litters were born while we were at church. You’d think we’d learn to stop going, but no.

    Hamsters are GREAT pets. Just don’t let them roll down steps in a plastic ball.

  5. 6

    Kelli says

    Neighbors cat santered by this evening with something rodent like hanging out it’s mouth. . . my boys declaring how cool and discusting that is and then tearing into their shoes to follow the cat, (to see what she was gonna do with it)?

  6. 7


    I was a hamster fanatic when I was younger. My first was named Boots ( he hat white paws) and he bit the fire out of my finger, of which I carry the scar still today 20 years later. I guess you could say karma caught up with him…. he had a tendency to escape from his cage and my mom accidently sucked him up in the vacuum hose (not knowing he had escaped). I overheard my parents telling the story to a family friend not long after that happened. They still to this day have no idea I know what happened to poor little boots. The story was he just got out and got lost… and he was replaced with Betsy.

  7. 9


    Oh, they are kind of cute. Just a word to the wise (from the voice of experience): Don’t trust that kid at PetCo to really know the difference between boys and girls. Keep them separated or you may get the experience the miracle of birth.

    You know, with the rodents. Then, three will seem like a walk in the park.

    If you squint your eyes and tilt your head the babies are kind of cute, too. 😉

  8. 10

    Christa says

    Kristen, from the photo it looks like you have Winter White hamsters–they’re very soft, smaller than the standard hamster, and very social when they come from the same litter. We have 4 Winter Whites right now: Hot Dog, Mac, Cheese & Sprinkles. They truly are adorable, and create much less “odor” than other rodents.

    Enjoy! Oh, and congrats on earning that “Mom of the Year” award! Apparently I don’t qualify for that unless I OK getting a dog (not going to happen anytime soon!) but I’m glad to hear the standards vary according to venue 😉

  9. 11


    Okay, funny post. Funny responses, too.

    1. We got hamsters when my oldest was in utero. She’s 13 now. Anyway, they had babies a few times, but then, well, she started eating them. So, we got rid of her. It was gross. And then the male, sweet little thing, I am not sure what came of him. I do remember his cage falling apart, so we kept him in a large rubbermaid tub. One morning while on the floor playing with my kids (me, not the hamster) I noticed little rodent prints on the base of my floor lamp. I looked into the box and found him there still. Then I noticed the huge hole in the corner. Yes, he chewed his way out and returned every time.

    2. My husband wanted a rat. I hate rats. Still do. I don’t have much say in the matter. So, he decided he would get a female. Wouldn’t you know it! The thing was pregnant. We didn’t get one rat, but 12!

    3. My son wanted a hamster when he was about 4 so we got one. It was a good little thing. But because we moved to Europe, we had to get rid of her.

    4. Now, we live in Poland and my son wanted another. He saved up his money and bought one. The clerk at the pet store insisted it was a female. I told my son as time went by that it was a male. I don’t like male rodents…lets just leave it at that. eww. Anyway…he doesn’t take care of it like he should. The novelty has worn off. There will be no more in my house after this one disappears.

    Yet, they are adorable.

  10. 12


    We have two guinea pigs who probably need to be rescued from my darling girl who dresses them up. We had two gerbils but one of them ate the head off the other one. So now we have one gerbil.
    I love the guinea pigs, they are so much fun. to me the gerbil looks like a mouse and i do not like mouse

  11. 13


    this is hilarious! way to go, mom of the week! the only hamster i have ever been near belonged to a college roommate. she thought since he was burying food that he could just eat that for a while, so she quit feeding him. he died.

  12. 14


    My brother had hamsters when we were kids. We also woke up one day to baby hamsters, but the mom hamster would place them in her wheel and then run furiously – you guessed it – sending the babies flying into the side of the cage. That was a little disturbing, to say the least!

  13. 15

    Amy says

    My cousin got 2 hamsters once. Then decided a week later she didn’t like cleaning the cage, so she gave them to me. They were supposed to be 2 girls. Yeah right. I was just about to clean the cage and bent over to open the bag of pine shavings and looked up and out popped a baby. I was young (10 maybe) and started freaking out and screaming for my parents. The mom only ate the littlest one. We ended up giving away the hamsters at my moms work after that. I was mortified.

  14. 16


    Though I’m not against rodents as pets (we’ve had guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, and rabbits – are rabbits technically rodents?), I’ve been bitten by mice and hamsters, and nibbled by the rabbit who also ate electrical cords and wooden furniture. My favorite rodents were a rat and a guinea pig.

  15. 17

    Kit says

    “ew” about the hamster eating her babies. My sister and I loved rodent-pets when we were growing up. Now I am like, “what was I thinking?!?!” We once had a 3 legged hamster. He was kinda fun! We also had a pair of hamsters once, and the one attacked and ate the other one. So we gave the surviving hamster away asap! To a girl down the street who loved the little rodent for YEARS. We never told her that the beloved pet was a cannibalistic hamster.”

    We also had mice several times. We had cats the whole time too, so most of our rodent-pet stories eventually had a violent end. I’m not sure how my parents put up with that so many times!

  16. 18


    ooo hamsters…. oh hamsters………Evil little devils, but so so cute. I have like 5 throughout my childhood. My first 2 were for christmas when I was around 5, I loved them. I named them Candycane, and Stockings….. but sadly, Candycane died that afternoon, I suppose he was dying when we got him and we just didnt know it. I remember my dad holding him in his hand and me sitting on the couch beside him, praying for God not to take my hamster…. He died and I lost it. But later on we got more hamsters, which for the most part were fine….except they were stinky. Except for one… when I was about 9… this Evil Hamster knew how to lock and un-lock his cage. My friend and I went into my room on afternoon and caught him in the act of unlocking his door. He jumped, he ran, we screamed (not sure why… little girl thing??), we finally found him in my moms closet… I’m pretty sure he was possesed by the devil lol, because when we went to grab him I sware his eyes glowed red and he snapped at us, and ran under my moms bed….. We never found him. lol

  17. 19


    I LOVE pets. Just a little more land and we would have a whole farm going. But since we’re in Houston, farms aren’t possible. However we did get guinea pigs this year and I love them. They have major personalities and love to eat. I think they are the perfect pet for kids since they don’t bite and they can run around downstairs out of their cage since we have wood floors. I just have to go behind them and clean whatever they leave behind. It sounds gross but watching them popcorn jump around the living room because they are so happy makes it worth it. We’ll be getting a cat in a few weeks when we move to a bigger house. So that will put us at two guinea pigs, two dogs, a cat, and three monkeys (that resemble kids).

  18. 20


    My parents never did cave on the whole rodent issue (nor the cat issue, nor the horse issue…it took a lot of campaigning to get parakeets; one of which was homicidal and killed the other one. Poor Chevy (as in Chase)…). However, when I finally got my own place, I got a guniea pig–Shurik. He’s pretty cool, but he’s not really big on getting out of his cage and playing or exploring. He mainly just finds a low-lying piece of furniture and hides under the farthest corner–and poops. I let him out in the bathroom once–he hid behind the toilet.

  19. 21


    I, too, live with animal lovers. The snakes are the ones I dislike the most!! We have had pets in all shapes, sizes, and skins and I simply remind them, “I don’t do animals.” The kids have to take care of all of them. Or they are gone. Simple, right? Except when a snake escapes in the house! EEEEEKKKKK!

  20. 22


    We have a dwarf hamster too. Also due to begging from my dear daughter. She read books on hamsters, took notes on hamster care and saved up all her money. I had no choice. But let me tell you, when that tiny little hamster escapes her cage, its VERY hard to catch her.

  21. 23

    Mollianne says

    I used the hamster eating the babies story as a sort of object lesson for my children. I *might* have told them that the mommy hamster ate the babies because they were fighting and whining. Might have. Maybe. Okay, I told them that, but hey! I figure they are probably going to be in therapy for a long time as adults…they ought to have true stories to tell!

  22. 24

    Monika says

    My kids too want rodents as pets. The answer is no. I am still too traumatized from having guinea pigs when I was a kid and the mama guinea pig died after giving birth. That was That was 24 years ago and i still remember it.

  23. 25

    Sarah Campanile says

    Several years ago, I decided to get my 4 year old daughter a robo dwarf hamster. After going through quite a few names over a week or so, she named her Cauliflower. And that one she came up with all on her own.. hah. Well, 2 years in, Cauliflower got sick while my daughter was away… so I did what I thought was the best thing for her and I went to Petco and bought another one before she got back. She didn’t suspect that she was now the mother of Cauliflower #2, but she mentioned several times how different she acted! Uh oh! Well, a year later, Cauliflower #2 passes… (Since we got her as an adult..) At this time, we had gotten a kitty, Jack, who was best friends with Cauliflower and actually fell into a deep depression over the loss. He was so sad, he sulked… he laid where the cage was and it actually worried us a bit. Despite my relief of finally not having to clean a stinky cage anymore, we thought it would be best for my daughter and Jack to get another friend. The pet store urged us to get a rat but I just didn’t think I could handle that… so we got another Robo. We named her Jill. So Jack and Jill went up the hill… wait, wrong story. :) Jill lived for what seemed like FOREVER. About 4 years.. 4 very loooong years. My daughter is now begging me for a bearded dragon… !?! … for now, I’m happy to not have a cage to clean. :)

  24. 26


    I am a BAD hamster mommy! My two boys each own one. When they went to vist “Nana” for a week this summer I forgot to feed them. All week! My youngest sons died. So, I cleverly replaced with a similar looking one. Except this one has red eyes. And its mean, and it bites and its an escape artist. My son still believes it’s the same hamster, but that it has turned evil. He says he hates his hamster now. I feel soooo bad, but their is NO way I’m gonna tell him I killed the first one. Poor guy!

  25. 27


    so first you must know that I would love in the country and raise everything I could possible raise.. as long as it was legal.. and second, you should know we live in a very nive subdivision because my husband is aware of my love of creatures, and he knows zoning laws and he uses them to his advantage.LOL

    we have a Chihuahua.. she has ben a part of our family for 7 years. She had a friend, a maincoon cat, whom was our furbaby for 18 years.who went to kitty heaven in May of 2010. when we moved to Texas last Fall, someone promised a dog that was fun, cause the chihuahua is pretty and dainty and not a dog for kids ages 9 and 7. and as Christmas grew closer, we were hearing prayers are bedtime, explaining to God what the perfect dog was… and so Santa brought guinea pigs, two female guinea pigs.. who are cute and clever and ever so nocturnal, so must live in the family room so every one can get sleep at night.. and yesterday two English Setter who are 8 weeks old joined the home we call a zoo.. and the girls.???? they want to know when they hunting rifles so they can hunt with their bird dogs… We will have to see what Santa brings????

  26. 28

    stacy says

    Hamsters are adorable…we’ve had several over the years. Only one at a time though cuz I do not want to deal with babies. I even had a pet rat as a teenager. However, there is no possibility now that I would have any rodents inside my home that I’m actually paying to take care of…. We’re dealing with too many of the real live kinds that run loose in our garage….yuck!

  27. 29

    Mandy says

    LOL! We just bought a dwarf Chinese hamster (which looks like the one you have) a week ago for our 7 year old son … who’s also been wearing me down (or is that wearing me out?!) for a year. It’s name is Fluphy … gotta love 7 yo spelling! He’s a cute little thing and very timid … hasn’t bitten us once. Which is a BIG surprise, considering I woke one morning to our 3 year old son carrying him around in his fist with Fluphy’s little head bulging out between his fingers! Poor thing is going to need some meds. Enjoy the hamsters! I had a pet mouse when I was little … loved him! And, yes, they are VERY nocturnal … so keep him somewhere away from the bedrooms! :)

  28. 30


    My daughter successfully campaigned for a hamster with good grades and an awesome report on the care and feeding of the small rodent…actually, my husband caved. She can be very persuasive when she has him alone. I must admit after my initial revusion (some one put him on the carpet and I attempted to sweep him out my house) I have become kindof fond of the little guy. They are pretty cool. Even wrote a children’s book about him!! Enjoy!!

  29. 31

    Kristen says

    OH my…allowing the evil critters in your house DEFINITELY makes you mom of the year. Ugh. I have always been completely creeped/freaked out by rodents of all kinds. They are not cute, cuddly, or sweet. I know it makes me so very uncool…but I just hate them. Here’s my hamster story.

    When I was in high school my friend’s little brother, (who was like 6) got a hamster. He was SO excited. He brought it to show me and I, being secretly terrified of the thing, acted like I was WAY too cool to look at it, and told him I hoped it keeled over and died (mean, mean, mean girl!). Long story short…it did.

    The next morning when he got up, he found it dead on it’s little hamster wheel. I (rightly) felt horrible.

    He recently requested me as a friend on Facebook and felt the need to REMIND me of this story. Thank goodness he realized even at 6 that I had no power to wish his hamster dead and that it was just a very ironic coincidence. He wasn’t scarred for life and actually found (way too much) joy in harassing me about ruining his childhood. Brat. 😉

  30. 33

    Niki Blake says

    One more for you…..1. I caved too….did NOT want them. 2. One gnawed his way out of the METAL cage but we found him after I enlisted every single neighborhood boy to come in my house and find him…5 dollars to the winner. :) 3. We left them at home for a short trip..plenty of food, plenty of water, and new cage “stuff”…perfect, right? Put their cage in the bathroom for “safety”. Came home to a terrible smell in the house and I just knew it….they were both DEAD. They had these weird knots on them…ugh. We NEVER did get that smell out of that bathroom. 4. I will NEVER have one again. :) But good luck! :)

  31. 34


    I’ve got enough rodents around here without actually going out and buying some! My six year old wants mice but contents himself with rubber halloween mice and rats and plans that he will have pet mice when he’s a grownup. He’s going to marry someone who likes mice.

  32. 35

    Mom of 3 boys says

    We had a hamster for a little over 3 years. His name was Paisy (one boy wanted Pongo, one wanted Maisy, we compromised!) and he did bite me once. I couldn’t feel the tip of my finger for a month! He also got out and found one of those glue mouse traps (we lived near a farm and would get field mice occasionally). I thought he was a goner but we got him off of the thing and he had glue on him for quite some time but he survived over a year after so I guess they are heartier than you might think. He was cute running around in his ball, but I really hated cleaning that cage so I can’t say I miss him much. Good luck with your adventure and be sure to keep the ones from different litters seperated because some hamsters will fight to the death with non-siblings as some friends of ours found out the hard way.

  33. 36

    Robin in New Jersey says

    We have had 6 or 7 hamsters in the last 13 years. The first one we had was my 10 year old son’s and he cried so hard when it died. The next one, Ginger, got out of the cage and disappeared, never to be found. We had two in a cage together a few years ago and two days after getting them, they were dead in the cage. The store had a 7 day money back guarantee, so we got two more. Those two fought terrible and had to be separated. One died shortly after that. They don’t seem to last more than a couple years. I guess that is their life span? The one we have now, is cute and fluffy and likes to roll around in the ball thingy. We never had any babies with the ones that we tried to have in a cage together. I don’t have a fear of them, but have never held one.

    Have fun!

  34. 37

    lori says

    my now 10 yr daughter, when she was in preschool, she took care of the classroom guniea pig, alot, brought him home and took great care of him, we had him all summer for 4 yrs. this little guy became such a part of our family, he unfortunately passed away, my daughter was very upset. for her 10th birthday we let her pick out her own guniea pig, she is female, and almost 1 yr old. she takes wonderful care of her, In the meantime , we have a freind, that is a rescue for guniea pigs, and she has alot to take care of, we now foster for her to help her out, we have also adopted one male. they are the sweetest little animals. such personalitys, and they really respond to you as caregiver, this is our animal story.

  35. 39


    this made me laugh out loud. we SO need to meet for chick-fil-a sometime SOON!

    as i read this, i realized i have a lot of rodent stories too. we didn’t have any pets for a long time growing up, so somehow i convinced my parents that me begging for a hamster was a lot easier than me begging for (and getting) a dog/cat…

    one liked to escape and hide in my sister’s teddy bear collection.

    one escaped (i think that one was a mouse) and so i put its food bowl in my closet. it ate at night and i never saw it for weeks, yet fed it daily. finally, one night, it got a little too social and came and crawled on my arm in the middle of the night. i had a friend spending the night. there might have been some screaming involved and parents woken up, but we caught her in the end.

    one’s name was lisa-michelle-ann Hyman. all of my “future children’s” names combined??

    one was mean and bit me all the time. i forgot about her and she dehydrated. (omg. that’s so terrible to put into words.)

    one had a sibling that was my mom’s kindergarten class pet. class pet died one weekend at christmas, so mine became the replacement. mom never told the kindergarteners.

    the same class pet replacement ended up pocketing too much food b/c it was “overly stressed” (professional diagnosis) and ended up in the vet, under anesthesia, in order to “unpack” its cheeks. (class parent was a vet…)

    i’ll stop… :)

  36. 40


    I had a hamster growing up. My friends and I would make these elaborate tunnels with empty toilet paper rolls and race our hamsters through them. He (she?… who knows) had one of those clear balls and would run around the house in it. And then apparently she (he?) became really smart… ooooor someone didn’t close the lid well enough… and all the sudden we realized we didn’t here the normal banging into walls and cabinets that happened when he (she?) ran around the house in her ball… and sure enough in the kitchen there was a ball… empty, door completely removed from the ball. And, we could hear her (him?) behind the wood of the floor cabinets- like the wood from the floor to the bottom of the cabinets… turned out there was a small space in the corner of 2 meeting cabinets- just the right size for a hamster. So… after trying to lure him (her?) out with food my dad had had enough of that and got his little electric saw and formed another hole put something inside and shoved her (him?) out the small, inconvienent hamster-sized hole she (he?) had gone in. It was quite the ordeal… and 2 new rules were fashioned- 1– you now had to use 2 pieces of TAPE around the entire ball to make sure the door was going to stay on the ball and 2– no more unchaperoned adventures around the house for her (him?). Ahhhh… good memories! :)
    See… THIS is what your kids have in store for the future– wonderful memories of hamster mishaps! you ARE the best mom ever! :)

  37. 42



    My daughter wanted a rat…yes, A RAT!! And worse, my husband who owned a rat once and his mother, the biologist, encouraged her. One day my mother-in-law (whom I love dearly, btw) came home with one – cage and all. I told my daughter she had to take care of it, clean the cage, feed it, and she had to use allowance money to buy the food. Turns out, rats die if you don’t feed them. I went in there one day to put away clothes and it was dead. I don’t wish death on anything God created (but seriously, rats Lord?!)…so it was sad, but I said NEVER AGAIN. She learned a tough lesson about responsibility. Honestly, I was secretly relieved we didn’t have to smell that rat cage anymore. Good luck with your “fat furries” as my mother-in-law calls them…at least hamsters are MUCH cuter than rats. (Insert *shiver* here…ugh.)

  38. 43

    Siebrie says

    I had a Siberian dwarf hamster as a student. It was very cute! They only live for about 3 years and require only a little care, so they are ideal as a ‘starter pet’. They are happy in their cage, as long as they have a place to call ‘home’ (toilet paper tube). They enjoy being held, although they will run all the time. If they get particularly restless and start to nibble your clothes or fingers, just pop them back into their cages: they are signalling their need for privacy, probably to use the bathroom.

    I trained my hamster to come to me: it walked on the wooden floor, I would tap the floor twice with my fingernail. When it came to me, I would feed it a piece of grain or hamster candy. I practiced daily for about 5 minutes, making the distance between me and the hamster bigger everytime. After about two weeks it came to me if I just tapped the floor.

  39. 44


    a rat ate our marriage certificate. Now we only have the sad little copy from the county. so i guess the moral of my story is make sure you file your important papers in a metal filing cabinet in case they escape? :)

  40. 45


    Today…just today I have a rodent story. But I must warn you it ends in death, a mouse and chivalry both in the same moment. My dog was chasing a tiny something our front while my DIL and her friend sat squeeling and pointing n the car out front. I ran out, identified the critter as a mouse and commenced probably the most hilarious dance moves of my life time. Trying to “encourage” the mouse to scurry AWAY with the hem of my maxi dress, I also heard myself screaming at the dog “You are NOT a CAT! Don’t eat the mouse!” The mouse was so confused and frantic, I could see in its beady little eyes it was headed for the house to seak refuge. So I ran into the garage and grabbed my grandson’s red plastic bat and began my axe like motions hoping to stop that little rascal dead. Screaming at the top of my lungs in chorus with the hoops and hysterics coming from the car, my 4th or 5th hack, landed me a stunned little guy. My DIL got out of the car and started speaking words of sympathy…to the MOUSE! I told her to get back in the car with those thoughts. Realizing I couldn’t hit him again, I scooped up his paralyzed little being in the dust pan…scurried across the street and launched him into the river bed. The chivalry part??? The power was out at the house at the time and a city power guy was across the street watching and hearing the whole thing…he did the only thing he knew I guess…drove away very quickly! Apparently hysterical citizens and rodents are not in his job description. When he returned just a little later, I was waiting for him. “hey, I was battling life and death over here a little while ago and you, you, you just left!” “yes…yes I did” was his answer. I may have battled a mouse, but there’s still a RAT roaming the streets of our city if you ask me! :)

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