Confessions of a Middle-Aged Mother

I need to confess:

Sometimes I sweep dirt under the rug instead of sweeping it up.

Sometimes I restart the dishwasher and pretend it never got started.

Sometimes I hide in the bathroom to read email.

Sometimes I walk around Target for an hour with an empty cart.

Sometimes I go to the drive-thru for a refill of sweet tea.

Sometimes I fix my kids pb&j for dinner.

Sometimes I eat ice cream. In the bathroom. For dinner.

Your turn.

Go ahead, it feels good.

Sometimes I _____________________


  1. 2


    Oh Kristen. Thanks for this “little bit of real’ tonight. Okay, here I go! Sometimes I…hide a really good snack in the dirty laundry basket so that when I tell the kids I’m just running to the basement to put a load in, I can enjoy a treat all to myself:)

  2. 3


    Sometimes I take the LONG way home from the store. Grocery shopping is about the only time that I get out of the house at this point! LOL!

  3. 4

    Megan G. says

    Sometimes I tell my oldest to find some clothes that still look and smell clean enough in his hamper because I’m that far behind on laundry.

    Sometimes I let them watch tv in the morning so I can get a little more sleep.

    Sometimes I go to Target just so I don’t have to make lunch and get the kitchen dirty.

    Sometimes I ever-so-slightly exaggerate to my very sweet husband about how stressful my day was, in hopes that he’ll offer take out as a dinner option! (That one makes me sound terrible!)

  4. 6


    (hanging head in shame) Sometimes I will text and drive.

    Sometimes blog while breastfeeding, at 2am.

    Sometimes I go to the store for diapers, just to wonder for an hour.

  5. 7


    Sometimes I let the dog lick the dishes clean before I put them in the dishwasher.
    Sometimes I rewash towels that I have left too long in the washing machine.
    Sometimes I feed my kiddos chocolate cake for breakfast.

  6. 9


    Sometimes I wear clothes with stains and act like I didn’t know.

    Sometimes I tell my kids I will be right back with no intention of coming right back (don’t worry I am still in the house)

    Sometimes I wear the same bra a week straight and then wash it (gross, I know!)

  7. 10


    Sometimes I run a load of clothes through the dryer two or three times before I’m motivated to fold the clothes and put them away. Sometimes I never actually put them away :).

  8. 11


    sometimes I won’t pick up the phone when I see who is calling

    sometimes I get so crabby about always walking into the bathroom and finding no toilet paper that if I take the last square I won’t replace the roll (I know – it’s awful and not very big of me but I swear every time I walk into the bathroom the roll is empty. We must have a toilet paper eating monster in our house)

    Sometimes I’ll ignore the dogs when they ring the bell to go out and hope someone else in the family hears them.

    Sometimes I’ll purposely get up before my husband so he’s the last one out of bed and has to make it.

  9. 12


    Sometimes I encourage the use of the five second rule. And stuff a brownie in my mouth for breakfast while my kids aren’t looking.

  10. 13


    Tonight I went to Target and the grocery store…just so I could get out of the house by myself!
    Sometimes I hide candy in my underwear drawer.
    Sometimes I make my kids eat healthy snacks and then I eat chips in front of them.
    Sometimes I delay making dinner or act like there’s not a full meal’s worth of food to eat, just so we can go out and I don’t have to cook.
    Sometimes I leave dirty dishes out all day, and then put them away right before my hubby gets home so it won’t look like I was lazy all day long.

  11. 14


    I love you. I really do!!! :-)

    Sometimes… I stay up late, just to enjoy the quiet.

    Sometimes I wear something with a stain, and hope people will think I “just got” the stain

    Sometimes I leave really chatty (long) comments on blogs…and the next day feel like a dork for doing so!

    Sometimes…I’m too tired to think of the dorky stuff I normally do! Goodnight!!!

  12. 16


    Sometimes I stay up late (much later than I should…just to enjoy the quiet

    Sometimes I hide mini kit-kats in the freezer

    Sometimes I let her skip a shower at night just so I don’t have to clean the bathroom

    Thank you for this!!! It’s good to know we aren’t alone.

  13. 18


    sometimes i let my children eat cookie dough for breakfast as long as they have a glass of milk with it.
    sometimes i let my children chew gum instead of brushing their teeth.
    sometimes i don’t get out of bed when i remember there are clothes to put in the dryer even if it means i will have to rewash them.
    sometimes i don’t believe my children when they say they are hurt and it turns out a bone is cracked.

    • 18.1

      Gratefullee says

      Ooohh. This happened to me. Last summer, my fourth child broke his collarbone while washing his hands in my mother’s bathroom. I thought he was just upset that he fell. I had him ice it while he took a nap on her couch. When we got home, THEN I saw that his collarbone had an extra bend. Whoops!

  14. 19


    Sometimes I wear pajamas that look enough like clothing that I won’t have to get dressed the next day.
    Sometimes I pay my kids to clean my house.
    Sometimes I pretend I’m still in my room getting ready while I read a chapter in my book (that’s already taken two weeks to read).

  15. 20

    Jen says

    Sunday evening is ice cream for dinner every week in my house

    Sometimes I let my kids watch tv while I take a quick nap on the couch
    Sometimes I drink a diet coke when I have declared an all water day at my house
    sometimes we get dressed ou of the laundry basket because I haven’t put the clean clothes up
    Sometimes I leave an over full trash can for my hubby to take out

  16. 21


    What a cute little post :) I love that you have to sit in the bathroom to read email or eat ice cream…and I love that you feed your kids PBJs…I was hoping this was ok cause I think when I’m a mom one day I’ll be doing this ALOT!

  17. 22

    Emily E says

    Sometimes I am grateful that it’s bath night just because it means I have 30 minutes where my daughter will completely entertain herself and all I have to do is sit there and make sure she doesn’t drown.

  18. 24

    Crystal says

    Sometimes I let my son watch “just one more Diego, please!” when I’m getting close to a deadline and need to get an article finished.

    Sometimes, when my infant son spits up, I pretend he just got a little water on himself and don’t change his outfit.

    Love this post!

  19. 25


    Sometimes you write a post that is so playful and fun, I just have to dive in and play along!!!
    Sometimes I just sit at my laptop after dinner while the kids are “in the shower”… I know they aren’t but why can’t they stay up and play a little longer sometimes…
    Sometimes I am really just too tired to put them to bed!!!
    Sometimes – OK Always – if I have to go to the store for something I buy myself a double chic mint magnum… I die for them and there is no ways I am buying one for each kid when they are with me!!!

  20. 27

    Lisa says

    Sometimes I put the kids too bed really early so I can have most of the evening free.
    Sometimes I keep them up really late so hopefully they will sleep in.
    Sometimes I let my kids eat everytime they want a snack. (sometimes not very healthy snacks.)
    Sometimes when I get groceries I get a chocolate shake and french fries and try to take a long time getting home hoping my husband will have the kids in bed. (usually one of them is still up)

  21. 28


    Sometimes I eat cake for breakfast.
    Sometimes I let my kiddos eat cake for breakfast.
    Sometimes they don’t have a bath every night… especially if they went swimming that day- they got wet didn’t they?
    Sometimes I declare catch-as-catch-can dinner at my house- which translates into make it yourself from what’s in the fridge.
    Sometimes I let my kids sleep in an extra hour just to enjoy a quiet morning a while longer.

    • 28.1


      not only wet…but chlorinated = REALLY REALLY clean, right?

      We have “Free for all Friday”at our house, they can have whatever they want for dinner (it’s usually a bowl of cereal..;)

  22. 29


    Sometimes I sneak out and sleep in the camper just for peace and quiet

    Sometimes I let my children have chips for breakfast (as in like…right now)

    Sometimes I let the boys play video games ALL DAY long, so that they’ll stay out of my hair

    Sometimes…..No, ALL THE TIME….I have false expectations of what a “good” mother should be!

  23. 30

    Shelley says

    Sometimes I make the kids cookies just to eat the cookie dough.
    Sometimes I sit on the couch and eat a treat while watching TV and make the kids eat at the table.
    Sometimes I purposely vacuum up legos because I am sick of the kids leaving it for the baby to eat.

  24. 31


    i’ve been a mom for 19yrs…there is A LOT of “I Sometimes_______”
    but here are a few since now there is a little one who is 6…the teenagers can now fend for themselves.

    I Sometimes….let my daughter watch TV all day so I can be on the computer.
    I Sometimes….pay the teenager to clean the house…he wants money hang out w/friends & I want a clean house..a win win situation.
    I Sometimes…let my daughter eat chicken nuggets or hot dogs for dinner when she WON’T eat what the rest of the family is having.
    I Sometimes…(ALL THE TIME) ignore my son when he is talking about his GF that i don’t like (long story but i don’t want to hear what she is up too) & I wonder if he notices.
    I Sometimes…let my daughter pick something out of the dollar bins at Target just so I don’t have to hear her whine about something expense that she wanted me to buy.

  25. 32

    Nikki says

    Sometimes I just change the pillowcases and cross ‘wash bedding’ off my to-do list.
    Sometimes I blame the weatherman and his heat advisory for not being able to take the kids to the playground…or beach because I simply don’t have the energy.
    Sometimes I fall asleep during bedtime prayers.

  26. 33

    Holly says

    Sometimes I read a blog post that makes me smile…and feel better at my ::mommy failures::

    Sometimes I let my 4 year old choose dinner…which usually results in pb&j or lunchables.
    Sometimes I ask my hubby change my 18 mo old when I *KNOW* he has a stinky diaper (and I don’t warn him)
    Sometimes I feed my kids a healthy lunch…then pig out on junk food while they nap.
    Sometimes I get my “quiet time” and devotions in the bathroom while my kids are banging on the door.
    Sometimes I sit in the bathtub for over an hour…adding more hot water a time or two…just so I can read a book in quiet.
    Sometimes I pretend my 18 mo old didn’t just scoop up a handful of dogfood to munch on.
    Sometimes I rush around cleaning my house for 15 minutes before my hubby gets home…so he thinks I cleaned all day.
    Sometimes I realize all the “sometimes” I do…

  27. 35


    Sometimes I forget how many days it has been since the kids had a bath, but I know it’s definitely been more than 4.

    Sometimes I opt to wear jeans instead of shorts even though its in the 90s because I don’t feel like shaving my legs.

    Sometimes I’m disappointed that my dentist is running on time, because I don’t get to sit in the waiting room and read magazines.

  28. 36

    Lisa Prieto says

    well i totally do the Target thing too LOL
    sometimes I…sit in the bathroom just to have a few minutes to myself…

  29. 37

    Shelly says

    This post is so refreshing! I have a lot of “sometimes” to add.

    Sometimes (every time) I get a cup of coffee in the cafe at the grocery store so I can have a few quiet moments before I do the weekly shopping. It helps me get my list in order and sort out my coupons.

    Sometimes I get a donut to go with that coffee.

    Sometimes we dress ourselves out of the clean laundry basket all week because it didn’t get put away.

    Sometimes (like right now) the clean clothes get wrinkled because I take them out of the dryer and then don’t fold them for hours.

    Sometimes my son doesn’t eat a meal all day long. Instead he grazes on snacks.

    Sometimes I wish for bad weather so I have an excuse to keep everyone inside, on the couch, with the TV on while I spend time relaxing.

    Sometimes I don’t have the energy to fight with my son about brushing his teeth so I don’t make him do it that day.

    Sometimes I say that I need to use the bathroom and then I lock myself in there just so I can read a magazine.

    Sometimes I make myself a snack but tell my son it has vegetables in it, so he won’t ask for any.

  30. 38

    Bethany says

    Sometimes I let the clean laudry migrate from the table to the bed to the couch until it is all worn/dirty again.

    Sometimes I let the kids have junk food because I want some too.

    Sometimes I make a to do list starting with things I’ve already done just so I can cross something off.

    Sometimes I let my girls “clean” their bathroom (with wet rags and shampoo) so I don’t have to- they are 5 and 3.

    Sometimes I act like I’m not home so I won’t have to face whichever sales person/neighbor is at the door.

    • 38.1

      Courtney Steele says

      I make “to-do” lists with things I’ve already done, too!

      I also never answer the door if it’s someone I don’t know, just because I am sucker for buying ANYTHING!

  31. 39

    Heather says

    Sometimes I give my youngest chocolate milk no matter how many times she asks. She could live off the stuff.

    Sometimes I just watch them fight (disapprovingly of course) in the hopes that they will work it out (never happens).

    Sometimes we have Monday night customer special Papa Johns pizza 4 weeks in a row because we have swim lessons at 4:30 and I can’t get my act together to put something in the crock pot.

    Sometimes I sing one more song until I fall asleep.

    Sometimes I read one more chapter until the book is complete.

    Sometimes I make them eat their vegetables before having dessert.

    Sometimes I pick them up from school with their favorite snack just for them.

    Sometimes I can’t help but brag about my two favorite little people in the world.

  32. 42


    Sometimes I go four days without a shower because I’m just too tired to do the whole shampoo/condition/bodywash/shaving thing, and just use Shower to Shower Body Powder instead. I do put on deodorant every day 😛

  33. 43

    Dawn says

    Sometimes I leave work early but don’t pick the kids up from daycare/school so I can go home and take a nap.

    Sometimes I’m too tired to make my 4 year old stay in his bed so I lay with him until he falls asleep.

  34. 45


    Sometimes I only do my daughter’s laundry when I know my husband needs clean underwear. But then I will just pick out a couple of outfits for him to wear until I can muster up some energy to do everyone’s laundry.

  35. 46

    cheryl says

    Sometimes I…
    *take the toliet paper out of the kids bathroom because mine’s out, and I don’t want to walk all-the-way-downstairs to get a new roll
    *take the kids to the ice cream shop so they can buy ME a cone
    *say I just need 15 minutes, and an hour later…
    *wish Little Ceasar’s Pizza had delivery
    *complain about all I have to do when there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than being a wife and mom!

  36. 47

    Melinda P says

    Sometimes I hide candy bars in places I know my husband won’t look cuz I don’t want to share.

    Sometimes I eat chips and dip for lunch.

    Sometimes I will give my kids pop tarts for breakfast, wait until they are done and off playing or doing something else, and then make bacon for my own breakfast cuz I don’t want to share my bacon! (I think I have a sharing problem!)

    Sometimes a give the kids a good wipe down with wipes just so I don’t have to do bathtime.

    I have made a cake and then eaten the whole thing myself in one day.

    Sometimes I stay up till 3 in the morning just so I can have a block of several hours to myself. And then the next morning when I’m grouchy and tired from not having gotten enough sleep, I totally slack off on my chores and let the kids run amuck. Oh who am I kidding? The kids are always running amuck!

  37. 48

    Vicky says

    Sometimes I….
    *Make popcorn for dinner because I don’t feel like cooking
    *Pick up my daughter way past her bedtime from Grandmas because I was spending time with my BF
    *I let my daugheter play on the computer for a couple hours so I can take a nap
    *I let my daughter hair look like a rats nest because I don’t want to fight with her about combing it
    *I loose track of the last time I made my daughter take a shower!

  38. 49

    estelle says

    Sometime i tell my sweet soldier of a husband that i need found shoes at the 2nd hand store for real sheap when they were a good price…
    Sometime i’ll ask everyone around if they need amazon book so i can slip in my favorite harlequin novel incognito…
    Sometime i ‘ll tell my husband I am going for a nap but then i read instead.
    Sometime i’ll get up from the table with my plate pretending to spice it but actually i put half of the food back in the pot.I don’t like olives!!!
    Sometime i’ll eat peanut butter and chocolate sirup directly from the pot. into my dishes.
    I could go on for days…

  39. 51


    Most of these responses are fairly light-hearted but to be quite honest, the first thing that came to my mind was “Sometimes…I feel like running away.” Terrible, I know. But I know I’ll never do it, it’s just how I feel…sometimes.

  40. 52

    shaffy says

    sometimes i stop by the gas station to get myself a pack of lays… or oreos… or ritz… or magnum and an iced coffee. and enjoy them in the car, a few streets away, before i return home. it’s so good to snack in peace :)

    ok, i lied. scratch out the sometimes, make it an often.

  41. 53

    Sarah says

    Sometimes I pretend that my husband is still alive and send him emails in the middle of the night…. and sometimes I wish I didn’t because he never replies.

    • 53.4


      Oh! I’m so sorry to read this. So sorry for your loss. I could see myself doing the exact same thing.

      Every time I get a new cell phone, I program my grandmother’s phone number in it, even though she passed away a little over 4 years ago. Some might think that’s silly, but I just cannot leave her name and number out of my calling list.

      Not the same as your loss, I know. I’m sorry :(

  42. 54


    Sometimes I pretend I don’t notice my kids doing something they shouldn’t be because I’m too lazy to actually deal with it…and sometimes I completely zone out when my kids are talking to me and don’t hear a word they say.

  43. 55


    I just had to laugh out loud when you said that you start the dishwasher “again” I have sooo done that! Thank you for real life and joy in the living of it!

  44. 56

    Erica P says

    Sometimes I….
    -throw away the tupperware instead of cleaning out the gross unidentifiable “food” inside. (Which incidentally has led me to buying the take & toss-type tupperware)
    -let my little ones eat goldfish crackers for dinner because I don’t want to fight with them over eating veggies.
    -sneak away from work early to sit at a coffee shop and veg with a book for an hour or two before I pick my kids up from daycare.

  45. 57


    Sometimes I wear the same jeans for a week (or 2) straight because they look clean and don’t smell bad.
    Sometimes I do this with my go-to tank top.
    Sometimes I complain of a headache, when the truth is I just didn’t WANT to clean the livingroom. Sometimes I tell my husband I am trying to wean our daughter, when really, I’m not.
    Sometimes I just put some toothpaste on my tongue, swish some water, and spit.

  46. 58


    Sometimes I don’t answer the door when I know it’s the kids next door who want to play with my kids who are already playing quietly together.

  47. 59


    Sometimes I walk around Target for an hour with an empty cart too.
    Sometimes I give my daughter a cookie for breakfast, because at least she has ate something.
    Sometimes I daydream of getting in the car and driving…far away…because I am so overwhelmed.

  48. 60


    Sometimes I mix cake or brownie batter with water and eat it with my kids.
    Sometimes I let my daughter stay up waaaayy to late because I’m a night owl, too.
    Sometimes I let my guys get their socks out of the sock basket because I HATE matching socks.

  49. 61

    Mary Weaver says

    Sometimes I pretend that I don’t have to pay the bills if I don’t look at them…..
    Sometimes I make the kids fold laundry while I do something else

  50. 63


    Sometimes I wash the same load of laundry three or four times because it ends up sitting too long after the cycle has ended….and it ends up stinking. So I need to wash it again, and I promise myself I will put it into the dryer this time. But then for some reason it ends up sitting too long – again – and there I go, starting the machine again….with the same darn load that’s been in it since yesterday. Happens a lot in my house.

  51. 64


    I need to confess:

    Sometimes I pretend that I don’t hear my kids calling my name.
    Sometimes I wear pajamas to drop off my kids at school.
    Sometimes I drink frozen coke for breakfast.
    Sometimes I hope the kids will play alone so I can watch t.v.
    Sometimes I hit the snooze too many times and then give my kids pop tarts.
    Sometimes I stay up until 2am just to get things done BY MYSELF
    Sometimes I wish I had more kids.
    Sometimes I cry while watching a commercial.
    Sometimes I daydream about redecorating my friends houses.
    Sometimes I turn my phone off so I don’t have to talk to anyone.
    Sometimes I run around and clean the house 20 minutes before trophy hubby walks in.
    Sometimes I let my kids go 3 or more days without a bath – ugh!
    Sometimes I wish I were a better mother.

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