Getting Up on the Right Side of the Bed

I’ve had the MOST AMAZING sleep for the past week—-which is quite a statement for someone who doesn’t fall asleep easily and wakes up throughout the night. I’m a chronic over-thinker. Plus there’s the neck issues.

And all the feet.

This is the last week of summer in our house and while I could be curled up in the fetal position, sniffing school supplies, I blame all the good snoozing on the latest and biggest blessing in my life. I can just tell you–we’re going to need a group hug when this is all over.

As some of y’all know, I’ve been putting off neck surgery for a while now by doing these fun things:  last year I had three cortisone shots in the spine-also known as the THREE VERY SCARY DAYS I THOUGHT I MIGHT GET PARALYZED. I also  do traction, where my neck is stretched away from my body (yep!), use buckets of icy hot and smell like an 80 year old man and randomly take white pills that make me loopy in the daytime and dream about flying purple ponies in the night time. (Hubby asked me to insert that they are non-addictive pain pills. He’s so cute.)

I’ve been considering a new mattress, one that actually helps me sleep and is good for my neck (I’ll tell y’all more about mine later, but just know that it’s been in the family for a while, if you know what I mean.)

In the middle of all this contemplating and getting my house and family back-to-school-ready, I got an email from…….

[drumroll, please, because I’m feeling it today]


The ultra-fantabulous mattress people.


I nearly did a flip, but what, with the neck and all, I just did jazzy fingers instead.

Yes, you guessed it. We’ve been getting some sweet sleep on our very own Tempur-Pedic Signature bed (with an adjustable TEMPUR Advanced Ergo base) this week (just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) and I’m pretty sure it’s going to change my life!


Here, my hubby, a man of many words will sum it up for you: “Honey, I want to take a vacation day and not get out of that bed the whole day!  I want to eat in that bed, nap in that bed, work from that bed, watch a movie from that bed…” Well, you get the idea.

And my kids think it’s their very own ride with remote control!


It does sleep like butter. And that’s no lie.

For the first time in years, I actually look forward to going to bed! With the lush mattress, I’ve forgotten how to toss and turn.  And just in the nick of time too…

Did you know:

According to a recent study by Tempur-Pedic and StrategyOne, parents wake up at least 53 minutes earlier than their children to ensure they make it to school on time*. That’s 9,540 minutes of sleep lost per school year** for parents – i.e., nearly an entire week’s worth of sleep!
No wonder we’re all so tired!
But this school year, Momma’s getting up on the right side of the bed.
Disclaimer: I’m beyond excited and thrilled to be a part of this Tempur-Pedic campaign and upcoming giveaway next week (foreshadowing)! Although I’m being compensated for this program, the opinions are mine. I’m also happy to say that Tempur-Pedic chose my blog for this campaign because of  my involvement with Mercy House. The monetary compensation from this program will be given to Mercy House. But I’m gonna keep the bed. And it just doesn’t get better than that!
*Tempur-Pedic 2011 Omnibus Survey, national survey of 1,514 men and women, conducted by StrategyOne July 2011.
**Average school year is 36 weeks long


  1. 1


    That’s awesome! I’m happy for you, and the Mercy House. Maybe I need one…I’m a chronic over-thinker too! This post made me laugh out loud, you’re such a funny lady :)

  2. 3

    Nancy says

    No one could be more deserving! No wonder you were so excited! The irony is that I got up because I couldn’t sleep and logged on to find this story. Maybe a tempur-pedic is in my future! Congratulations! And I agree — you are a very funny lady.

  3. 4


    AMAZING what a new bed can do for us! :) I’m glad you will be having more funds to send to your Mercy House… That bed is our ‘dream bed’… One of these days I’ll have one too! Hope it helps some with your neck issues as well!

  4. 5


    This is my DREAM bed! This bed would definitely be able my chronic heartburn issues. I’m so glad you’ll be getting some sleep. You deserve it!

  5. 6

    Emily Johnson says

    Hooray for y’all! A new mattess is so fun. We need one too but haven’t wanted to spend the money on it. So glad you’re enjoying it! P.S. I love your jazz hands! That made me laugh!

  6. 7


    We don’t have one with a remote, but we LOVE our Tempur-Pedic! Was worth EVERY PENNY!
    Enjoys and sleep tight – sweet dreams!

  7. 8

    nanette lynch says

    We have been considering buying one of these!!! I have heard that in our WARM climate, it tends to make you hot at night.
    Have you noticed this? That would be a game changer for my husband who sleeps with a fan right by his side all year long even if it is freezing outside!

    • 8.1

      Kristi says

      I live in the deep south and have a tempur pedic. It does not make me hot, or if it does, i am sleeping too good to notice!!

  8. 9


    We’re in the market for a new mattress set, this post couldn’t have come at a better time…. I alternated between nodding my head in understanding, and laughing out loud!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful they chose you and Mercy House for this Campaign, Kristen — what a tremendous blessing!

  9. 11

    viki says

    So happy for you! We got temper- pedic a few years ago and LOVE it. I too have neck pains, with all of the treatments you described plus a few more. I just had surgery in May and it changed my life! It was scary to think about, and wearing the brace afterward was cumbersome and awkward, but totally worth it.

  10. 12


    so happy for you.. and i want to know if it truly helps.. i have 5 ruputured discs and we are looking at this very bed… and it really is like weighing surgery over a new bed… Awesome for you guys!!!!!

  11. 13

    Lyndsi says

    My husband and I have had a Tempur-Pedic for four years now and we love it. Whenever we go on vacation and stay at a hotel, we always miss our own bed.

  12. 14


    Happy for you!!! We have been contemplating one of these as well. Keep us posted – sounds like this bed is going to be a wonderful addition to your home!

  13. 15


    Talk about ironic, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this post this morning. Two nights ago my husband turns to me out of the blue and says “I wonder how much one of those Tempur-Pedic beds cost. You should do some research and see how much it costs, maybe we could get one”. Well, it probably wasn’t quite so much out of the blue because I had just been to the chiropractor, was unable to stand up straight and had just taken a little pill that doesn’t make me loopy but certainly helps with the pain.

    I’m looking forward to future posts about the benefits (and any cons), maybe we’ll win one or you will at least convince me to start saving for one.

  14. 16

    rhonda says

    YEAH!!! I am thrilled for you!!

    True story- for our 20th anniversary ( in 2 years) we want to either go to Ireland OR get a tempu-pedic. I’m leaning toward the bed! :) (isn’t getting old fun?!)

  15. 17

    Adriann says

    I LOVE your sence of humor! I am so glad for you that your neck was able to get some relief with this bed and you were able to get some sleep. It looks very comfy!

  16. 20

    Sara K says

    I love my Tempurpedic bed! Do you use their pillows too? I’m constantly debating whether they hurt or help my neck!

  17. 21


    That is wonderful- hopefully it will help your back!

    This is my dream bed! I have major back issues and always drool when I see these lovelies. Sadly, as this season in life I cannot afford one. Someday I will be able to- and believe me, it will be glorious! :)

  18. 23

    Chris says

    Good for you!!! I know how much difference a great mattress makes, it can indeed change your life!!! Happy for the Mercy House, too!

  19. 24

    Jessica Mox says

    Only in my dreams (when they are dreams and not nightmares) could I ever have this bed.

    Bless you and your family for your glorious efforts for mercy House.

  20. 25


    My husband and I were once making a list of all the things we would HAVE to take with us if we moved to Africa. He really had only one thing on his list – our Sleep Number bed. I LOVE the Tempur-Pedics – have slept on them at a friend’s house. He doesn’t like soft stuff though so we the other route. Me, I could stay in bed all day every day in one of those. Love that God blessed you with it!

  21. 26


    Okay, I am being hit upside the head with Tempur-Pedic this summer. We are considering a new bed and have gotten unsolicited RAVE REVIEWS from at least four couples this summer. Ya’ll Tempur-Pedic people love your beds something fierce!

  22. 27


    thats so awesome that you got one of those!

    My husband has super bad back problems from being over in IRAQ and last year he had to have those same shots. Scary, but they worked for a little while

  23. 28

    Jennifer says

    I love my Tempur Pedic! We sleep so well on it! I also love the lift feature but we opted not to get the massage. Enjoy!!

  24. 29


    What a blessing! That is so neat they chose you because of what you are doing through Mercy House! :)

    I will be first in line if you are giving away a mattress! 😉 (Ours is ten years old and it is in such sad shape, we got it when we first got married…that statement makes me feel so old!)

  25. 30

    Kim says

    I love the feet picture – at first I was a little thrown by the one big foot next to the two little feet in the middle – too cute!

  26. 32

    marky says

    I can’t wait to hear how you like it!
    My mattress has seen better days, but as you know a new bed is not usually a priority.
    What a wonderful idea to have the proceeds benefit Mercy House, God is always at work!!

  27. 33

    Monika says

    It is possible to drool over a bed, you make it sound so good! Interested in hearing more about how TempurPedic got involved because of Mercy House?

  28. 34

    Katie Lewis says

    My hubby medically retired out of the military this year after having the neck surgery (he ended up needing a bi-level fusion though) and I’ve had two lumbar surgeries and SO not doing the neck, too even though I could use it. We were talking the other night about getting a new mattress. We have a sleep to live that we’ve had for about 3 years (and spent a fortune on) that has a big hump in the middle between where we sleep and has gotten so uncomfortable. :( Hubby was talking about getting one of these – can’t wait to hear if it continues to help with your neck problem because I will SO be at the store looking at them! :) (and I would love some of those non-narcotic loopy pills because my Dr. keeps trying the heavy ones that totally knock me off my feet and with 5 kiddos running around, I can’t be off of my game like that! 😉

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