Graham Gardens Wholesome Soap {Giveaway}

*UPDATED with Winner* Congrats to reader Shelly Smith!

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-09-01 18:09:36 UTC

AND Graham Gardens posted a special code (“Sale30″) in honor of We are THAT Family readers on our homepage for 30% off all our products!



I wish I had a scratch n sniff screen, so y’all could smell what I’m smelling right now.

It’s my husband’s neck.

Unexpected, no?

We’ve been using new soap. Now, it’s not just any soap, it’s homemade chunky wholesome bar soap with names like Avocado and Oatmeal, Lavender and Coconut Milk, and Peppermint Cream that are smooth on the skin and smell as good as they sound.

I love soap. I’m not a perfume girl and don’t like heavy colognes. There’s just something about smelling the hint of soap on my kids and hubby that feels like home.  And also, I like clean people.

I’m a big fan of Graham Gardens. They sent an awesome variety of soap samples for my family to try out. We loved the variety of scents and how long each bar lasted. They also just look so much better than store bought soap!

One of my favorite, favorite items at Graham Gardens is the (also one of their best sellers) Lotion Bar. I love this little tin because it’s in solid form. It’s not messy and it’s perfect for my purse.

There are so many uses: dry skin, chapped lips, hands, feet, cracked fingers, etc! My oldest daughter confiscated a jar and even my hubby uses it.

We’re hooked. We also smell really good.

I’m happy to say that Graham Gardens is giving away this lovely basket of goodies:

Contents of giveaway basket:

1 Lavender & Coconut Milk Soap, 5.00
1 Peppermint Cream Soap, 6.00
1 Avocado & Oatmeal Soap, 4.00
1 Adirondack Trail Soap, 5.00
1 Fresh Butter Bar, Small, 11.25
1 Sweet Butter Bar, Small, 11.25
1 Natural Butter Bar, Small, 11.25
Product inserts (not pictured)
Candy (not pictured)

Total value:  $55.00

So, if you want to smell yummy, please visit this great store and leave a comment with what you’d like to try.

P.S. the packaging on these products is adorable. And y’all know how I love adorable.

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 3

    Autumn says

    Would love to try the healthy skin salve on my “summer heels”. They get so cracked from wearing sandals and always going barefoot!

  2. 6


    I would love to try the Bug Bar! My son (19 months) is pretty severely allergic to mosquito bites, and we stay away from DEET sprays. I’d love to try something new for him!

  3. 12

    Jennifer H. says

    I LOVE THE BUTTER BARS!!! I would love to try one in the sweet fragrance!!! I will for sure be looking in to more of their products! :)

  4. 13


    I would love to try the butter bar or the lavander and coconut This is a beautiful basket, I love Soaps too!


    I’m looking so forward to meeting you at Relevant, it will be so nice to see you in person. I just love your blog and your heart, you have spoken to me so many times and said EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

  5. 17


    Any of the soaps…yummy…but especially the butter bar. I was just reading up on how to make my own lotion bars earlier this evening!

  6. 19

    Marsa McCool-Solis of Ourazfamily says

    I would love to try the Coconut and lavender soap! Those are two of my favorite scents and put together they have to smell awesome! I wish we had the grease monkey soap back when my hubby was in the Air Force and worked on the jets!

  7. 27


    I would love to try the butter bar on my poor, dry hands (I’m always in and out of dirty computers and washing my hands, and with our cold, wet climate my hands are always a mess but I’ve had one too many disasters with burst lotions in my purse!)

  8. 28

    Kristi says

    The butter bar sounds amazing. I am also a sucker for soap so the sampler pack has been added to my “to buy” list.


  9. 31

    Stephanie B says

    Gracious – I think I want to try the soap. I keep contemplating buying a “natural” soap someplace, but can never bring myself to spend 8-10 times more for something before knowing for sure that it’s worth it and really does last a decently long time.

  10. 34

    mel says

    I think the butter bar would be great for our dry skin – we also have sensitive skin so can’t handle heavy scents.

  11. 36

    Kalyn says

    I would love to try the Lavender and Coconut Milk Soap…I’ve been really wanting to try some all natural soap lately.

  12. 38


    I’m such a girl…I want it ALL. :) But if I absolutely had to pick, I’d LOVE to try the Bug Block…I’m a runner…and I heart my swing and I don’t like “poison” of other bug sprays…so that would be an awesome alternative. I’d also like to try the lotion bars.

  13. 46

    Julie says

    I’m a big fan of peppermint soap, but if you promise the butter bar can rid me of the rough patches on my knees, I’m down for that!

  14. 49

    Linda says

    They have so many things I really want to try…

    avocado & oatmeal soap – for my face
    lavendar & coconut soap – for our bodies
    bug block – for obvious reasons 😉
    and their salve for all the boo boos

    Their stuff looks fabulous!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of it :)

  15. 53

    Jocelyn says

    I always need something for my hands in the winter time, so I’d love to try the gardener’s hand repair. Thanks!

  16. 54

    april c says

    Ooohh!! LOVE Graham Gardens! I have been wanting to try their lotion bar. It seems a bit odd…..and yet, lovely too! I can’t yet wrap my mind around a lotion that is in a solid state. And I would LOVE to try one of their skin salves. I think I might be in love with Graham Gardens!

  17. 65

    Amy says

    The avocado & oatmeal bar soap sounds dreamy for winter skin, peppermint cream sounds awesome too. I think I’m ready for winter!!!

  18. 66

    karen says

    I am totally intrigued by the butter bar…and I’d love to have the coffee break lip balm! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. 70

    Erin says

    I’d love to try out the natural lotion bars — my 12-month-old has such bad eczema that we’re always slathering him with vaseline. I’d much rather use something non-greasy and non-petroleum-based but I have to watch our for milk ingredients because of an allergy. The lotion bars ingredients’ list looks fine for him :)

  20. 76

    Rosita says

    Great site. All the products look like they would be fun to try, but the one that caught my eye the most was the bug bar. We have so many mosquitos in our back yard, but I hate using regular sprays. I am definately going to get this for next summer.

  21. 77


    I would love to try the Coffee Break Lip Balm. With fall and winter right around the corner, my lips usually take a beating. Also, coffee? Hello?

    Thanks for the chance!

  22. 82

    Gerry says

    I would love to try any of the salves. I am recovering from breast cancer surgery and my poor skin needs a balm.

  23. 87

    tiabennett says

    The sweet butter bar. My hands get nasty in the winter here in Indiana, actually the whole family could use it.

  24. 89

    Kristen Mildner says

    I love Homemade soaps!! I have actually never bought any because they are always way to much however..I really love to walk by and smell them lol!! I think the sweet butter bar sounds like something I would buy! I think I want all of the soap..I really do love soap lol!

  25. 95

    joanne says

    I love the fact that they have different “strengths” of soaps and salves…. from everyday to “grease monkey”…. but I am craving to try the butter bar. Love the idea of lotions, but haven’t found one yet that doesn’t leave me all “greasy”.

  26. 96

    CEM says

    Oh my! Their website is so adorable! I’m a sucker for all things peppermint, so the Peppermint Cream soap and the Peppermint Candy lip balm sound wonderful.

  27. 99

    Amy says

    What a fun website. There is so much good stuff here. I would really like to try the Butter Bar – it sounds like it would be great for my hands and feet! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  28. 101

    Meagan says

    I’ve been hearing a lot about lotion bars lately and would really enjoy trying one out. P.S. They’re Lavender Body Oil is fantastic!

  29. 103

    Erin says

    How lovely! I think I’d try the body oils; the scents sound wonderful and it’d be a way to pamper myself!

  30. 104


    I’m a sucker for a good lip balm and I keep it on my lips ALL the time. With winter just around the corner I know I’m going to have dry patches, so I’d probably go for the butter bar.

  31. 105

    Rachel says

    I would love to try the butter bar!! Everything on their website likes good though, especially the soaps and lip balms.

  32. 106


    I would love to try the bug bar. It’s getting cooler at nights, which is perfect for lounging outside on the patio with a good book and small propane fire. However, the mosquitos make it almost impossible to enjoy. This would be perfect because I LOATHE Off and it’s products.

  33. 111

    Beth says

    hi Kristen!

    Those butter bars really intrigue me! I think “fresh” would be my first choice. I think they’d make some great stocking stuffers and teacher gifts come Christmas.

    Are they a sponsor or going to donate any portion of proceeds to Mercy House?

  34. 119


    I’m already anticipating the dry, cracked skin that will descend on my hands come winter, so the Healthy Skin Salve sounds AMAZING!

  35. 121

    Sara Z. says

    I would love to try one of the butter bars. I have heard that these can be wonderful for eczema (my hands). I haven’t had the chance to try one yet, but winter is just around the corner!

  36. 123


    I love the soap. All of it. Peppermint Creme for Christmastime, GreaseMonkey for the garage, avacado-anything, I’m a sucker for good clean soaps!

  37. 128


    Wow, what wouldn’t I like to try?!!! The Avocado/Oatmeal soap sounds good right about now….or one of the body butters for my 38-week along pregnant belly. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been visiting your blog since a friend of mine sent your crayola art project post to me. Very very cool!

  38. 129


    I am amazed at their products. I was on their website now for a good 25 minutes, looking around at everything. I almost forgot to come back here and comment. It was LOVELY. I was really amazed with the Butter Bars. I would love to try them…I have a hard time coming up with which one I’d like more the Fresh, Sweet or Natural. I am glad you reviewed them and loved them so much-it always helps in making decisions on products like that!! Thank you for sharing your opinions of the products and hosting this!

    Many blessings to you all-

  39. 130

    Rachel Turner says

    I would really love to try the butterbar!!! I’ve used their healthy skin salve and it is WONDERFUL!!! I know these guys make some great stuff…and theres so much for me to try still! :)

  40. 145

    Tina says

    Living in Colorado, we go through lotion like crazy…I would love to try to the butter bar, it looks fabulous!

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