Graham Gardens Wholesome Soap {Giveaway}

*UPDATED with Winner* Congrats to reader Shelly Smith!

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-09-01 18:09:36 UTC

AND Graham Gardens posted a special code (“Sale30″) in honor of We are THAT Family readers on our homepage for 30% off all our products!



I wish I had a scratch n sniff screen, so y’all could smell what I’m smelling right now.

It’s my husband’s neck.

Unexpected, no?

We’ve been using new soap. Now, it’s not just any soap, it’s homemade chunky wholesome bar soap with names like Avocado and Oatmeal, Lavender and Coconut Milk, and Peppermint Cream that are smooth on the skin and smell as good as they sound.

I love soap. I’m not a perfume girl and don’t like heavy colognes. There’s just something about smelling the hint of soap on my kids and hubby that feels like home.  And also, I like clean people.

I’m a big fan of Graham Gardens. They sent an awesome variety of soap samples for my family to try out. We loved the variety of scents and how long each bar lasted. They also just look so much better than store bought soap!

One of my favorite, favorite items at Graham Gardens is the (also one of their best sellers) Lotion Bar. I love this little tin because it’s in solid form. It’s not messy and it’s perfect for my purse.

There are so many uses: dry skin, chapped lips, hands, feet, cracked fingers, etc! My oldest daughter confiscated a jar and even my hubby uses it.

We’re hooked. We also smell really good.

I’m happy to say that Graham Gardens is giving away this lovely basket of goodies:

Contents of giveaway basket:

1 Lavender & Coconut Milk Soap, 5.00
1 Peppermint Cream Soap, 6.00
1 Avocado & Oatmeal Soap, 4.00
1 Adirondack Trail Soap, 5.00
1 Fresh Butter Bar, Small, 11.25
1 Sweet Butter Bar, Small, 11.25
1 Natural Butter Bar, Small, 11.25
Product inserts (not pictured)
Candy (not pictured)

Total value:  $55.00

So, if you want to smell yummy, please visit this great store and leave a comment with what you’d like to try.

P.S. the packaging on these products is adorable. And y’all know how I love adorable.

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 154

    JaimeB says

    I’d love to try Graham Gardens! I think I’d really like the butter bar for my dry skin and I am thinking about snagging a bug bar for the park.

  2. 162

    Heather E. says

    I’d love to try these! I’ve heard so much about them lately! I would like to try Peppermint Cream Soap! I can just imagine how amazing it smells and how well it would help me wake up in the morning!

  3. 169

    Kit says

    ooh, I want to win something! I think the silver alpine or peppermint cream sound lovely! (and you’re right, very cute packaging!)

  4. 174

    CW says

    Lavender and coconut milk soap and Silver alpine soap both sound wonderful. My usband could use some grease monkey soap as well.

  5. 175


    I would love to try the Healthy Skin Salve to see if it would help with the psoriasis on my elbows. I’d also like the BabyBird collection for my wee little one!

  6. 177

    Erin says

    How cute are these!!! Would LOVE to try those lotion bars. Like you said, would be perfect for the purse!!

  7. 188

    Hannah says

    Everything looks wonderful! I would love to try some of the lip blam! The Peppermint might be good for Christmas. :)

  8. 192


    Definitely the Babybird Butter Bar, mostly because the name is so adorable. It’s so hard to choose, though! Everything looks wonderful!

  9. 194

    Jodie says

    I would love to try the butterbar and butterstick. Even if I don’t win I may try placing an order…((if they deliver to canada that is…))

  10. 195

    Alissa says

    I think the Butter Bar would be perfect to carry in my purse; I’d love to try it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 204

    Elizabeth says

    With the approach of winter and dry lips, I’d have to say the Peppermint Candy Lip Balm. Sounds wonderful!

  12. 208


    I have such dry skin, especially in the winter months, I would love to try the butter bar! And the bug bar sounds intriguing as well and mosquitoes seem to love me and my daughter much more than we love them.

  13. 210

    Gwyn says

    wow, this looks like a fun site, I would love to try one of the body oils, or maybe the lip balm, or, or or …..

  14. 212

    Sharon O says

    I purchased the avocado oatmeal bar. Hopefully it will be good. My face is breaking out for some strange reason here I am age 56 with teenage skin. I hope I like it.

  15. 215


    I’d love to try the butter bar or stick, they sound great and I like that I can stick it in my bag and no leaking!!
    Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  16. 220

    lori says

    i would love to try the lavender and coconut milk, we have skin allergies, and this seems like it might be the perfect thing.

  17. 223

    Rebecca says

    It all looks fantastic, but I want to try the avocado and oatmeal bar because it’s supposed to be good for sensitive skin.

  18. 224


    Reading the descriptions kind of makes me want to eat it 😉
    I’d love to try the lavender and coconut milk soap and the body oil for baby from the babybird collection (for my little ones…. although I’d probably use it too).

  19. 225

    Kim W. says

    The peppermint cream soap sounds YUMMY and refreshing!!! This would be an awesome gift basket to win. We switched to natural soaps and shampoos over a year ago!

  20. 229

    Sherri Smetana says

    Oh my goodness – what a cool idea – I would love to try the orange lip balm and the sweet butter bar.:) It’s freaking hot in texas and dry-this would be great:)

  21. 231

    Megan G. says

    I’m obsessed with lip balm, so I’ll have one of each of those! 😉

    I also love a bar lotion in the tin…that’s the only way I ever remember to put it on.

    Neat site! I’ll be back!

  22. 238

    MichelleH says

    I would love to try the jasmine body oil, fresh butter bar, and the peppermint candy lip balm. What a cute shop. I’ve bookmarked it for Christmas shopping.

  23. 240

    Heidi says

    Oh, my! I want to try the lavender & coconut milk soap and the silver alpine for hubby…and I’m thinking I could put together some fabulous gifts for Christmas!

  24. 242


    Oh, the lavender coconut bar sounds heavenly!! Would like to try the body butters, too, since I have never used something like that. Love anything all natural. :)

  25. 244

    Julie says

    I’d love to try the lavendar body oil. It seems like something that would be good to use on baby as part of a bedtime massage (and I would probably get it under the guise of being “for the baby” but if I’m honest, it’ll end up being for ME!!!)

  26. 245


    I would love to try all of Graham Gardens products! … especially the butter bars. I’m always on the search for natural products that reduce or eliminate artificial ingredients and chemicals. Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway!

  27. 248

    Jennifer says

    Lavendar and Coconut milk bar sneds divine and Im also a sucker for lemon lip balm and the website said its haeling bonus since my lil ones gets easily chapped lips

  28. 249

    Heather says

    Ohhhh…that sweet butter bar sounds good enough to eat. :) I hope I win so I can share with my friends and family.

  29. 250


    How I LOVE natural soaps! I would love to try the baby bird line as in two days I will have my third little bundle of joy. I would also really like to try one of the Salves. Unfortunately it will have to be another c-section and I would love to try the Salve to help with the healing of the incision. Thanks for sharing and for the great chance to win!

  30. 251


    Grease Monkey. As I type my manly husband is working on his 1977 diesel Mercedes that is currently apart in our garage. He had so much oil on his clothes that when he washed them last night it left an oil residue all over the washer. sigh. He had to use my hand and face exfoliate to be work presentable today as we are in desperate need of a grease monkey soap. :)

  31. 252

    sandi says

    I would absolutely LOVE to try one of those lotion bars. Awesome giveaway! I will be checking the website out more.

  32. 254


    I am a lotion junkie:-) The lotion bars sound wonderful for my daughter who has extremely sensitive skin and is always on the lookout for something to carry. Would LOVE this!

  33. 256

    Laura Hughes says

    I would love to try any of the babybird stuff. I have a new baby and can’t resist trying anything that would make him smell even more delicious!

  34. 262


    Definitely a website to keep bookmarked for Christmas!!! I would love to try the lip balms. As far as soaps go, I am very intrigued by the Lavender & Coconut Milk. What a great giveaway!!!

  35. 269

    Denise Stevenson says

    Would love to try these products!!!Butter Bar sounds amazing as well as the lip balms. Creature Comfort will be my first puirchase for our dalmation “Blizzard”. He has terribly dry skin in this Houston heat!!!!

  36. 270

    Melissa S. says

    It all looks great, but I often forget to put on lotion when I am in a hurry. So, I think I would pick the butter stick. Thanks for the info and the giveaway!

  37. 272

    Deanna says

    The orange lip balm, lavendar and coconut milk soap, and a butter bar. But the bug repellant looks wonderful too. :-)

  38. 277

    Rach G, says

    Greese Monkey for my husband, because he is a diesel mechanic and, well, greasy! And the lavendar soap and butter bar for myself. Swoon!

  39. 278

    Debra says

    I would LOVE LOVE to use the dry skin soap! With the weather so hot and dry this summer it has done horrible things to my legs!! (and honestly its embarrasing :( to me for my skin to look so bad)
    Oh and I so love different smells!!!

  40. 281

    Abby Pedersen says

    The Sweet Butter Bar sounds great. Just what my dry cuticles could need. It would be great to win something…I do have a birthday in Sept…hint, hint…LOL! Seriously, thought I enjoy all your posts! Many blessings to you Kristen!

  41. 282

    Christa says

    The Peppermint Cream & Silver Alpine soaps sound really good, and I’d also go for the Jasmine Body Oil. Mmmmmm! :-)

  42. 287


    What a cute website they have! I would love to try their healthy skin salve. Actually I would love to try a lot of their stuff! I love handmade soaps and stuff!

  43. 288

    Sarah says

    I would love to try the Adirondack Trail or the Silver Alpine soap!! I’ve tried the may chang before, and it was awesome! :)

  44. 289

    brittany barrett says

    fresh butter bar lotion bar, rugged relief salve, any and all bars of soap and some chapstick, cuz i and my toddler are always dry lipped. actually really do want to purchase these products after our intense move

  45. 290


    I have a list I’d love to try:
    Lavender and Coconut Milk soap bar
    Bug Bar
    Creature Comfort and Rugged Salve
    Sweet Butter Bar
    Rosehip Seed Oil
    Babybird Butter Bar

    Great stuff!!! Thanks for the giveaway and the tip on a great shop!!!

  46. 291


    the question is what wouldn’t i try? :) i would try their bug block, chapstick and healthy skin salve, amongst other items, but a girl has to have a place to start and a budget to work within, right?

  47. 292


    Thanks for the opportunity to win some lovely products. They look fabulous! I would love to try the Lavender Body Oil and Lavendar and Coconut Milk Shea Butter Soap <3 I can imagine how fabulous these would feel on the skin… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I've never commented before but am so encouraged by Mercy House and the love you have for those girls! me too! Also the purity talk/weekend you did with your daughter is so inspiring! Praise God! It might be difficult to stay pure, but I am positive she will NEVER regret it :) Blessings!

  48. 296


    I would like to try their soaps- I’m not a fan of perfume either, but sure do like good smelling people!

    I’m sure the “grease monkey” would get frequent use at our house :)

  49. 300

    Amy N in MO says

    Would love to try Graham Gardens and what better way than winning a basket full of goodies. I am really interested in the Avocado and Oatmeal soap.

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