I’m Sensing a Theme Here

I was nearly done getting ready in the bathroom. I was just finishing up my makeup before I tackled errands and doctor appointments with my kids. My 4 year old was playing next to me and decided to offer me an impromptu dance.

I watched from the corner of eye and applauded at all the right places.

“I think that deserves a kiss!” I said of her unique improvisational dance.

She closed her eyes, leaned in and puckered.


Before I could turn around, she put her hands over her mouth.

“That was a prickly kiss!” she said.

“Oh, did I shock you?” I questioned.

“No, it was just your mustache.”

Botox and now this?

I’m sensing a theme here.


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    Your 4 year old sounds like my 8 year old! Mine told me a couple of months ago Kids are honest and have no filter. It is a blessing and a curse.

  2. 4


    Yep. When mine says things like that I threaten that when I am an old lady it will be her job to follow me around with the tweezers and make sure all my unsightly prickly spots are taken care of.

  3. 6


    Hilarious! My 6-year-old was asking me the other day why my forehead was so shiny and bright. He proceeded to tel me about the GLARE off of it.

    I was teased about this as a child, but I never expected to hear my own child asking me this! Face powder, anyone?

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    Melissa says

    while i was helping brush my 3 year olds teeth the other night, she had a really concerned look on her face and asked me to lift my arm up- so i did, having no idea what she was getting at. then it came “Mommy, what is that black stuff under there?” i guess it had been a day too long since my armpit met my razor. :/

  5. 8


    did you make a pretend twist of your ‘mustache’ and give an evil laugh before assigning some awful chore as retaliation? sweet mother of mystery, those girls’ sure are hard on one’s ego!

    i say keep the boy and put the girls on the curb with a FOR FREE sign. then head back inside to take a nap on that dream bed of yours! : )

  6. 10

    Erica says

    I’m hearin’ ya. Tonight my three year old decided to tell me that I was fat. I told her a) that was rude and disrespectful and that she should never call anyone fat, and b) it was incorrect anyway. I’m 5’6 and 129 pounds, and my wii fit proudly tells me I’m normal (or should even gain a couple pounds…then I want to kiss it). After I told her it was rude and I wasn’t even fat anyway, she responded, “Well you LOOK fat today.” 😛

  7. 11

    Kris says

    When my son was probably 4 year old he told me “Mommy, when I grow up I’m gonna have a mustache just like you.” This was said with true admiration and love. A little too long in between waxing…

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