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Congrats to readers AmyKay and Michelle!


I’m one of those old married people.

When people hear we’ve been married nearly 17 years (!) they are surprised–not so much that we made it that far, more that we are getting old, I think.

My hubby and 11 year old had a lot of time to talk the other day in the car. Since my hunk of man is also a great dad, he’s been reading up on how to communicate better with tweens and learned that asking questions is a great tactic.

So, that’s what he did. They talked a lot with him asking, her answering.

One of his questions: What do you think of me and mom’s marriage?

One of her answers: It’s good. (and she smiled, really big)

And then she added: But y’all kiss way too much. (said with a giggle and pride)

Which is exactly the answer old married people want to hear from their kiddos.

So, my tip: kiss often, in-front of your kids! They will act grossed-out, but deep down, they need to see it.

It helps if you’re wearing one of my favorite shirts to get you in the mood! My friends at Union28 sent me this lovely shirt last week.

I wore it to Chick Fil A. The owner came over to say hi (at this point in my life, I just have to claim the fact that I’m a like Norm on Cheers at my local chicken eatery). He commented on shirt. “That is really nice of you to wear those words on your shirt.”

It made me happy.  And my hubby might have gotten kissed that day!

Union28 is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates today to two lucky readers!

We are THAT family readers can also use this code U28WATF15 for 15% off any merchandise order.– it’s valid 8/16 – 9/30 to buy a favorite shirt.

Here’s another new one I love:

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 151


    Oh my, I think I could cry. My husband will be home Monday after being gone for 6 months. I think I “need” one of these shirts. I never truly appreciate him until he’s gone for so long.

  2. 152

    MichelleH says

    My kids go through a whole ‘gah argh they’re kissing again my eyes can’t see argh’ routine when one of them sees us kiss. We give them LOTS of excuses to do their skit. lol I agree with you, they *act* like they don’t like it, but I know it makes them secure in our love and in our family unit. My parents still hold hands. When I was in high school one of my friends commented that they were holding hands and I said ‘uh…yeah’ and she said her parents never did. Even then I thought that was sad.

  3. 153

    Amy says

    My kids have coined the phrase “eeeeeew, old people love” I always tell them someday they’ll appreciate that their old people still love each other:) It’s all good stuff, even when they’re grossed out!

  4. 159


    I bought one for myself and my husband for Valentine’s Day after you did your previous giveaway at the beginning of the year. I love my shirt. I hope I can win this so I can get another one :)

    I also have a $50 gift certificate to give away at my blog for Union28.


  5. 165

    Melinda P says

    Love the shirt! My kids are still very young (5, 3 and almost 2), so whenever my husband and I kiss and hug, they try to get in on the action, LOL! 😉

  6. 175

    Jessica says

    My two year old gets jealous when I’m kissing my husband. She does her best to worm her way between us and then pushes me away saying, “No! Daddy’s mine!” Good thing I don’t mind the competition!

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