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I just wanted to give y’all a quick update on the latest at Mercy House. This week, Maureen and her staff were able to rescue the fourth girl and bring her into the home. Her situation was a nightmare (I will never get used to the suffering…every story is different, yet the same). She is adjusting and “so happy to be here” according to Maureen. We will update the site with her picture soon.

Please be in prayer as the staff works to bring in a couple of other girls identified and interviewed this week. They are hoping our fifth girl will be moving in this weekend if everything goes well. It’s not an easy process! You can read about the journey to recruit girls here. In other news, the girls started (home) school two weeks ago and they are doing great. They love to learn!

We are also asking those who can to fast and pray with us every Tuesday. We will be updating the FB page with specific prayer requests each week.


New items in the Mercy Shop, just arrived from Kenya! Including gorgeous new necklace designs! By shopping mercy, you can impact these girls and their futures with every dollar going to the maternity home/accounts for the girl’s future!


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    I will be praying for these girls! The suffering is too much to take when I have it go good…
    Thank you for the giving away 3 Christian CDs from EMI. They came in the mail yesterday and I had to pop on into the car stereo. I’ll be showing a little love on my blog later this week. Bless you.

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