Passport to Purity {Getaway}

I don’t know how it happened.

I tried to prepare myself, I really did.

But I just don’t know if a mom’s heart is ready for this transformation:

Little girl, first day of school 2010:

Young lady, first day of school 2011

She’s a foot taller, curvy and check out those killer shoes.

It happened before my eyes, but it still took my by surprise. I love this smart, fun girl who keeps me on my toes, challenges me to be a better mom and doesn’t accept anything less. She’s my first born and I’m falling in love with her all over again.

Sure, we still have our battles–mainly about her room, her room and her room.

But we’re doing the tween dance: I’m learning to let go and she’s gaining more privileges and we’re both learning a lot.

We just shared the most incredible weekend together and while I won’t go into details to protect her privacy, I wanted to share the curriculum we used, Passport to Purity.

It’s an affordable curriculum (less than $20 for the whole thing!)Β that encourages a weekend getaway plan for moms/dads of kids ages 11-14 to talk about purity. It’s a weekend of object lessons, long talks, and commitments.

We stayed in a really nice hotel, splashed around in the hot tub late at night, ate candy in bed and giggled. We ended our weekend with a (first-ever) fancy manicure (the girls got style) and a purity ring.

I know we live busy lives. I know that there isn’t extra money lying around for weekend getaways. But I encourage you now, make this a priority.

It doesn’t have to look like ours. But talk to your kids about purity.

You can bet, someone else will.


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    I did this with my girl too…amazing memories. Just delivered her to college two weeks ago…sniff, sniff – enjoy every MOMent it passes so quickly! Big Hug to you!

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    We did Passport to Purity with all three of our kids. My hubby did our son and I got to do the girls. It was one of the most meaningful weekends ever!!! An amazing resource. Glad you got to experience it. Our little girls becoming women is a special time!!

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    Melanie says

    I love this program, and tried to use it with my 11 year-old daughter this spring, but she would have nothing to do with it! She was not interested at all. :( So, we put it aside and still had a great weekend away. I told her when she’s ready to let me know.

    I highly recommend this for all moms/daughters and fathers/sons! I think my 2nd daughter will really be into it, but we have a few more years yet. πŸ˜‰

    • 5.1

      Kim says

      I think some kids aren’t mature enough to handle it, that’s why it’s so good to have a broad age range like 11-14. Way to be in tune with your daughter and willing to roll with her comfort level, Melanie. We don’t want to scare our kids about sex. It’s such a beautiful thing…that’s what the weekend is all about.

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    It’s amazing how quickly they change from our little girls to young women. My daughter and I talk about this topic a lot and I’m so thankful she’s so open with me. This fall I am hosting a retreat for my girls youth group and we’re going to go over the Passport to Purity and I’ll be pulling from some other wonderful resources as well.

    Your weekend away sounds wonderful and something your daughter will never forget. Getting away with just Mom is such fun…and having a mom who made a weekend like this a priority is another precious gift. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!


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    i just went on a passport to purity getaway with my 10 year old. it was such a great time, though it was interesting how at points she was so responsive and at others she was resistant. can’t get the first scripture song out of my head. :)

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    My mom tried to do something similar like this with me when I was 11. I think it was mostly to talk to me about physical changes and I ended up crying in the motel bathroom with the pad she gave me to try on because I so didn’t want to be having this talk right now.

    I’ve been leery of the whole concept ever since. This however seems worth looking into.

    I still haven’t figured out what, if anything, to do with my daughters, currently 7 and 4, so thanks for sharing.

  7. 10


    That’s lovely!!! I am loving my teen boy better than anything, he is nearly fourteen and I am wondering what the teen issue is – it must be coming!!! It is like living with a real person, who cares about your day and wants to know what your favorite book is and yet still wants to play with lego’s all day!!! Teenagism has been a delight so far… I guess one of the kids following behind him are just getting ready to trip me up!!!

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    Thanks for sharing, I am still a while away from this issue with my daughter, but I will keep in mind.

    Your daughter seems like a lovely young woman, I hope you both enjoyed your special weekend together

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    My daughter and I are doing an overnight retreat this weekend just to introduce the body changes part. I’m praying it goes well, and would love to make it an annual mother/daughter tradition. Thanks for introducing this resource for when she’s a little older.

  10. 13


    So perfect. We are starting the same dance and it is so nice to know there are other moms going through it with you. Moms who put the effort in to try hard to do it right, thank you for sharing.

    Cha Cha

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    I look forward to P2P with my now 5th grader. Our church’s 6th grade curriculum uses this material and I hear awesome stories. Just hugged her goodbye and it hit me like a ton of bricks that she is nearly looking me in the eye. We are seeing a more grown-up girl all the time!

    Your girls are precious and I’m thankful for other moms in the trenches to learn from!

  12. 15


    I have been starting to mentally prepare myself for a weekend trip like this, as it’s only a small few years away… the whole thing makes me soo nervous.Most of what I learned came from the public school I attended- so I don’t have a great idea as to how to handle the nature of the “talks” in a good way. Mental note- buy the book Passport to Purity. :)

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    Heather says

    I’ll have to look into this. My 8 yo (9 next week) daughter and I did this in June. Not the purity part…not ready for that yet, but we did the mom/daughter weekend getaway thing. We stayed in a nice hotel, swam in the pool, went to her fave restaurant, shopped at American Girl, watched TV and ate candy in bed. We talked about growing up. Body changes. How she feels about things. We got some time. Just her and I. Alone. Doing what we like to do together. It was a wonderful precursor to a future purity weekend. Thanks for sharing this resource!

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    We have done this with three of our four children so far. My husband took our older sons, and I got to take my older daughter the year before she started 7th grade. It was a great, memorable, and sometimes uncomfortable weekend. Having the CD, workbooks, and application lessons ready to go really helps facilitate the discussions and get you through the really awkward conversations. I can’t encourage parents enough to take their child on this journey. I will take my youngest daughter in the next several years.

  15. 19


    We have this also, my husband has done it with our older sons and I will have the opportunity to do it with our older daughter next spring. One thing we have done is not wait until this weekend and then dump everything on them at one time. We’ve been open with our children about physical changes and protecting their hearts all through childhood. For instance, when we’re at the store and I need to buy pads and one of my children ask what those are for I tell them (of course, I do this based on their age and maturtiy). We don’t try to hide or make secret this kind of stuff. This weekend for us is the time to talk about the actual act of sex and to give them the opportunity to commit to remaining physically and mentally pure.

    What I really like about this is that it focuses on purity of heart not just not going all the way.

  16. 20


    They grow up before our eyes. Don’t blink!

    I had never heard of Passport 2 Purity. Love it! Question, is one set of the curriculum okay to be reused for the next child or do they each need their own?

  17. 22


    Whoa! She is a beautiful young lady. Reminds me of my niece – in terms of little girl one year, young lady the next. I’ve heard excellent things about Passport to Purity. What a blessing to share that time with her.

  18. 23


    Have any of you heard of the series called God’s Design for Sex? It actually starts for ages 3-5. All is age appropriate. but so good because it opens a dialog before it gets “weird.” I HIGHLY recommend these books. They are FABULOUS!

    • 23.1

      kristen says

      yes! We have these books soon, but introduced them MUCH later than the recommended ages. Because I’m a chicken like that :)

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    Too funny that you posted about this…I was JUST TODAY working on the arrangements of our “P2P Weekend Getaway”…lol – too funny! :) I thought we were going to go in Nov but I just found someone on Craigslist who has a gift cert for $60 off but it expires at the end of Oct so we may need to try to get away sooner. I have listened to ALL the CD’s except #5 and will do that soon…I got PRETTY squimish when he went into detail with the husband and wife part…yikes! SO glad that they cover all of that for me though. I felt that there was a bit too much “listening” with all of these cd’s but maybe it’s because I listened to all 4 back to back one day when my 11yo daughter wasn’t here.

    I’m excited and quite a bit nervous…have to gather all of the supplies and hope to get this all over with soon! :) Thanks for your post on it…it give me hope that she will receive this info well!

    • 24.1

      Christina williams says

      I am trying to find dates and locations for my daughter and me. I googled it but am not finding the dates of the next ones. Christina

  20. 27

    marky says

    We attempted this too.. unfortunately our weekend was cancelled, but we still did the nails and ring! Great program for sure!

  21. 28


    We’ve done this with our four children (my husband with the boys and me with the girls). It can be a little awkward to start the weekend, but ending with an activity that the child would love was a great tip. It helped us end our time together in a very positive way, and we’ve built a foundation for future conversations.

  22. 29

    Sara says

    I don’t even have children yet, but I wrote down the name of the book so I can be prepared when the time comes! This is so important to me because the lack of discussion I received on this topic really effected me and the decisions I made for myself.

  23. 30


    Yet another fabulous idea I’ve gleaned from your blog that I need to tuck away to remember for my girls. Maybe I need to start pinterest….. maybe.

  24. 31


    My 14 yr old and I are doing this in 2 weeks! I am soo excited to be able to have this moment with her! Two teen daughters down, one more to go πŸ˜‰

  25. 32


    How old was your daughter? Do you wait until the P2P weekend to talk about the birds and the bees for the first time? My daughter is in 4th grade, and I had been planning on doing the P2P with her before she started middle school. But other parents have told me that kids are starting to talk about sex at school (in the 4th grade). I really want the info to come from me first. So my question is, do I just do the P2P sooner? Or do I give a quick sex talk now (mechanics), and then follow up with P2P later?

    • 32.1

      Donna B. says

      Just wanted to mention…I think you are on the right track with talking and opening the conversation before you use P2P. There are some wonderful books by Dannah Gresh that might be fun to do before P2P. They are Secret Keeper Girls books, and your daughter gets to do dates with you and you talk about things. Great for tweens.

  26. 33

    Hannah Klopp says

    We did p2p this weekend w/ our friends the Butlers & the Carlsons in Williamsburg sooooooooooo much fun and we learned a lot

  27. 34


    My hubby’s parents did this with their kids. His dad took him out for the talk and then to a jewelry store to pick something out for his future wife (ME!!). The day of our wedding he gave me the necklace (which he’d shown me prior)…it has two charms, one is a heart with a key hole and the other is a key. He also gave me his first kiss. I still wear the key around my neck…the “key to his heart” :)

  28. 35

    Lisa says

    Thank You, for sharing such awesome idea P2P ,and such a special time.
    I have a daughter in 6th grade,I have been looking for ideas to show and talk to our daughter about purity and let her know how much we Love her . I also am researching for my Church for some ideas for a Mother /Daughter Retreat. If anyone has any ideas or tips on planning a trip for a Mothers/Daughters Retreat ,I am open to ideas thanks..

  29. 36

    Jennifer C says

    Is this more of an individual setting or can it be used as a youth group event at church?

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