The Precious Moments of Motherhood

I sat down and closed my eyes. It was only 8:30 pm and I could barely hold them open.

My daughter sat down next to me.

I opened my eyes because I could feel her staring, she leaned in close and just looked at me. She put her head on my shoulder and reached over and traced her finger along my cheek.

It was one of those special moments that remind me how much I love my [mothering] job.

She tilted her head and reached out and grabbed my hand, “Mom?”

I held my breath feeling the weight of what she was about to say….

“Did you know there’s this new stuff you can inject around your eyes and forehead to get rid of all those lines?”

Moment over.

I’m pretty sure my daughter just recommended botox.


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    Oh…that is something that would come out of the mouths of one of my kids…and it just makes me laugh.

    Probably added another laugh line or two just now. :)

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    Malisa says

    You are a great writer! I was waiting for something deep and then, your daughter’s comment. Seriously, I made my husband pause our tv show so I could read it to him too! Thank you for sharing!!!

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    That is hilarious! Kids say the funniest things sometimes. My seven year old told me something one time that made me laugh even if it was referring to the sad state of my body. I just won’t repeat it.

    But, to make you smile a bit. Here is a story (not to be offensive in any way) about my 11 year old son. When he was a toddler, he had a speech delay. He was unable to say certain letter sounds. When he had a tummy ache, I used to tell him he probably had gas bubbles in his stomach. One morning, I can’t remember if he was talking to me or about himself, he said something like, “I have as(s) bubbles”. I had to laugh and I said, “Yes, you do.”

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    Out of the mouth of babes. I was just talking to a friend at work this week. She was reading to her son at bedtime when he reached over, pushed at her fat roll (small though it really is) and said “mom – looks like you got a little jiggle there”. He’s lucky he got his book finished :)

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    …for those cracks on your forehead…that’s what my 3 year old just called them the other day. “Mom, why do you have cracks?” I much preferred the term she used a few months ago…RUFFLES. Wouldn’t we all appreciate our wrinkles more if we could call them ruffles?

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    I can totally relate! Every.single.time my daughter sees the ProActiv commercial she tells me I need to order it because “you have those bumps on your face, Mom!” And, I do not have acne! My mom always says there’s nothing like the honestly of a daughter. :) Love your blog!!

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    I truly believe two of the biggest reasons God gives us children are: 1. It’s a life-long lesson in not getting your sole validation about yourself from your children. 2. To get over yourself.

    I LOVE this post :-)

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    Oh how funny!! At church a couple weeks ago, my son leaned over and (for some reason… !! ….) whispered, you could really use Life Alert.

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    Heather says

    My six year old daughter saw a commercial for Wen hair products recently, and now everytime I mention anyone anywhere washing their hair…she reminds me how much we *NEED* Wen. Marketing dollars well spent. :)

    And if it makes you feel any better, when my daughter was about 3 she asked me why my boobs were so LONG. OMGosh I just about fell over. And then I gave HER credit…nursing was the gift that keeps on giving.

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