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I don’t know about you, but I am NOT ready for school to start. Our summer has sped by and I just need 47 more pool days.

Not to mention, I am really good at sleeping in. A fine art, I’ve heard.

But since we are on the school-will-start-soon countdown, I’m trying to get my kids back on track.

In order to be ready this year, I’m getting my kids in bed every night at the same time. They will be making their own lunches the night before school starts (it’s called empowerment) and we’ll have a “hot file” in the kitchen for important notes from teachers and info about school projects.

Delegating to my kids works for me.

What works for you getting your kids in the back-to-school routine?


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    I’m interested to hear how the making of own lunches goes. I do love empowerment…but I also have troubles with control. I would worry that the kitchen would be messy after, or that the lunches wouldn’t be healthy enough. See? I have troubles… Gotta work on that!! :-)

    The Hot File in the kitchen also sounds like a GREAT idea! Thanks.

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      You could get small storage crates (like a 6″x9″ size” and label them for lunch packing options. Your family would know that the snacks and foods you put in those crates are OK for lunch packing and you’d feel better knowing that they are picking healthy things to put in their lunch.

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    We’re getting into the back to school routine next week, though my kids have stuck to their bedtime routine this summer. One of the things we’re starting this month for school is family meetings. It’s a bit chaotic and comical given the ages of our little ones, and I think the meetings will help us stay on track each week. I hope.

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    even though we homeschool, I had told my son, who is K this year, that he’ll be making his own lunches when we go out now. He wanted to practice the other day when we went to the wading pool — and his pre-k sister followed suit. They did a great job. Empowerment is awesome!

    Good luck with your school year and keep all those hands clean and germ free with ideas from

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    Oh, I hear ya on the sleeping in being an art form; it is for me too! LOL! It helps that my son is the one who is an early bird; and, we home educate so I don’t have to get him out the door at a certain time. :)

    I like the idea of keeping a “hot file” in the kitchen, too.

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    My hubs gets my daughter ready for school most days of the week, because I need more sleep than he does. (There are some moms who look at me funny when I confess that one). And I LOVE that your kids make their own lunches. I may totally have to steal that.

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    Heather says

    I homeschool, so our needs are a little different, but I agree whole-heartedly with making your children get their own lunches packed the night before. Even though we school at home, we have many meetings outside the home and my girls are required to have everything laid out the night before so that getting ready in the morning is an painless and stress-free as possible! You’re doing a great job raising your kids up int he way they should go, Kristen!

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    We are halfway through our school year and I tell uyou there is no problem getting the kids ready for school… It is just me: where’s my coffee, just one more email, just a little longer in the shower… What can I say – I need a bit of Boot Camp, just for me!!!

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    We’ve been working on our morning routine since I have two more starting school this year. Next week, I’ll start them on packing lunches and backpacks and we’ll practice getting out of the house on time (tough for me!).

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    My kids, ages 3 and 4, are enrolled in our church’s day school this year. They go on opposite days, so the 3 year old is going on T and Th and the 4 year old is going on M, W, and F. The kids are also being homeschooled on the days they are home from the day school (which is only a 3 hour thing anyways) and in the afternoon everyday, they’ll be doing group time and stuff like that. I’ve decided to take a few pages from Tsh Oxenreider’s ( book “Organized Simplicity” and have created a daily docket. I went to her site and printed out 7 copies of the daily docket (both sides of the paper) and laminated them so they could be reusable. They are in a small 3 ring binder along with many of the recipes that I use for dinner, contact numbers and emergency numbers and procedures for those who babysit, dog-sit, and house-sit for us. I fill out the daily dockets (2 week’s worth) with my menu plan, when what kind of laundry needs done (I do one load of laundry a day) , and our schedule and it lays out on the table so it is easy to see. There is a page that I use as a sort of “hot file”, but it doesn’t work well for us because of Hubs’ schedule. He works second shift at a job that is 1 1/2 hours away, so he’s gone from noon until 11:30pm. He is constantly forgetting to check the page to see if there is something I needed to communicate with him. For this reason, we are going to be putting a blackboard up on the kitchen/dining room wall that we can just write on. It’ll be easier for him to remember and see that then.

    The back to school getting up early thing is really more of a thing that I need to work on than my kids. My son is an early riser and because they sleep in the same room, he often wakes his sister up. I’ll be the one working on going to bed at a decent time and getting up in the morning. I’ve never been a morning person……ever.

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    I love phrasing it as “empowerment”. And I definitely need to create a hot file this year. I haven’t done much to get is back into the routine and we start next week. I guess I should get on that.

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