WFMW: Your Old Magazines

The last couple of years, I’ve subscribed to several magazine subscriptions because of great Amazon alerts, Swabucks and dirt-cheap deals. I got in the habit of saving a few of my favorite issues, but tossing the rest.

In the last few months, I’ve found many uses for my old magazines and wanted to share them with you:

Used magazines work for me!



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    I know I’m going to find a thousand discarded magazines as we get ready to move this month. I’m going to save them all for your beautiful Mercy House Ladies!

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    I’ve cut way back on my magazine subscriptions over the past few years, and am down to just a few now (Family Fun and Parents). These are some great ideas!

    Now … how about newspaper crafts. or what to do with the newspapers? I get three of those silly things a week!

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    I get several cooking magazines and for a long time never knew what to do with the old. Often they had receipes in them that I wanted, but storing all of them was just too much. Now when I first get the magazine and read it I scan an recipes that I want so I can print them and put them in a three ring binder and then donate the magazines. I never have stacks of magazines sitting in my kitchen, and its much easier to find a recipe in the binder than it is to remember which magazine it was in.

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    I tried the link for the jewelry (multiple times) and I have concluded – your massive following has crashed the instructibles site!! :)
    Of course it could be something else, they assure us it is not velociraptors (on the error message) but I am thinking it is the many WFMW followers that have done this!

    I love this post and cannot wait to investigate some ideas for my many piles of magazines!

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    I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading magazines, and right after signing up for an 18 month subscription to Natural Health magazine for a charity donation. :) I haven’t read one yet (great magazine though)

    We always use our old magazines for school projects but there are only so many you can hang onto for that. That magazine reed box is a cool idea.

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