41 Reasons

On why I love him:

  1. He pushes me to dream.
  2. He lives on the edge
  3. He is a great employee
  4. He won’t let me manipulate him
  5. He takes care of me
  6. He believes in me
  7. He takes care of himself
  8. He still wants me
  9. He’s cute
  10. He would do anything for me (picture to prove it)
  11. He works hard
  12. He danced in Africa
  13. He takes the trash out
  14. He loads the dishwasher (my least favorite chore)
  15. He tickles the kids
  16. He has integrity
  17. He still has a lot of little boy in him
  18. He fought the battle of his life and won
  19. He helps me
  20. He rubs my aching neck
  21. He holds our kids
  22. He loves God
  23. He is a family man
  24. He is silly
  25. He lives counter-cultural
  26. He has a sexy voice
  27. He makes me laugh
  28. He still kisses me everyday
  29. He makes every kid feel special
  30. He listens to me
  31. He admits when he’s wrong
  32. He runs his hands thru my hair to help me sleep
  33. He loves the outdoors
  34. He takes our kids on dates
  35. He is compassionate
  36. He is an amazing dad
  37. He points our family towards God
  38. He is a “cup half full” kind of guy
  39. He is a father to the fatherless
  40. He is mine
  41. Did I mention he danced in Africa?

Happy 41st birthday to the best man I know!

What do you love about your man?


  1. 3

    Mollianne says

    He whispers ‘God bless Molli’ in the night when he thinks I’m asleep. He never misses worship. Even when he’s on travel. He is generous. He is good to my children, who are not his own. He is the best Granddaddy to my grandsons! He makes space hardware for the International Space Station! He has the strongest hands, but they are gentle with me. He truly loves my Mother. And he makes her laugh. He took my broken heart in his hands like it was a precious gift and made me believe that happily ever after really could happen. And it has. When circumstances have been unbelievably hard, he finds a way to laugh. He stays in good physical condition so that if/when the day comes that I can’t climb the stairs, he can carry me. He lives his faith. He trusts me. He personifies integrity. He speaks love. He lives fidelity. He embraces honor. He laughs at himself. He can build a rocket that will leave earth’s orbit, but he can’t figure out his cell phone. He is good to his mother. He took a risk and married me, baggage and all. He is my very own Rocket Man. And even though we are well into middle age with a somewhat empty nest…when he kisses me, fireworks explode in my head and my heart melts! Thats’s just a quick list off of the top of my head.

    Happy birthday to your dear husband, who took off his suit coat to help someone with car trouble;)

  2. 4

    Mollianne says

    He personifies integrity. He embraces honor. He lives love. He embodies fidelity. He gives generously. He worships reverently. He smiles joyfully. He laughs genuinely. He is an honest-to-goodness rocket engineer-but he can’t figure out his cell phone. He has worked tirelessly to keep his people employed while NASA implodes. He loves my children and is an amazing Granddaddy to my grandsons. He kisses me and I still see fireworks in my head and my heart melts. He kisses me softly in the night when he thinks I’m asleep and whispers, ‘God bless my Molli.’. Oh, yeah! I’m crazy in love with the Rocket Man!

    Happy birthday to your husband.

  3. 5


    My top reason I love my husband would have to be that he finds me sexy still after 16 years and 5 kids. Even though I don’t feel so hot myself. Gotta love that, right?

  4. 6

    Janet says

    He is just with all those he encounters. I have never heard him say a negative thing about anyone. He is hard working. He has a great sense of humour . . . . and I could go on to 50!

  5. 7


    Kristen, thanks for your post today and reminding us all to tell our hubs why we love them so much!! My man embraces my dreams and is a gifted daddy!! That’s all I’ll say for now…. but will need to come up with my own list of 41 things! Love it!!

  6. 8

    TracyDK says

    I love that there is a butterfly on his shirt in the first picture. :)

    One of the first things that attracted me to my fella (and still attracts me to this day) is the WAY he expresses his love for those that he cares about. I’m a lucky gal to have him. :)

  7. 9

    Deb Wilson says

    He forgives me faster than I can screw up.

    Dang it…I’m crying at work…Kristen, you do this to me more than I say! :) Thanks for your post today.

  8. 10

    Rosita says

    He is strong.
    He is gentle.
    He remembers and takes pride in where he comes from.
    He has an amazing faith.
    He encourages me to try new things and is my biggest supporter.
    He is a wonderful father.
    He stands up to me.
    He is willing to try new things.
    He supports me in word and deed.
    He challenges me when I am wrong.
    He has a heart for those in need.

    I think I will take this list now and send it to him as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. 11


    Thanks for sharing your beautiful post with us. There is so much to love about my husband, but I think the thing I love most is that he loves me just like I am with no unrealistic expectations. I thank God for sending him into my life.
    Linda B.

  10. 12

    Crystal says

    I make lists about why I love my husband, too! Among some of the hundreds I’ve come up with: 1) He gets hotter every year. This is a magic trick I was unaware he could do when we first married 7 years ago, but I’m eternally grateful. 2) He actually loves to shop. Yes, you read that correctly. 3) He’s a different kind of smart than me, which worked quite well on study nights in college. 4) He loves to wrestle with our sons. And 5) He thinks I INVENTED sliced bread. :-)

  11. 16

    marky says

    I forgot that our husbands share birthdays, and birth years! I only wish I would have done something as thoughtful for him.

  12. 17


    This is so incredibly sweet!
    I don’t have a “man”, but I will tell you what… #29… I have seen in action as he has reached out to my kids… it has not gone unnoticed and means so much to me! :)

  13. 18

    Melissa D says

    Some reasons I love my husband:
    He is a cooler parent than I am.
    He is not only willing to go shopping for clothes with me, he often pushes me to actually buy something pretty when I start getting all neurotic and think I don’t “deserve” to get new clothes.
    He is a hard worker, very talented in his work, and fair to his customers.
    He likes my cooking.
    He was willing to take on being the sole provider for the house so that I could be home with our kids.
    He is good at painting fingernails (we’ve got 3 girls) but gets squeamish at the thought of helping to put earrings in.

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