In Honor of Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, I’m sharing the hardest work I’ve ever done!

How long were your labors?

Kid #1, 12 hours

Kid #2, 10 hours

Kid #3, 8 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Kid #1, 2 weeks late, induced due to begging.

Kid #2, 1 week early, induced due to threatening

Kid #3, 7 weeks early, emergency c-section, because I like to mix it up a little.

Where did you deliver?

In the safety and security of the hospital, where most patients with OCD deliver.


Yes, many and all kinds.


On my last one, after 7-8 hours of laboring without dilation, I was rushed down the hall because the baby and I weren’t doing well. I’ve never been more afraid of a nurse with a razor!

Who delivered?

Kid #1- A nice midwife who sat on the end of my bed to ‘take a looksey’ broke the end of my bed– completely off—she went on to do a great job!

Kid #2- We moved when I was 8.5 months pregnant and a very reluctant doctor I only met once, delivered my son.  When she told me I was too far along to accept as a new patient, I burst into tears and said my hubby would have to do it.  She quickly changed her policy.

Kid #3- The best OB in Texas!  I love this woman.  I’m pretty sure she saved my daughter’s life!

How about you? What are your numbers?

[Did you adopt? (how long did you wait?) Not a mom yet (how long were your mom’s numbers)?]

originally posted, Sept. 1, 2008


  1. 1

    Celina says

    My labor was 16 hours, thought I was dying! I knew I was in labor when I couldn’t stand up straight or talk because of contractions. I delivered in a hospital, bcuz I’m a total pain wimp. I used an epidural and it was absolutely no help bcuz it was put in incorrectly. In other words, I labored with an epidural that made as much of a difference in pain as a Tylenol! No c-section, thank god! My doctor was an amazing man, very thankful my baby boy was delivered perfectly healthy and safe (7 lbs. 6 oz., 19.5 in. March 10, 2009)

  2. 2


    Labor hrs:
    Kid #1 11hours EMERGENCY c-sec

    Kid #2 Scheduled C-sec

    Kid#3 Scheduled C-sec {but I was in full labor and my husband didn’t know it until we got to the hospital and they put me on the monitor, just didn’t want to stress him out anymore than he already was!}

    How did I know I was in Labor:
    Kid#1 Woke up @5:30 am and couldn’t get comfortable, drove myself to the hospital at 12:30pm in full contractions, 1:00 Dr. broke my water

    Kid#2 I didn’t but I was ready to get that baby out

    Kid#3 Started timing contractions at about 3:00AM c-section wasn’t scheduled until 7:30 it was a long morning

    Where did I deliver:
    Kid#1 Hospital, my doctor saved my sons life at 11:32pm

    Kid#2 Hospital, scheduled c-sec was at 7:30 anesthesiology dept had a meeting and it got pushed back finally had her at 11:30

    Kid#3 Hospital, every thing went only hiccup was meconium


    YES, are you CRAZY?

    Kid#1 My epidural DID NOT WORK. Enjoyed full labor pains for 11 hrs :)

    Kid#2 C-sec and I was sick as a DOG from the anesthesia, didn’t get to hold my baby until late in the night

    Kid#3 C-sec I learned from Kid#2 what made me sick and my Dr. made sure it didn’t happen.

    X 3
    Kid#1 Emergency c-sec his heart rate dropped, he was 9lbs 3oz
    Kid#2 Scheduled b/c they were scared she would be as big as #1 she was only 7lbs 2oz
    Kid#3 Scheduled b/c after you have two c-sec they won’t let you have a vaginal birth she was 7lb 5oz

    Who Delivered:
    Kids 1-3
    Three different women Docs in North Carolina. They were all wonderful and amazing.

    All very different experiences.
    All painful.
    All worth it.

  3. 3


    This is a very fun walk down memory lane!

    My labors were 12 hrs, 3 hrs, 17 hrs, and 0 (I’ll explain in a minute!).

    Knew I was in labor because: drank castor oil the night before (ugh!), started contractions on my own at home, was induced on due date due to fears of delivering on the interstate after moving1.5 hrs from my doc at 7 months, and emergency C-section 10 weeks premature due to eclampsia.

    Delivered all at hospitals.

    No drugs for pain, only the inducing drug for #3. Also, I was completely out during the C-section. Strangley enough, I missed having the labor experience. I’m weird that way!

    Yeah- that C-section was just about the scariest thing. Walking into the ER having chest pains at 30 weeks is not fun. Nor is having a BP of 210/130.

    Delivered by the awesomest nurse-midwife for #1, the doc on call for #2 (he was a little harried; there were 5 babies born in about a 2 hour stretch that night), the awesome nurse-midwife for #3, and I’m not sure who delivered #4. I was a little out of it by that point. All I remember is giggling when she …ahem… cleared the site for the incision, IYKWIM.


  4. 4

    Iris says

    Only have 1 daughter, born Easter Sunday of this year. 4 3/4 hours labor from start to finish. Had no idea that the pain I was feeling were contractions until I was 2 hours into it! She was born 5 days earlier than her due date. Had no epidural because I got to the hospital 10cm and I didn’t want one anyway! :) It was the birth plan I had chosen and was so thankful that I was able to go as planned! She is a true blessing!

  5. 5

    Courtney says

    12 hours, 4.5 hours, 12 hours. #1 didn’t really at first & had to “earn” my time in the hospital by dialating enough to keep me there, #2 clearly in a ton of pain very suddenly that didn’t stop, #3 slow slow slow waiting at home for contractions to get closer together and closer together… Hospital all three. #1 epidural, #2 no epidural – too fast & furious, #3 epidural. No c-sections.

  6. 6


    Labor Day is also my birthday :) We have 2 kids, and both were very different labors. One was a labor of the heart and the other was a “normal” labor. Our daughter is now 6, but came to us at 3 1/2 as a foster placement. We were her 5th home. She was our 9th foster child. We labored for her for 3 years. Our son is now 1 1/2 and our little miracle. I was in labor with him for 36 1/2 hours. My plan was to do as few drugs as possible when I checked in to the hospital. I left the hospital asking if they had any more drugs I could take before I went home. We thought he had broken my tailbone, but it was just a bad bruise. Both kids were worth every pain and heartache, and then some.

  7. 7


    #1 – 22 hours (no drugs)
    #2 – 10 hours (epidural)
    #3 – 3 hours (no drugs)
    #4 and 5 – adoptions – 14 months from first paperwork request to coming home (only 6.5 months on the wait list)
    #6 – we’ll see in March 2012!!! :0) (probably an epidural, as to allow much other children to stay with me as long as possible…who knows!)

  8. 9

    sarah says

    #1 – last week! 33 hours of labor, first 19 incredibly long hours were at home, got drugs at 24 hours and they were a miracle.

  9. 11


    #1-26 hours. No epidural. Two shots for pain. Allen-Michael was transverse and when they turned him, they broke my tailbone. He was 3 weeks overdue and an induction via pitocin. 7lbs 9oz. #goodtimes.

    #2-4 hours. No epidural. One pain shot. Joshua was posterior. Two weeks overdue. Induction via prosten gel. Not quite as rough as labor on pitocin. Delivery, however, was brutal when you add a full 2 pounds to the kiddo! 9 lbs 9oz. #gavebirthtoatoddler.

    #3-26 hours. 3+ weeks preemie. C-section. Joseph Was impatient to get here then and has been ever since. 8 lbs 14 oz. #docdecidedhewastiredofdoingacrobaticstodelivermyboys!

  10. 12


    Seriously still laughing at your midwife breaking the bed comment. I can’t think straight. Once I compose myself I’ll try to remember the answers to those questions.

  11. 13


    Baby 1: Induced, took three days and ended in an emergency c section and a beautiful baby boy.
    Baby 2: Vbac after 39 hours of labor produced a beautiful baby girl.
    Babies 3 & 4: Knew them for two years, decided in a moment that we wanted to adopt them, took about a month for them to move in and a year for the adoption to finalize. All that time and effort added two beautiful sons to our family. Thank you God for these blessings and the product of our labors. Thanks Kristen for the walk down memory lane!

  12. 14


    Baby #1- In the hospital for a scheduled induction at 40 weeks and 4 days. After 4+ hours of PItocin my wonderful midwife broke my water. She left for lunch only to return with a frightened look on her face. She got in bed with me, did an internal exam and didn’t remove her hand/arm until my baby was removed during a crash c-section. I missed her birth because they had to knock me out. We had undiagnosed Vasa Previa, Velamentous Cord Insertion and a succentriate lobed placenta.
    Baby #2- In the hospital for a scheduled induction because we moved an hour away exactly one week before. The same awesome midwife was in attendance. I was induced with Pitocin on day one and after 8 hours they stopped my labor. It was started again the next morning and after 15 hours of labor and over 3 HOURS of pushing I had a successful VBAC. Turns out baby wanted to be facing up instead of down and got a little stuck. I’m thankful for vacuums.

  13. 15


    #1- 14 hours
    #2- 6 hours

    #1- 2days over due, contractions, water broke, pitocin, epidural.
    #2- 3days early, contractions, epidural

    #1- family doctor
    #2- OB came 2minutes too late, hospital doc delivered.

    Hospital for both, for sure!
    Natural labor for both.

  14. 16


    Oh…and somehow i hit the enema and “shave her” lottery. I guess my doc was a little old fashioned. Not only did i get the shave and enema with C-section, i got to enjoy it with ALL of my deliveries. #guessimjustluckythatway.

  15. 17

    Heather says

    Two girls. Born a year and a half apart. First daughter induced a week late. Labor was 6 hours. Second daughter went into labor in her due date at 4:00 in the afternoon, was born at 2 am that night (technically the next day) so a total of 10 hours. I had epidurals with both, but I lasted a lot longer before the epi with the second one (non-induced).

  16. 18


    Baby #1: 32 hours of pitocin induced labor, because I was 3 days late and had NO idea what “Inducing” really entailed. Beautiful Baby girl, 7 lbs. 11 oz. born at 7:11pm on 7-17-02. Drug free, stitch free labor….mid-wife in hospital.

    Baby #2: Never inducing again! Valentines Day due date came and went, but the next morning? Showtime! 12 hours of labor, 9 1/2 pound bouncing baby boy born at exactly 9:11 pm like big sis. Easiest labor EVER! (Pain never got above a 7.) No stitches, no drugs….midwife in hospital.

    Baby #3: 5 days early, Happy 28th Birthday to me! :) My birthday present was a HUGE baby girl weighing in a 10 pounds 3 1/2 oz. Daddy made the nurses get a different scale since surely that one was broken. 10 hours of painful back labor and a sprained tailbone, but no stitches, no drugs. Midwife in a hospital.

    Baby #4: 1 Day late. Only 4 short hours of labor and barely any pushing, (squatting is the BEST METHOD EVER) we have a 10 pound 3 oz bouncing baby boy. No stitches, no drugs….Midwife at a birthing center.

    4 and No More! :)

    Thanks for letting all us Momma’s swap war stories, this is a GREAT idea!
    ~Tonya of 4 little Fergusons

  17. 19

    Linsay says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 19 hrs

    Kid #2, 2 hrs

    Kid #3, O hrs

    Kid #4, 24 hrs

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, 1 day late, contractions one right on top of the other after drinking castor oil the night before.

    Kid #2, 1 day early, felt off but not like the first time, went in to get checked because I was 2 cm the day before, low and behold I was 5 cm

    Kid #3, 1 day late, breech unable to turn baby, c-section

    Kid #4, 6 days early, induced 24 hrs of labor, he wouldn’t settle into place so c-section it was. Failed VBAC

    Where did you deliver?

    4 different hospitals all over the US (we’re a military family)


    1 shot with #1, didn’t work and made me feel funny so no more drugs for me. #3 and #4 I had c-section drugs.


    My last two, I still feel cheated by both of them. I would have much rather delivered naturally.

    Who delivered?

    #1 Amazing midwife
    #2 My favorite dr in a practice where you got whoever was on call, I was so excited when she walked in!
    #3 The intern who discovered baby was breech at 39 weeks 4 days after I had been telling other docs for weeks something was not right (I knew I was being kicked down there)
    #4 Amazing doctor who I had to drive 45 mins to see because the hospital in the town we lived in didn’t approve VBACS, I think it was God’s way of getting me an amazing doctor who was so supportive.

  18. 20


    Just found your blog via Stumble Upon and am in love! This post is such a great idea!

    #1 – daughter…5 hours of labor after being induced 2 weeks early

    #2 – son…3 hours of labor after water breaking right at the start of an ice storm. I had to take an ambulance to the hospital bec we couldn’t get out of the neighborhood. LOL

  19. 21

    Melinda P says

    #1 – No real labor, but baby was transverse and I was starting to dilate, so Emergency C-section #1 at 38 weeks.
    #2 – Baby had some heart decelerations on the non-stress test due to cord wrapped around her neck and was also laying transverse, so Emergency C-section #2 at 38 weeks 5 days.
    #3 – Went in to labor at 4:30 in the morning, just 3 days before my scheduled c-section. On a Saturday. You know, the Saturday I was supposed to get all this stuff done before baby gets here. Was in real full-on labor until I got the spinal in the OR at about 10:30 am. I was fully dilated, baby was transverse again. So, Emergency C-section #3, also at 38 weeks 5 days.
    #4 – Due in March. Pretty sure baby is going to lay transverse like his/her brothers and sister. Would like to make it to 39 weeks. Would like to have a non-emergency c-section this time. Although, it IS very exciting to be bumped up to the front of the line to the OR. 😉
    Of course, drugs for all the births. All births performed by whatever OB on call. At least I’m going to trust that the guy who performed c-section #3 was a full-fledged doctor. OB that performed c-section #2 may have had a little too much caffeine, he was making pretty punchy jokes. All 3 sections turned out just fine.

  20. 22


    Glad I didn’t read this before my baby was born! I was in labour with her for 20 hours before she was born via unscheduled c-section (not really an emergency, but I wasn’t dilating). I had been induced, but didn’t really know I was in labour until my water broke. They told me to expect cramping, so that is what I thought it was. I had all the drugs they would give me including 2 epidurals since the first had worn off by the time they decided to do the section. Thank goodness my OB was the one on duty. I had the pleasure of throwing up for almost the entire 20 hours, so that was fun.

  21. 23

    Lisa Prieto says

    Number 1 – daughter – after being a week and a half overdue they told me i had to be induced but i begged them for 48 hours b/c my husband had the flu LOL labored about 12 hours before epidural and then she was born about 4 hours after that…

    Number 2 – son – begged to be induced at 39 weeks…he was huge and i felt it and it was August in FL – I’m a whopping 4’10” and he was 8 lb 11 oz…labored for about 6 hours, pushed for 3 and ended up with a c-section (not emergency doctor and I just both decided it was the better route)

    Love this post – such a great twist on “Labor Day”

    God Bless!

  22. 24


    My water broke on Easter Sunday 2010. I was looking at the Hobby Lobby circular online. I was in labor from about 6pm to 12am. My daughter started to have a drop in heart rate everytime their was a big contraction. My doctor, who was female, came in to give me some news. I was super excited that she had been at the hospital the entire time & was in town on a holiday. Well, she grabbed my hand & was talking very slow & soft. I immediately thought something was wrong b/c each time the babies heart rate would drop, they would run into the room telling me…”everything is fine, we’er just checking. Well, she told me that they were stopping the contractions and doing the C-section at 6am. That was fine by me b/c they were starting to hurt & I was tired. We went in at 6am and at 630am I was being taken back to my room! It was wonderful & she was a perfect baby. My birth plan did not go as planned, but I left the hospital with a baby & I was thankful for that!

  23. 26


    How long were your labors?
    Kid 1: 5 hours and 23 minutes from first hint of pain to birth.
    Kid 2: none (scheduled c-section)
    Kid 3: none (scheduled c-section)

    How did you know you were in labor?
    I went to bed at midnight. My back hurt. I tried to walk it off. It still hurt. Then my stomach felt weird. By 12:30, I could tell the rhythm of the contractions. By 1:00, the second contraction started before the previous one finished. By 1:05, I was at the hospital. (It was a 5 minute drive from my house, than goodness!)

    Where did you deliver?
    In the hospital.

    Let’s just that I cannot sing the praises of epidurals enough. Although, the epidural probably prolonged things. And they forgot to stop the IV afterward. They had already cleaned my newborn and brought him to me. It was when they took him away again that I realized the IV dripping was not the one that was in my arm. So I sent hubby to find a nurse. He may have freaked out a little and I may have laughed at him for freaking out.

    Kids 2 and 3 were. #2 was breech. We had thought about trying to turn him, but decided that the benefit did not outweigh the risk. So we went the c-section route. It was nice to have it all planned out.

    Who delivered?
    My OB. First was in one town, 2 and 3 were in another. I really liked OB #2. He had a sense of humor like mine. For the c-section for baby #2, I had a spinal block, not general anesthesia, so I was well aware of everything around me. He’s talking and joking with the nurses, and then he starts in on “What don’t you want to hear the doctor say while he’s doing surgery?” He said a few things and then I jumped in with “oops”. He started laughing. Hard. It was actually kind of weird, to be joking around with your doctor while he’s cutting you open. It was definitely memorable, though!

  24. 27


    #1 – 6 days late. Water broke, labored for 21 hours before having to have a c-section. She was sunnyside up. I labored all those hours with only Nubain occasionally. Bummer. She was 8lb12oz

    #2 – Scheduled c-section a week early because of all the trauma I caused my family with #1. He still weighed 9 lb.5oz.

    #3- Attempted VBAC with no success. C-section after 15 hours of non-productive labor. He came out with a bruise on his left eyebrow (he was transverse). No wonder he was coming up in my ribs instead of down where he belonged. He weighed in at 10lb7oz.

    I wouldn’t change a single minute of any of their births since we weren’t supposed to have any children. The older two were 13 and 10 when our baby was born. Miracles all.

  25. 28


    I was never in labor for child birth
    But I have labored raising these kids and
    Getting it right labor intensive!
    First one was smallest baby 5 pounds even
    Less then 5 pounds when he came home. Emergency
    C section as I had high blood pressure and
    Very toxic! Baby was also breech and 4 weeks early.
    2nd 18 months later C section. High blood pressure
    #3 18 months later C section again high blood pressure.
    Ugh 3 C sections in 3 years!
    # 4 41/2 years later C section high blood
    Pressure fought to keep baby from being born
    7 weeks early. Made it 3 weeks more and delivered
    Last one C section a month early what an ordeal!

  26. 29

    Janis says

    Daughter #1

    Labor for 96 hours in hospital until emergency c-section (never dilated past a 3 and labor would stop and start and had mostly back labor) – no pain drugs until the c-section – My personal OB and a special needs OB did the c-section (I have diabetes).

    Daughter #2
    Given the option to try natural delivery again – refused and asked for scheduled c-section. Little stinker wasn’t quite ready yet so they made me wait an extra 5 days – by then my ob was on a cruise but the other OB that did daughter #1 was there. Was at hospital at 8 am – done and back in room by noon with my baby girl! :) MUCH better experience!

  27. 30


    I have one daughter and her labor was 6 hours long. Thankfully I only felt unbearable pain during transition which was 2 hours. I had no pain medication yet was thankful for the amazing doctor who delivered my baby :)!

  28. 31


    Looks like you got a big response with this one. Women are always ready to share labor stories, aren’t they? I wish I could remember everything.

    #1: labored approximately 56 hours; my obgyn delivered her in a hospital at 41 weeks with an epidural; 9 pounds 11 ounces

    #2: labored approximately 19 hours; same obgyn in a hospital at 39 weeks with an epidural; 8 pounds 15 ounces

    #3: labored approximately 24 hours; same obgyn in a hospital at 40 weeks with an epidural; 8 pounds 6 ounces

    #4: labored approximately 18 hours; new obgyn in KY in a hospital on my due date with an epidural; 8 pounds 14 ounces

    #5: labored approximately 8 hours; same obgyn in KY in the same hospital at 40 weeks with an epidural; 7 pounds 15 ounces

    I would like to try a homebirth with no meds if we do have another.

  29. 32

    Billie Jean says

    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1, 12 hours, she went home when she was 10 hours old.

    Kid #2, 4 hours

    Kid #3, 9 hours

    Kid #4, 13 hours

    Kid #5, 7 hours

    Kid #6, 8 hours

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Kid #1, 10 days late, water broke all over the bathroom floor

    Kid #2, the day before his due date, water broke all over the waterbed

    Kid #3, 2 weeks early, induced so dad could be there before leaving the country for 8 weeks

    Kids #4, 9 days early, we had just moved into our new house, labor pains started that evening but I refused to go to the hospital until the crib was set up – he was born the next day on my birthday!

    Kid #5, 4 days early scheduled for induction so biggest sis could watch the others, I went into labor on my own the night before

    Kid #6, 6 days early, induced because dad had an empty court calendar on a Friday and my OB is wonderful like that

    Where did you deliver?

    In the safety and security of the hospital so I wouldn’t scare the crap out of the kids at home.


    Yes, many and all kinds. The anesthsiologist is my bestest friend.


    Nope, all of them were natural.

    Who delivered?
    #’s 1 & 2 – an OB who watched more tv than the baby, the nurse had to tell him when to catch! #3 a different OB due to a change in insurance and I didn’t like him so much. #’s 4, 5 & 6 a new OB who I absolutely adore! She understands hubby’s OCD and work issues and has been asking me for a year now when we’re having the next one. She also spend half of my yearly exam asking ME for parenting advice. She’s someone I would want as a friend if she wasn’t my dr.

  30. 33


    No labor… Scheduled C-Section… Our issue was getting pregnant. Initially, we were told we’d never have children. Thankfully, God had a different plan and miraculously intervened. Now, we have a healthy 8 year old son who is the absolute light of our life! To HIM be the glory…

  31. 36

    cheryl says

    hmmmm let’s just say “back labor” so don’t y’all be hatin on me here…

    #1: 1 hr and 3 pushes… .45 minute drive to hospital. Quiet doctor who gave me the “oh this is your 1st” look

    #2: 1 1/2 hrs… no power at the hospital, running on generators in a huge storm

    #3: 2 hrs…TIME for an epidural, gave me too much (head floating on the ceiling kinda thing), took meds away so HUGE needle WITHOUT any meds and a 8il 14oz baby…


  32. 37


    Daughter #1 About 16 hours
    Daughter #2 About 14 hours
    Daughter #3 About 8 hours {and 13 1/2 years AFTER Daughter #2 was born. Sigh}

    Daughter #1 About 6 days past due and timed contractions and praying…
    Daughter #2 Intense contractions, 5 days early
    Daughter #3 Water broke @ check-up

    Delivered in hospital–ALL 3.

    Drugs? YES!!!!!!

    Section? No

    Who delivered? With all 3, nurses did most of the work and doc came in and got all the glory.

    ***Daughter #3–tubal reversal miracle. Conceived 10 {TEN} days after tubal reversal.

  33. 38

    Crystal says

    Kid #1 — Labor was 10 hours long, delivered in our Air Force base hospital by a military OB (and yes, they wear cammo even then!). Horrible anasthesiologist who botched the epidural, therefore an accidental natural birth.

    Kid #2 — Labor was 8 hours, delivered in a civilian hospital (yay!) by a midwife and with a doula. Naturally and a million times better! Will never do a military hopspital again!

  34. 41


    Baby #1 – 12 hours of labor, hospital, epidural.

    This time planning on a med-free homebirth with a midwife. You know, because I like to mix things up a bit too!

  35. 42

    Renee says

    #1- 12hrs labor, hospital, epidural, like Kristin…moved at 8 1/2 mon. pregnant but mother-in-law knew a doctor who would take me, he had to pull her out, born on her due date, 7lbs 8oz, she’s off to college now.

    #2- 6 1/2 hrs in labor on his due date again, military hospital with no LDR rooms, labor in one room, wheeled to delivery room with baby crowning, born 5 min. after midnight the day after his due date, then taken to a recovery room, then to a room on the maternity floor, late epidural, military doctor on call delivered, 8lbs. 2oz., he’s about to get his driver’s license now.

    #3-5 1/2 hrs labor, 6 days early, teaching hospital, epidural, delivered by my doctor and witnessed by a room full of med students, gasps…how much does that baby weigh? 10 lbs 3oz!! easiest delivery so far, he’s a teenager now.

    #4 4 1/2 hrs labor, 2 days late, military hospital, lucky to have my doctor on call to deliver, epidural thank goodness, she got stuck, 9 lbs 13 oz., last year in elementary school now.

  36. 43


    I also moved to a brand new city and state at 8 months pregnant with our 2nd daughter. I smiled when I read your post because I had the exact same panic attack while waiting to see this doctor. I thought, “What in the world was I thinking….”

    And of course I cried. But it all worked out. She is almost 9 years old now!

    This is so fun!

    I had 2 of my girls the old fashioned way with lots of drugs.
    The 2nd 2 were born through C- Section.

    2 different states. 3 different hospitals.
    With the last one, it felt like a hotel and I really could have stayed forever!!!! Like a little mini-vaca!

  37. 44

    Krista says

    6 hours of labor including 2 hrs of pushing (thank God for epidurals, seriously) resulted in the best reward i could ever have for such hard labor :) my son (who is 6 going on 12 and just told me i’m the worst mom he’s ever had in his entire life, but will change his song entirely by bedtime) is such a great reward in return for that labor!!

    my birthmom was in labor for 4 hours with me. 4 hours and that was it – i was outta there lickety split apparently!! sadly, she did not even get to hold me. that all had to wait 27 years until i found her.

  38. 45

    Sarah says

    My first and only right now was 52 hours long, all natural, no drugs, I really wanted to have my baby in a pool at home but after 48 hours they said it was too risky so we headed to the hospital where I delivered a healthy beautiful girl!

  39. 46

    Lisa says

    #1- 6 hours knew I was in labor because contractions were so regular! Had an epidural!! Those things are amazing!!
    #2-10 hours I was induced due to high blood pressure and fear of preeclampsia. Had another epidural because being induced was so painful. Worse than going into labor on my own! Both of my kids were born almost 2 weeks before there due date! Delivered both of my babies in the same hospital but different doctors.

  40. 47

    marky says

    What fun!

    #1, (3 weeks late) Induced 9hours of labor, no progress.. C-section Whopping 9lb 11oz girl

    #2 planned C-section , no labor 7lb 5oz boy

    #3 hopeful VBAC, last minute dr. decides he is not comfortable with that. next day C-section no labor 7lb 7oz girl

    #4 planned Csection, no labor #7lb 12oz boy.

    All born in hospitals.. from PA to LA
    Drugs? Only the Spinal used during delivery.. no morphine (allergic) advile after that.

  41. 48


    All answers refer to Kid #1 – once was enough!

    How long were your labors? About 3 months!

    How did you know you were in labor? When I had 3 contractions in a row that were 5 minutes apart, I called my doc. He sent me to the hospital to have them check.

    Where did you deliver? Baylor Hospital, Dallas, TX

    Drugs? Scopolamine and later an epidural. I’m told I was quite entertaining.

    C-section? Yes. After pushing for several hours, the baby still wouldn’t drop. My mother-in-law said he was in there, little hands and feet braced against the wall of the womb, saying, “I’m not coming out! Come and get me!” And they did.

    Who delivered? My OB-GYNs partner. A couple of weeks before my due date, my doc fell out of a golf cart and broke his arm.

    It was a circus, but well worth it. He is now a wonderful man who has presented me with 2 beautiful grandchildren – and I didn’t have to do anything!!

  42. 49

    Rachel Watters says

    #1: Came 7 weeks early; labor for 18 hours; doctor delivered at hospital; no meds.
    #2: Came 2 1/2 weeks late; labor for 10 hours; midwife delivered at home; no meds

  43. 50

    Sara Z. says

    Labor Hours: 11 1/2 hours

    I knew I was in labor because my water broke at work (yikes!)

    I delivered in the hospital.

    Epidural (which only seemed to work on half of my body (the left half, if memory serves) – OUCH!

    No C-section

    Dr. Colby delivered. He was the doctor in the practice that had been recommended to me (I normally see an NP). I hadn’t met him yet, but had an appointment scheduled for a few days later. I joked with him afterwards that I wouldn’t be making my appointment :)

  44. 51

    Michelle says

    27 hours of labor after my water broke, in hospital, got the drugs after 23 hours of labor and delivered by my OB.

  45. 52


    After 5 years of trying and 3 angel babies:

    Girl child: ~20 minutes labor at 28 weeks gestation. Emergency c-section…as in I was wheeled out of my room and 12 (yes….12) minutes later she was cut out of me.
    Boy child: ~1 hour….another c-section because he was born 11 months after the girl child and natural labor was WAY too risky that early.

    Girl child: I didn’t know I was in labor. I had spotting and we went in and they belted me up and saw contractions and found I was dilated to 3 cm even with a cerclage in place. Then started losing blood and that was that.
    Boy child: Water broke 3 days before schedule c-section.

    Delivered at an awesome hospital here in central PA that has a level III NICU.

  46. 53

    CW says

    Baby #1 – 40 hours labor – c-section
    Baby#2 – 20 hours labor – c-section
    Baby #3- 8 hours labor – c-section
    Baby #4 – scheduled c-section
    Baby #5 – 12 hours labor – c-section
    Baby #6 – 7 hours labor – c-section

  47. 54


    How fun! 6 weeks early, 10 hours total (though “hard labor” probably 1 hr + 3 hrs pushing). Knew I was in labor when I woke up with annoying menstrual cramps. Then I remembered I was pregnant and shouldn’t be having menstrual cramps. Then I got out of bed and my water broke. We were out of town, so drove 3 hours back home in a snowstorm and made it to the hospital. Accepted the epidural not because it was extremely uncomfortable, but because I was afraid I was going to miss my “window” and that the pain would increase to unbearable. Would totally do it again, we laughed, talked, and joked all the way through labor. They did turn my epidural off during pushing. No C-section thanks to the vaccuum. Dr from the practice delivered. Loved the nurse. Happy, healthy 2 1/2 year old now!

  48. 55


    #1 42 weeks, 17 hours labor, epiduryl that did not work,
    #2 induced 0-post delivery a couple of hours, total pain maybe 20 minutes, 35 weeks
    #3 induced 0-post delivery 10 minutes, total pain 10 minutes (it took about 4 hours to be induced)
    #4 water broke at 26 weeks, delivered at 31 weeks, did not really labor, just knew she was coming out., 2 pounds 12 ounces
    #5 & #6 blessed to be in our home 10 weeks ago, no labor just a mom who no longer could care for them, they are our nephews.

  49. 57

    Stephanie says

    Love reading others’ birth stories!!!

    #1 – 50 hours, 2 weeks late, contractions in the middle of the night, homebirth, no drugs, midwife

    #2 – 17 hours (but only 9 hours active labor), 2 weeks late, contractions in the middle of the night, homebirth/waterbirth in tub, no drugs, same midwife

  50. 58

    Melissa D says

    #1 – About 60 hours of labor. Crazy, in retrospect. Arrived for a scheduled doctor’s appointment fully dilated! Frantic 1-block drive to the hospital with a stack of sheets underneath me (in case my water broke, which it didin’t), to nurses waiting at the door to rush me upstairs. Followed by 3 1/2 hours of pushing (including the use of suction at one point) and finally into what came really close to being an emergency c-section.

    #2 – 14 hours of labor, 1 hour of pushing (the midwife told me when I arrived that she was NOT putting me through what I went through with the first one – I almost kissed her), followed by a c-section.

    #3 & #4 – Scheduled c-sections – by that point the hospital (and my docs) were no longer doing VBAC. So no interesting labor stories. But we did have an unexpected visit from out-of-state family, staff losing my file between check-in on the first floor and getting me into my room on the second floor, head lice, a nervous breakdown (while in the hospital), the assisting surgeon for #3 arrived late, a late night Rubella shot by a nurse who insisted that I get it that night, and having my son pee on the aforementioned nurse.

    One quick note – my 2nd child’s godmother is a midwife, and she was in the room with me while I attempted to deliver her goddaughter. When my 1st child was born, the midwife who was there presented my story in a later meeting of area midwives, and my midwife friend was there thinking, “Hmm…that sounds like Melissa!”

  51. 59


    How long were your labors?

    #1, 36 hours
    #2, 7 hours
    #3, 13 hours (longer, but oh-so-peaceful)
    #4, 5 hours (maybe, I don’t remember)

    How did you know you were in labor?
    #1, 1 week late, water broke, didn’t kick in, pitocin
    #2, 11 days late, eating at a Mexican restaurant with the midwife, and was DONE
    #3, 1 week late, don’t remember
    #4, 3 weeks early, wanted the baby born before my parents left town, born at 5 am, they left at 7 am

    Where did you deliver?
    First two at hospital, next two at home (well, in temporary housing, both times.)

    Nope… scared to death of epicurals

    Thankfully, no.

    Who delivered?
    Midwives. . . we moved in the midst of each pregnancy, so it was always “fun” to find a caregiver.

    And while I’m so excited to be expecting again, it seems like the decision making is so much more complex. . .

  52. 60

    Emily says

    You’ll hate me, i’m sorry – but mine we really not that hard. :)
    How long? – Kid 1, about 3 hours. Kid 2, about 4.
    How did I know? – My water broke both times. The first time, I didn’t know what was happening, and had to go to the hospital to confirm. At least that helped me figure it out the second time around!
    Where? – Hospital. First baby we went out of town since he was early and they had a better NICU unit.
    Drugs, no.
    C-section, no. Just had a lot of pushing.
    Who delivered? – The first was a team of doctors and an intern, all very nice! We had a good experience there, except the first doc was a bit snooty (I didn’t mind that my amniotic fluid ruined his very fancy shoes, let’s say that). Kid 2 was our usual doc, here in town.
    Lots of good labor for Labor Day! :)

  53. 61


    How long were your labors?

    Kid #1 Was 8 days late. Never went into labor.

    Kid #2 Was three weeks early. Did not feel well for about three days. When I went in to get checked out I was dehydrated and had a temp and contractions were off the charts…but I never really felt them.

    Kid # 3 Never went into labor

    How did you know you were in labor?

    Since I didn’t go with Kid # 1 and # 3.. I would say the closet is with #2 since I felt so bad and it would never go away.

    Where did you deliver?

    In a hospital!!! I am too much of a chicken other wise.


    Oh yeah…the best ones were with kid #3!


    Kid #1 After being there just an hour to be induced had an emergency c-section due to her being in distress. She ended up being 9 pounds!!

    Kid #2 Since I had the first c-section ended up having another one with Austin. He was three weeks early and born on Mother’s Day. What a great present! (And he was only 7 pounds!)

    Kid #3 Had another c-section with our last baby. He was three weeks early due to me having pre-eclampsya. He was healthy and 8 pounds. (If we had waited another 2 weeks he would of been 12 pounds! LOL)

    Who delivered?

    Kid # 1and 2 had the best OB out of Shelby County in AL. I firmly believed she saved our firstborn’s life. (She had the cord wrapped around her neck and arm).

    Since we moved before # 3 arrived we had to get a new OB…she was awesome too!

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