Now, That’s Romantic!

I don’t need roses.

I don’t need chocolate.

Okay, maybe, I need a little chocolate.

But I don’t need typical romance from my man.

When he does small things that catch me off-guard, things that make me feel cared for, I swoon.

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Either I’m getting old or we’re becoming THAT couple, but I fall helplessly in love all over again, when he:

  • fills my car up with gasoline
  • programs my GPS before I head to a new address
  • takes out the trash, without a reminder
  • cleans up the kitchen just because
  • takes off his outer shirt during the movies because I’m freezing!
  • shops for me (he has great taste)
  • brings me a sweet tea in the middle of the day
  • sends me to Target or Starbucks because he knows I need to be alone
  • refolds all the towels in the linen closet (just plain sexy)

How about you? When do you feel the most loved?


  1. 2


    I know I’m loved when I go overnight somewhere and come home to a house that looks mostly like I left it. Beds are mostly made, dishes are NOT piled in the dishwasher, etc.

  2. 3


    Just recently my husband took a bunch of junk from our garage to the dump… I was totally ready to cover him with kisses when he got home!

    Now THAT’S love! lol

  3. 5


    Yep, don’t need the roses just the ‘acts of love’. My husband actually surprised me last week by meeting me ti fill up my gas tank when I was out running errands. We were on the phone talking (I was griping about the empty gas tank) when he pulled up behind me to fill my gas. Doesn’t happen often but when it does it is like falling in love all over again.

    Cute post

  4. 6


    Ditto on the gas filling. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I did so… he knows I get headaches from the smell of gas. This weekend he put away all his electronics so nothing would distract him from the fam.The weekend was so peaceful and I felt so loved.

  5. 7

    Heather says

    Ditto. Acts of service. That is totally my love language! He makes the bed every morning b/c he knows I like it that way. He starts a load of laundry for me. He washes the dishes every night. He cleans out the fridge because I think that is a nasty job. He sends me to the local nursery to swoon over flowers and shrubs…alone…because he knows I need that time. He calls my friends and arranges “dates” for me with them. Isn’t THAT romantic?

  6. 9

    Stephanie says

    I love when DH makes my breakfast and brings it to me in the living room EVER morning! He knows I am NOT a morning person and he makes oatmeal and coffee for me :)

    I love when he takes the boys for mans day out (that’s what they call it hahaha) and leaves me alone to rest and get a break.

    My favorite of all time though is at night when I can’t go to sleep, he holds me in his arms and plays with my hair until I fall asleep :) That just melted my heart thinking about it :)

  7. 10


    You know why I love this? Because it is REAL LIFE STUFF! We can get so caught up in the “chick flick” mentality, and MAN does that put pressure on our men and set us up for disappointment because we have expectations! You are RIGHT ON when you are seeing these acts of love that your precious husband lives out for you as romantic! Thank you for sharing and for reminding!!! I’ve been married for 23 years, and I STILL need that reminder! STUPID OLD SATAN is STILL trying to drag me down into a false view of romance…and I am OLD!!

  8. 11

    Crystal says

    I am SO with you! I feel loved when my husband sends me out running. He’ll take the screaming baby out of my arms, peel the bouncing toddler off my leg, hand me my Nikes and say, “Get out of here.” And I am eternally grateful.

  9. 12

    Bethany says

    Oh I am so with you! My husband programs the coffee maker at night so it’s done when I get up in the morning and then fixes my cup. My favorite though is when he gets up at night/crack of dawn with my children because he knows that once I get up I can’t go back to sleep. (Some sort of weird pregnancy thing.) Oh, and he does dishes, makes dinner and laundry just because on weekends so I can have a break. Ahhhh love, ain’t it grand?

  10. 13

    Dawn says

    HA HA! That last one… Folding towels is such a thing of mine that is pretty much my way or the highway (a fault of mine). My hubby even wrote a poem about it, comparing me refolding towels after he’s folded them to me throwing a life ring back because it wasn’t thrown right. Not only does he know the little ways he can bless me (by not folding the towels anymore), but he is also very wise and compassionate.

  11. 15

    Misty says

    Okay so I was totally with you on your post until I started reading all the comments and now I’m thinking I need a new husband! lol! There are some lucky ladies on here! But you are absolutely right. It is the little acts that seem to bring the most out of me .

    • 15.1

      ann says

      Sometimes I feel the same way! :-) But, I am grateful for the big things–a husband who is home with me every night and who doesn’t have any unhealthy habits. Simple, simple things that I tend to take for granted but that many, many wives do not have. My husband wouldn’t meet most people’s standards for romance, but he is all I need! The little things are an awesome bonus :-)

  12. 16

    Leslie says

    Sooo with you on this too! (And we’re only 25 haha) Those little acts of kindness go such a long way and show me that he’s thinking of me and doing his best to be a loving husband towards me :)

  13. 17

    Kimberly says

    I have a sign on my wall that fits me to a T: ” I like hugs, I like kisses, but what I love most is help with the dishes!” My husb hates dishes too so when he does them for me it is total unselfish love on his part!

  14. 18

    Amy says

    Last week when my husband was plunging the commode, I told him that I have never been more attracted to him in my life….he just laughed.

  15. 19

    LurkingHusband says

    A note from the (lurking) husband’s point of view:
    When your husband does these things for you, make sure you express your appreciation, vociferously and often. That’s what makes it worthwhile for him — knowing that you appreciate it. While you may think it’s obvious to him that you appreciate it, expressing it is still important. (And it’s likely to happen more often if he knows how much you appreciate it!)

  16. 20


    I am definitely also an acts of service kind of girl (although I wouldn’t complain about random flowers and such). One thing my husband does that I really love is to check in with me when we are at parties and social events. Naturally we often end up talking in different groups, but he makes sure to come and touch base frequently, ask if I need anything, etc. I love it.

  17. 21


    Today my man knew I wasn’t feeling 100% so he got up with the kids, got them dressed, fed, teeth brushed, and took the older one to school for me and played with the younger one while I slept. I woke up at 11:30….it was Heavenly.

  18. 24


    When he waits for me before he goes to do something he’s really excited about. When he finds something exciting (like a turtle [?]) and can’t wait for me to come home and see it. When he cleans the kitchen. When he wants to take me out to dinner, even though the budget is really tight and we usually end up not going. When he cleans my car out. We’re not even that far into being married (3 years), but I’ve realized that it’s these things that are how he says “I love you”. Cinderella, Roses & candlelight, and dream vacations have got nothing on my real life :)

  19. 26

    Melinda P says

    Right now, if he would fix the toilet and put up some shelves for me, I’d feel totally loved and taken care of. I don’t think he yet understands that I’m this way, it’s the little things that mean “romance” to me, although I’ve tried to tell him and show him. Count your blessings, ladies, for husbands that are thoughtful. And reward their thoughtfulness.

  20. 28


    My husband re-organized our garage so we can actually park in it. In the summer time we let our kids toys take over the space for easy access, but as it gets colder and especially when snow comes, it’s necessary to park our cars there. It was done without asking and it was sooo sexy;)

  21. 29

    Lisa Prieto says

    Recently we were having work done on our rental house…my hubby met with the contractor the first time and then i met with him the second time…he told me that my husband told him that i was brilliant and talented and so he would be working with me on the details…love that man soooooo much…

  22. 31

    estelle says

    Well i agree. the most romantic thing my husband can do is clean while i’m gone to work. Nothing like comming home to the smell of bleach to trigger those oulalala!!!

    and this weekend he bought me a gift. not diamond nor clothes.he bought me a horse. Yep! I was floored!!!

    NOW that is an I LOVE YOU!

  23. 33


    My man leaves me a little note in my coffee cup every morning. Nothing fancy but just a note encouraging me in my day with the kids and homeschooling. I have a box full of little notes and LOVE to reread them. I can also hardly wait for my coffee in morning…for more than one reason :)

  24. 34

    Karrie says

    I was so surprised yesterday when I woke up and my husband had cleaned the kitchen for me before he went to work! (mind you he gets up at 5:30 to leave at 6. I don’t even think to clean that early) So last night I made sure to prepack his lunch for this morning.

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