Someone’s Going to Be a Sleepy Head

Last week my hubby walked thru the front door after work, right past me and the kids and into our bedroom.   I’m pretty sure he hugged our new mattress hello and then kissed us.

And I really can’t blame him. I get giddy when I think about going to bed. I’ve developed quite the relationship with my new mattress.  And when I think about sleeping in a hotel or at family’s house, I shudder. I think the word I’m searching for is spoiled (and so, so thankful).

[Even the dog is thankful and a little stingy with the remote]

And now, I get to help spoil someone else! Thanks everyone for voting and cheering on our Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR®-Contour Signature and the TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System® finalists!

With thousands of votes coming in, #6 received the most votes (by more than 200).

Go ahead. Toss, turn, count those sheep; when you lie on me you won't sleep

Congratulations to future sleepy head, Tammy of GreekGRITS!!

Disclaimer: I’m beyond excited and thrilled to be a part of this Tempur-Pedic campaign and giveaway ! Although I’m being compensated for this program, the opinions are mine. I’m also happy to say that Tempur-Pedic chose my blog for this campaign because of  my involvement with Mercy House. The monetary compensation from this program will be given to Mercy House. But I’m gonna keep the bed. And it just doesn’t get better than that!

What Were You Doing?

My hubby was starting a new job, 10 years ago today, training in a new city,

Two days earlier, he was on an airplane.

He ended up stranded in a strange city. Thousands of miles from our small family.

The day before Sept. 11, 2001, I found out I was pregnant with my son.

My hubby didn’t even know he was going to be a father again when the tragedy occurred. The news was delivered among fear and sadness.

Fast forward to this weekend, I was out of town.  When I called home to talk to my family, my 4 year old greeted me with “Mommy, did you know a plane crashed into a building in New York? Daddy is going to pray with me tonight about it.”

I was getting on an airplane home the next day. We both deal with this in our own ways.

I hate explaining terror to my kids. I pray through stumbling words about Jesus keeping us safe. Because He does, here on earth and eventually, all in Heaven.

I pray we never know such a day again.

What were you doing ten years ago today?

We will never forget.

September, 11, 2001.

When First World Meets Third {Giveaway}

Update on CD Winners! Congrats to: (everyone else, you know what to do, BUY a CD!) Watch for an email:

comment #29 Melani
comment #89 Rebecca S
comment #90 Erin
comment #11 Aimee
comment #1 Carrie

My life radically changed 19 months ago.

God used two people who played a significant role in turning my world upside down. And today, I’m talking to both of them together (for the first time) since we all stood in an African slum.

Shaun Groves, the man who prayerfully invited me to Africa, my first experience in the third world. (By the way, he is so good at his job).

photo by Ryan Detzel

And Maureen Owino, the girl I met there who has become my “daughter” and co-founder of Mercy House.

I talk to Maureen at least 5 days a week via Skype. It’s a regular part of my day. It’s one of the highlights of my day.

Shaun and I talked to Maureen on Skype. But the connection in Kenya can be challenging and unfortunately, the video only captured Shaun and I talking with Maureen’s words too faint to hear…but she is there in spirit

Kristen Welch & Shaun Groves Interview from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

I count Shaun as a dear friend, a brother, who has personally helped my family in this process and I’m honored to be a part of his blog tour.  I’m thrilled to share his music. I love the honest lyrics that give us a glimpse into the beauty of a heart that has counted the cost of following Jesus and not the world.

I feel like his new CD, Third World Symphony is the music to my life. The melody of my loss and gain, the chorus to my feet, standing in both the third world and the first.

Purchase the CD on iTunes and it will brighten your day!

Shaun Groves is a singer/songwriter, an artist, father, husband. He is also a friend. He advocates for children living in poverty around the world by traveling with Compassion International. His is a voice reminding all believers to remember that we weren’t just saved from something, but saved for something. His newest album, Third World Symphony, officially released last week.

I’d love for you to purchase Shaun’s beautiful music. And I’m giving some away today. Leave a comment below and five winners will be announced soon.

Where in the World is Kristen?

This exact time last year, our family was all wrapped up in launching Mercy House and so I missed the first (in)Courage writer’s retreat.

photo by Dawn Camp

I’m not missing it this year.

Oh relaxation, how I’ve missed you.

DaySpring and Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce hosted the (in)courage bloggers for a long weekend of dreaming, praying, and planning for the (in)courage community, along with relaxation and fun. Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island generously provided beautiful beach front accommodations. DaySpring took care of all the incidentals and meals for each of the bloggers. If ever you’re looking for a family vacation destination, this is it! Special thanks to Jessica Gardo from the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce for helping coordinate our trip and being simply fabulous the entire weekend.


P.S. Don’t forget to vote (if you haven’t) for the finalists in the Tempur-Pedic contest. It ends soon!!

WFMW: Burlap Wreath

I haven’t had time for many DIY projects lately. But during our leisurely Labor Day weekend, I found this cute burlap wreath idea. (Great tutorial using a coat hanger!)

My hubby just brought home a couple of burlap feed sacks he found for a $1 and I had wire in the garage. I grabbed an old wreath and took off the greenery.

Within 20 minutes, this cute burlap wreath was hanging on my door!

It was so easy and cheap, too.

I cut the burlap sack into 4-5 inch strips, nearly the entire sack–probably 10 strips.

I twisted a loop at the end of the wire and weaved the wire (about 24″ or so) in and out, and gathered the strips, one after another:

Once the wire is covered in burlap, I twisted a loop to hold the burlap. Then I just used several pieces of small wire to attach it to the wire wreath frame:

And, that’s it!

Cute, huh?