Wow. I’m blown away with all your incredible t-shirt wisdom and advice. Y’all are the best readers friends, ever.

I have someone doing an official tally for me, so there will be a clear winner. But I’ve pretty much decided to do more than one shirt, add kid’s sizes, throw in a v-neck with a URL and a partridge in a pear tree.

Can I share some stuff with y’all to pray with me about? I’ve just got the heavy feeling and I need t-shirt-loving friends to lift me up. I’m even adding bullet points:

  • Tomorrow is our first Fair Trade Show in Houston for Mercy House, where we will be selling the girl’s products. Exciting! In the middle of that madness, I’m speaking at a Girl’s Leadership Conference and then rushing back to the show. I’m thankful for volunteers!
  • My neck pain has reached new heights, and now I’m having a lot of arm numbness, pain in my shoulders and wrists and just generally not able to turn my head much. Reluctantly, I’m seeing a new neurosurgeon on Monday morning. I’m scared. But I think it’s time.
  • Maureen is sick (Mercy House Director and daughter o mine). I don’t have a lot of details, but I do know she’s scared of doctors and  hospitals after losing her sister and nephew in them last year. Please pray for healing.

I love y’all. Really. love. y’all.

Happy weekend.


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    Praying for the trade show, you and Maureen.
    Do you have a bulging/herniated disc? Sounds from the symptoms you may. I had that surgery done, C-5/C-6, a few years ago and now have a nice dogbone shapes titanium plate in my neck. :) I still have some pain but overall is was a great decision to have the surgery. I was only 28 when I had it which is supposedly young for this type of problem. Will be praying for guidance as you see the surgeon and praying for relief. I know it hurts!

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    Prayers are being sent your way. The Mercy House stuff will blow you away with how generous people will be at those shows. God works wonders to change peoples’ hearts.

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    YAY for a v-neck. :)

    Gah! I hope they can fix your neck. I think it’s time to get off the meds and become pain free. JMHO of course and if it does not all go right as I have planned in my mind, I will declare I had no idea you even had a neck. Also, of course I will pray for you because we both know that’s a whole lot better than my personal plan for your neck.

    Oh no. Poor girl, she has suffered enough. I will pray for God’s wisdom and healing hand for her.

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    Rachel says

    Big hugs and prayers headed yoru way. I simply love coming and seeing how you and your family serve and love completely – what an awesome challenge to the rest of us (ok, me I’m the only feeling the push).

    This is random – but have you ever tried a NUCA chiropractor? Sounds crazy but they don’t actually pop you in the normal sense but I know we’ve had two people in our tiny town (less than 2000) that have been facing surgery, gone to one of these awesome people and then actually cancelled their surgeries. I’m not normally a commenter (which is terrible) but I just felt totally led to come tell you about it!!

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    V-neck! V-neck! V-neck! (chanting) I CAN’T wait to order lots of tees!

    Our family will be praying healing for you and Maureen, and a very successful Fair Trade Show. Hugs!

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    Katie Lewis says

    Speaking on the neck issue – my hubby retired this year from the military on a medical discharge because he had the cervical spinal fusion (2 levels) and also shoulder surgery (tons of stuff wrong in there!). He was having arm pain, horrible headaches, couldn’t look up, down, sideways, etc. He was miserable. I’m not going to say that it has cured his problem, BUT he waited too long. He had ruptured/compressed/destroyed discs and because of his career, he put it off and “toughed it out”. It was drilled into them to soldier on. Now he still has nerve damage because he waited. IF the doctor recommends the surgery and you feel comfortable in his expertise, it is better to do it then to wait. He has gone through a year of Physical Therapy without feeling completely fine, while he’s talked to other guys who did it and are all back to normal. Because he had the combination of neck and shoulder, his is worse then yours (trying not to scare you too much!)but definitely sooner is better since you’ve been suffering so long. I had 2 lower discetomy surgeries on my back and while I was restricted for a little bit, and still have some (probably because I have no core muscles thanks to my lovely children and my 4 c-sections!:) aches/stiffness, it was a good thing as far as the nerve pain goes! I do have neck pain/disc issues, but nothing that is causing severe pain. His biggest complaint after the surgery was the throat pain and that lasted about two weeks before he felt better. For awhile (maybe a month?), if he ate anything super hard or thick, it would be tough on him, but by month two, that was gone. Hope that helps a little and Good luck!!!

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    Well, I’m a little late getting to this, so I missed out on praying for the trade show. I hope it was fabulous! I’ll be praying for the other requests, though. In God’s providence, I’m having some tinglng in my neck and feet this week, too, so each time I tingle, I’ll pray for you!

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    melissa c says

    Just letting you know you and Maureen have been in my thoughts as I catch up with my blog reading. Didn’t see any updates, so I hope you are both feeling better and got positive words from your doctors. I am finally getting a chance to read your book on my kindle (now that the kiddies are back in school). Loving it, laughing at it and praying along side you :) Be well <3

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