WFMW: A Splash of Fall (and a Sale)

Orange candles in my Giving Thanks Hurricanes, letters that spell g-r-a-t-i-t-u-d-e

Mantle with a  fall garland (my sister made for me):

My favorite store [DaySpring] is having an awesome sale. Save 20% with Code:PREV20

Get ready for Christmas (I know, I know):

these items are on sale, plus with 20% off–look how cheap!

only $4.39

only $10




















Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to share this today, I truly love DaySpring. My links are affiliates.

Works for me!

How about you?


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    Hi Kristen! I love shopping at DaySpring, too, and although we’re so far away (Philippines), what I do is let them ship all my orders to my sister in San Diego, CA, then my sister consolidates them in 1 big box and sends it to us by sea courier together with my other online orders. It’s a lot cheaper that way. Definitely WORKS FOR ME! :-)


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