WFMW: Burlap Wreath

I haven’t had time for many DIY projects lately. But during our leisurely Labor Day weekend, I found this cute burlap wreath idea. (Great tutorial using a coat hanger!)

My hubby just brought home a couple of burlap feed sacks he found for a $1 and I had wire in the garage. I grabbed an old wreath and took off the greenery.

Within 20 minutes, this cute burlap wreath was hanging on my door!

It was so easy and cheap, too.

I cut the burlap sack into 4-5 inch strips, nearly the entire sack–probably 10 strips.

I twisted a loop at the end of the wire and weaved the wire (about 24″ or so) in and out, and gathered the strips, one after another:

Once the wire is covered in burlap, I twisted a loop to hold the burlap. Then I just used several pieces of small wire to attach it to the wire wreath frame:

And, that’s it!

Cute, huh?


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      Thank you for the tiaorutl – so cute! I made my own version and made sure to link back to you! I was lazy and just pinned mine, instead of heating up the glue gun! Thanks for sharing your always great ideas! Happy Fall!

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    I love burlap! I found 2 large pieces of it in the clearance bins at Joann Fabric. I use them in the fall to line a huge white basket that I keep on my back porch table. Then I fill the basket with mini pumpkins and gourds. The burlap helps pull it all together so well!

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    I have a tutorial on how to make a rug with burlap that I’ve wanted to make for years. But I’m not very crafty, so I’ve never made it. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just create in the kitchen.

    I linked up How to Create Allergy-Friendly Recipes today. No secrets to the tip, just some simple reminders.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

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    OK, I think I’ll have to attempt this and include some burlap flowers, too!
    My linky got mixed up, so I retried.
    What works for me today is imagining if one million people went out and made a difference in someone’s life. On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we’re doing just that!

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    What a pretty wreath! Thanks for hosting…this week I shared about a recent kayaking experience of mine! My birthday is this coming weekend (9/11) and I am planning on heading out on the water again. This time with a girlfriend (another first!!)


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