What Would You [Pay to] Wear?

I’ve finally narrowed down the new Mercy House t-shirt choices (with some objective help from my kids strangers).

It wasn’t easy since we had so many great entries, but now it’s up to you!

What would you wear? Please cast your “vote” in the comment section and tell me your favorite shirt or two (listed in no certain order):

Even if you don’t normally leave a comment or have no plans of buying a shirt, would you please consider sharing your opinion?

Choice #1 Africa (inspired by the Rolled Art the girls make) created by Tanell. Various color shirts

Front: (women and unisex version)


[Back: mercyhousekenya.org]


Choice # 2. Gothic Love Mercy (women and unisex version), created anonymously.

(women’s version)

[back: MercyHouseKenya.Org]

2. Unisex Version

[back: MercyHouseKenya.Org]

Choice #3: Green Africa on a Navy blue shirt (v-neck women’s; round unisex), created anonymously.

Choice #4: Word Art (in various color choices), created by Randy Doleman.


Choice #5: Behold-Women’s fit created by Tanell




You can leave a description or just a number 1-5 with your choice. Thanks so much for helping us choose!


  1. 454

    Lisa Johnson says

    #1, #3, and #4!! BTW, it was so good seeing you today! I wish I had been able to talk more, but I had to bring the little ones today and had to keep on moving! :)

  2. 474

    debbiek says

    I love the front of the #2 unisex but I’d want the back of # 5 on it :)
    Sorry I know this doesn’t help you decide but it’s what I’d like.

  3. 476

    Heather McCreary says

    Kristen –
    I LOVE #3, #4, and #5! I think the green on navy in #3 would be precious, but love the designs of 4 & 5 too! Just can’t decide on one! This is my first time commenting, but i’m a frequent visitor and because of you, our family made the choice this summer to sponsor a child through Compassion. You truly are an inspiration. And i love reading your real-life commentary about your family and your Walk! You are making a difference! Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. 482

    Charlotte says

    Please Print # 3 But make the Green Africa on a Black Shirt instead of Blue…THAT would be an amazing shirt… I would buy several!

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