Attn: David Crowder Fans {Giveaway}

UPDATED WITH WINNER: Comment #245 Ashley

I’ve been listening to Christmas music.

I know. It’s too early. We just hit 60 degrees down here in South Texas and I saw a leaf turn orange. One.

But I love the David Crowder Band’s Christmas Album, Oh for Joy, because it’s a happy mix of worship, caffeine and celebrating Jesus. It’s not too Christmasy, ya know?

This is their last tour and they will be missed. I love their gospel-centered songs and I love that they made the familiar Christmas songs their own. Plus, have y’all seen David’s hair (see above nutcracker)?

My favorite is O Come, O Come Emmanuel. My little girl digs Go Tell It On the Mountain (although she prefers her version which includes a stick horse and made up words).

Today, I’m happy to offer ONE WINNER, the entire David Crowder Band CD Collection! It includes:

  • Oh for Joy
  • Church Music
  • Remedy (Club Tour Edition)
  • A Collision
  • B Collision
  • Sunsets & Sushi
  • Can You Hear Us?
Just take a listen. Leave a comment. And you’re entered!
This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 151


    It is never too early for Christmas music! I love the David Crowder Band and I would love to win this cd. Thanks for the chance.

  2. 152

    sarah Eddy says

    Love DCB, only saw them once in concert (winter Jam I think) so they only played a few songs, but they rocked! I would love to win!!! Thanks!

  3. 156

    Leslie York says

    Though I don’t like winter (I’m just a good ole southern girl from Alabama), Christmas makes it worth enduring. Many years ago our home was broken into and all of my Christmas CD’s (among all others) were stolen…I’m still trying to build back. I would love this collection and especially the Christmas CD…thanks for the opportuntiy.

  4. 157

    Sharon B. says

    I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks already. It helps me deal with the heat. One day it will cool off, won’t it?

    Hey, the Klein high school choir always starts the holiday concert by singing O come, O come Emmanuel. You should check it out…if you have the time. I think the concert dates at Dec. 13 and 15.

  5. 163

    Heather E. says

    My husband LOVES Christmas music and listens to it year round. :) He would LOVE this! Thank you for the chance to win!

  6. 176


    I think David Crowder band is one of those who I love to listen to but don’t own any of their music. I should remedy that. Or maybe you should just pick me and remedy that for me. :)

  7. 186

    Nancy says

    Love David Crowder!! He was just in concert here over the weekend with Michael Gungor (former worship leader from our church) but they were sold out before we could get tix.

  8. 191


    David Crowder is my absolute FAVORITE! I had NO IDEA he had a Christmas cd! I just listened to the Barlow Girl Christmas cd on the way to work…it’s finally gotten “cold” here in southern CA (at least, for the day!). Would LOVE to win this set!

  9. 193


    Oh I want to win! I was late to the DCB bandwagon but I love them. We just saw them a few weeks ago in Dallas and they were amazing. Such sincerity in their worship.

  10. 197

    Beth in the City says

    Oh how I would love to win this! I love Christmas music and could use some additions to my Christian music collection.

  11. 198

    Sarah Cornett says

    Oh my! I LOVE David Crowder Band and would absolutely love to have this collection! This would be such a blessing to me and my family!

  12. 199

    Lisa says

    Oh no. I’m already accused of playing Christmas music earlier and earlier each year…..this will make my problem that much worse! Thanks for the chance! :)

  13. 202


    I didn’t know they had a Christmas CD!! And as a piano teacher, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for two months already… takes a long time to build up a repertoire of Christmas songs for those kids! :)

  14. 204


    I LOVE this CD. In fact, don’t count me for the giveaway – if you pick me, feel free to redraw. We saw DC*B in Denver a week and a half ago at a smaller venue and it was awesome!!! I’m going to miss them, but understand that the Lord has other things for them. They will always be one of my favorite bands ever. So we, too, are listening to Christmas music here. Earliest I’ve ever done that. :-)

  15. 206

    Christina Hudler says

    Not usually a fan of Christmas music other than “Carol of the Bells,” but David Crowder can make me love anything lol. So happy for an opportunity to enter to win this 😀

  16. 208

    Susan says

    I love that you are breaking out the Christmas music in October. My daughter and I listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD all year round. It always puts you in a good mood!

  17. 210

    Georgette says

    Love David Crowder Band!! Christmas music all yr round is totally cool!!
    God Bless you & yours!!

  18. 216


    It’s not looking much more like Christmas here in Indiana (high of 75 today!)… but am already in the mood to break out the Christmas movies :) LOVE LOVE LOVE DCB… “How He Loves Us” ravishes my heart every time!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. 218


    NO WAY! My husband LOVES David Crowder, and I would love to give this collection to him for Christmas (especially since we decided to not do gifts for one another this year in an effort to get something nice for our little guy). I never win anything (and I enter a lot of these giveaways), but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. :~)

  20. 226

    Britt says

    Love David Crowder Band!
    Side note-I think I could like Fall/Winter in TX. Love those warmer temps! Good to know they don’t keep you from getting into the “Christmas spirit”!

  21. 227

    LuAnne St amant says

    David Crowder is great any time of year. What an awesome early christmas present this collection would be. Thank you for giving us the chance to win it. God Bless

  22. 231

    Tasha says

    I also don’t have any of these CDs, and it is already down to 26 degrees in Montana! Bring on the Christmas music!

  23. 232

    Shelly says

    I don’t have any David Crowder band music, but I love them!
    I was excited to read about your orange leaf Kristen! Here in the far north (Dillingham, Alaska) it was 30 degrees when we woke up this morning and we had our first snow! After my boys raced outside (in the dark, it was 8 am) to build a pitiful little snowman they raced inside and dug through the cd’s to find Christmas music. After all, there is snow (on my youngest sons b-day yet) so it must be time for Christmas music!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this collection.
    oh, take good care of your orange leaf! :)

  24. 238

    Genesis says

    I love DC*B! Saw them in concert during both of my pregnancies and was so excited to see they have a Christmas album now. My family has been trying super hard to not spend extra money (like on a CD that I really want but don’t really need) but I would LOVE to win it :) Thanks for the chance!

  25. 240


    I am always up for some Christmas tunes! I like David Crowder Band but don’t own any of their music. Would love to add it to our collection!

  26. 244

    Shawn Bensley says

    My husband has been listening to Christmas music for the past month. Would love to add David Crowder band to his Christmas repotoire of songs.

  27. 245


    I LOVE David Crowder Band. We just saw them at their last show in our area and got to hear a preview of the Christmas album. I’m so excited about it!

  28. 247

    Betsy says

    I love, love, love DCB. I actually cried that day they announced this was their final tour. I can’t listen through the link you provided (iTunes doesn’t like my computer) but would love to win!!!

  29. 249


    Love David Crowder Band and love the opportunity to expand the Christmas selection. I think some day i will be able to start my collection Dec 1st and not repeat a song till christmas day. I think i may have a problem actually.

  30. 255

    Melissa says

    I love DCB and have been looking for something new for this Christmas, it’s my first as a believer :). I’m thrilled for the opportunity to win. Thank you!

  31. 256

    Rebecca says

    It’s a little too early for Christmas music and its 75 here today. When it’s colder and probably closer (mid November) I’ll be ready!

  32. 267

    Valarie says

    My daughter and I listen to Christmas music all year long!

    The first time I heard David Crowder was at Ignite Chicago a few years ago with our youth group! It was an amazing day, and I couldn’t figure out why that name sounded so familiar! When I got home the next day (after some much needed rest) I remembered how I knew that name. When I was 14, I went down to Arkansas and spent the summer with my cousins. One of the people I met, at that time he was 14 as well, was a boy named David Crowder! I did a search and I do not believe he is the same David Crowder, but it was a neat memory and experience all the same!

  33. 268

    Kara says

    I was hoping to see a snowflake or two yesterday, but to no avail. I think I’ll just put on the Christmas music anyhow :)

  34. 271


    My daughter loves David Crowder Band! She has all the words to “How He Loves” memorized.

    O Come, O Come Emmanuel is one of my favorite Christmas carols. I like their version of it!

  35. 276

    Tara says

    Love this band!! We don’t own any of his music so this would be fantastic. Continue to love your blog!! Thanks.

  36. 278

    Stacy says

    Oh I sure hope I’m not too late to enter this. DCB is our favorite band and I have just a tiny tear in my eye as I think about them not touring anymore.

  37. 280

    MaryAnn says

    I never heard of them before, but I do confess that I have been listening to Christmas music streaming on the web.

  38. 281


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