Fall{ing} For the Perfect Treat

I fell in love with chocolate peanut butter acorn cookies on Pinterest.


This is my kind of baking:

Buy three ingredients, use the microwave instead of the oven and assemble.

It’s so easy, a child could make these (and my daughters pretty much did).

Take half the bag of mini chocolate chips and melt them (10 seconds at time, stirring). Chocolate glue is the best!

Apply a bit of chocolate glue to the bottom of the Hershey’s kiss and attach it to the Nutterbutter. After it dries, attach the acorn top (mini choco chip).

Share with friends! [like awesome neighbors who constantly bring you goodies-looking at you Bridget]

We were going to take some to other people, but we ate them all. Turns out we aren’t that nice.

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    I saw these too, just haven’t had the motivation to do them. Maybe next week after I get home from my conference the kids and I will make them. We have special friends coming to visit us on Wednesday so it would be a great thing to have around!! :)

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    I grew up with a mom who made the turkeys that Southern Gal mentioned, and she and my dad are coming to visit us in a couple days. I think our Sunday afternoon activity is going to be prepping these fun acorns to adorn our Welcome to Colorado supper table for Mom and Dad!

    I like your confession that while your heart was pure and intending to share, your tummies took over and ate them all!

  3. 12


    I really like how you put the instructions of each step on the corresponding picture! I think that’s a great way to help the visual learners, like me. Fun activity to do with the kiddos too!

  4. 14


    Just made these with my kids today with the intent of making goody bags for their teachers… not sure they will make it through the weekend! Might have to go buy more supplies! :)

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