He Alone Can Rescue {And Some Really Amazing News}

Our maternity home in Nairobi, Kenya, is registered as a Rescue Center.

And there’s not a doubt, our girls, their unborn babies, needed rescuing.

Our first mom and baby

From abortion, abuse, horrors that still leave me angry at our cruel world.

But let me be clear, we are not the rescuers.

We can offer them a safe home, unconditional love, counseling, skills, good medical care and a full belly.

But we cannot give them hope. We cannot give them a future. We cannot wipe away every terror they have known in their short lives. We cannot heal them.

Oh, we try. But it’s not our job.

Only Jesus can do these things.

Several of our girls were accepting all that we offered, except Him. They knew they would have to trust the same One who allowed so much pain. It’s been a very challenging, painful couple of weeks.

But then it happened: every one of our girls have asked Jesus into their lives, to be Lord of the past, the present and the future.

And just like that, the heaviness lifted and Heaven rejoiced.

He alone can rescue.

And He has.



  1. 4


    Thank you, Jesus for loving these precious women into your fold! Bless Kristen and her family with continued passion and stamina to minister to these who need you so badly. To You be the glory. Amen!

  2. 11

    Jenny says

    This makes me weep with joy. Imagining the party in heaven as the angels rejoice over these sweet girls! Praise God!

  3. 14


    Praise JESUS! The only true way to overcome those conditions in their lives and they’ve taken the first and final step. What a true blessing you are being to these young ladies/girls and their babies, and to us, the readers who are blessed by hearing your tales and stories of REAL people. Thank YOU!

    and PRAISE JESUS again… wow.

  4. 16

    Jayla Heller says

    Praise God for this wonderful news! I love reading how He is drawing them closer to Himself! Rejoicing with you Kristen!

  5. 19

    AmberK says

    How beautiful!!! HE CAN!!! And how amazingly happy does that picture make you? It makes me want to jump up and down and scream like high school girls with you, Kristen!!! Girl, I’m just so, SO thrilled that you listened so He could RESCUE!!! High-five, Kristen and Maureen!!!! High five my new sisters in Christ!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs and Prayers!!

  6. 35


    I will be honest. I dont’ know their pain, can’t even begin to imagine. But I HAVE wrestled with trusting a God who can allow things like babies to die.. and since Seth died 3 years ago, it’s been hard buthealing is happening. And one of the signs for me? When I read this post, I cried. Tears of joy. I’m so happy for His work.

  7. 39


    Praise the Lord for his faithfulness, love and pursuit of us. So thankful that ALL of the girls have chosen to place their faith and trust in Him! Such wonderful news! Gives me chills AND tears of joy! Love it!

  8. 41


    That is wonderful! It’s so hard at times to explain salvation. That God allows tragedy, but that His character never changes. I know it can be confusing to unbelievers. I’m trying to witness to a girl right now and she struggles with that concept- who doesn’t. So happy to hear that for your girls!

  9. 42


    Jesus is the Rescuer! It’s so beautiful how you point to Him and how You let Him use you to impact these sweet women for eternity. What an incredible God we have.

    Your post truly brings a hunger and thirst for more of Jesus.

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