WFMW: New Ways to Write Your Sponsored Child

Yesterday, we got a Final Letter from one of our Compassion kids. Precious graduated from the program. Yes, this special girl.

It was bittersweet. My kids begged for another child, but we still have ten and honestly, we have to pay the sweet college student giving my kids piano lessons, something.

We logged on to Compassion’s site since we’ve heard great things about their new letter writing options. Let me just say: AWESOME. You can choose from a variety of fun templates, upload pictures of your family (!) and even duplicate the letter for multiple sponsored kids. Within 15 minutes, all of our kids got a Christmas letter with pictures.

But we did send Precious one last letter and my youngest drew her a picture, that was well, precious.


What? You haven’t changed a life in a third world country and given your children a global perspective by sponsoring a child?

It’s the single most significant thing we’ve done to ignite compassion in our children.

Click here to do so.


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    I remember sponsoring a child in my Sunday School Class as a child. It is very important. I want my son (who is now a baby) to grow up sponsoring a child and participating in Heifer International.

    That is a precious picture :)

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    Thank you. Our family is TERRIBLE at writing our sponsored kids. I always feel SO GUILTY when we get letters from them, or when I see the letter form to send a letter…because somehow in the busyness, it never gets done. Maybe this will be a way to get it done! We are missing out on a HUGE blessing for our kids by not writing, and involving our kids… I need a kick in the pants, I guess. :-)

    Anyway, thank you for this easy idea.

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    Thank you for this! I have our sponsored child’s letters sitting on my desk, staring me in the face, and yet, I keep putting off writing back. This was the kick in the pants I needed — I just sent a letter via the handy form!

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    Kimberlee says

    Love your posts as always. Love that your children know all about the different aspects of the world. ~Kimberlee

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    Andrea says

    Kristen- Do you have plans to open the Mercy House Shop on Etsy anytime soon? I would love to plan to buy Christmas gifts for all of our family members from there. It not, I will probably still get some things from the Mercy House store that the girls are making- love that too! I’m also open to other ideas about how we can couple Christmas gift-buying with charity. Thanks!-Andrea

    • 8.1

      kristen says

      Hi, no we won’t be opening the Etsy store again…we have thousands of dollars in product that the girls make that we are focusing on selling now. Hope you’ll shop mercy :)

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    Heather says

    Thanks for putting the word out on this! My 9 year old just became a Compassion Correspondent to write letters to sponsored children. She sent three in the mail yesterday! She also assists me in writing to our two Compassion children. I began using the online letter writing a couple of months ago and it’s huge how much easier it is for me to get it done on the computer!

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    I love sponsoring children, but have been soooo bad about writing to them recently. What helps me with one of them is that he friended me on FB recently. What a surprise it was to see his request and what a wonderful way to keep in touch with him now. I saw him when he was a wee lad in the Philippines and now I get to keep up with him as a teen online.

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    Oh, I love Compassion’s new letter writing program! It’s phenomenal and amazing. Who knew it could be so easy to send blessings, love, and pictures to children who deeply desire them?

    If you haven’t written your child, go do it right now…it takes less than five minutes, but their whole world changes when they get those letters…

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    We have been sponsoring a little boy (not really so little, he is 13) for three years now and it has made an impact on our children too. I haven’t checked out the new writing options yet, but plan to do so, thanks for sharing!

    BTW..I so love your site, you are truly an inspiration!

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    We just started sponsoring a little girl in the Philippines after reading the posts of all the bloggers who took a trip there this summer. Thanks for the reminder that I need to write to her again! It sounds like it is easier than ever to send letters to “our” kids.

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    janelle says

    How bittersweet. I think I’ll shed many a tear when my girls graduate the program. Happy for their success, sad I’ll no longer have a direct relationship with them. I’ll always pray for them though.

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    The new letter writing came out a month or so ago and since them, we have sent 30 letters using it! Love, love, love it!! Honestly, as out Compassion family grew to ten children, I had gotten kind of slack on ordering pictures for our monthly letters. I know how much the kids love pictures, but it was getting to add up in costs!

    This new tool has been a wonderful change. I am hearing that online letter writing has increased by amazing numbers since the release of the tool.

    Inspiring sponsors to make the most of their ministry to their Compassion children is my passion, so this is thrilling news for me.

    If you’re a sponsor who rarely writes, please take a minute to read this post!

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    i always wonder about new ways to write my child and want to find something interesting. this is helpful! you might have said this before, but through what do you sponsor her? mine is through world vision. thanks!

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    You inspire me to look into spondering a child! In light of that this seems unimportant, but I’ve shared a recipe for vegetable beef soup. Thanks for hosting!

  16. 21


    Thanks for posting this. I love how it’s easy to donate Christmas $ on the site, too! I hadn’t seen the Christmas letter option, though.

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    Fantastic – I love the new templates and the ability to upload photos – so quick … I just sent off a letter to our dear girl, Nancy in Kenya, with 3 photos of our crew – lickety split. She is 11 and my own girl is 12 and I can hardly believe the privilege of peeking into her life over there & getting the chance to pray for her needs & dreams. My daughter was excited to see we could email too – and is planning on writing her own letter tomorrow. So great!

  18. 24


    I also got the email letting me know about the online letter writing. We had used the online system months ago…before they updated it….and it felt impersonal to me. My kids enjoy sending things to our sponsored daughter. But I’m sure this is saving Compassion on massive amounts of money because of less postage. We will start using the online letter writing, but we will still continue to send things via ‘snail mail’ also…… leaves that have turned red and orange that we’ve sandwiched between sheets of clear contact paper. :)

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