WFMW: Organized Fall Mornings

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Two-thirds of my children have a hard time picking out the clothes every morning. The other third picks out my clothes. Because she thinks I need help and she’s pretty good at it.

I was at my friend Amy’s house (who happens to live across the street [fun!], and she clued me on her morning salvation:

Beautiful, isn’t it? Okay, not really. But work with me here. I bought two off Amazon (one in pink with a different princess of the day since my 4 year old is still not reading big words yet).

During the weekend, when my kids do their laundry, (Yes, when you turn 8 in THAT family, you get your very own laundry basket! Lucky! and some lessons in the laundry room) I or more honestly, my oldest child who likes people in our family to actually match their clothes, fills up the organizer with outfits.

Y’all. I could cry. Because it works!! It has saved me so much time in the morning and my kids are happy since they helped pick out their clothes on the weekend.

Get your own for less than $10. Or better yet, use what you have and create something that works just as well!

Organized mornings work for me!


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    We’ve done the same thing for several years. We even have the shoe sized ones to hold up their snacks and papers for each day. It hangs right beside the clothes. My teens are able to fill the shelves themselves, and then if anyone wants clothes that are in the laundry they can do it on the weekend.

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    Lynn says

    I love this idea. My kids wear uniforms to school, so while I have the calamity of clothing selection to contend with in the morning, I really LOVE this, and will keep it filed in my head for our big move back to the US!

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    Oh yes – I now have 2/3rds of my kids who like “input” into my wardrobe choices! They have very differing styles but both agree on one thing – they disapprove of mum wearing “vegetation”!

    Love this idea for the school vacation, but during school all 3 of my kids wear school uniforms so that saves on a lot of drama each morning.

    I haven’t joined in here in AGES but I am back :)

    Hi from Ireland.

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    I tried this once when the kids were babes, but ti didn’t work for me so I gave a friend our organizer and she loves it. I may try it again now that they are older.

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    girl…if they had one with Chuck Norris on it, I would get one for my 18 year old son! And if they had one with a volleyball on it, I would get one for my 21 year old college student daughter who is on the volleyball team! These are very cool. What a great idea! What a good mom you are!!!

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    AmberK says

    Now. If you could just teach me how to SHOP for clothes for myself, I’d be your very bestest frieeeeeend! ;0) Great idea, I’ve seen these before! I just have boys who could care less right now, so I just lay their clothes out the night before. ha ha

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    janis says

    I tried that but my 4 year old couldn’t reach the top ones so what I do is on her low hanging rack I hang up 7 complete outfits (or more) and then she just goes up and grabs a hangar and she’s set to go. That way she gets to choose but I know they match! :)

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