2nd Benefit Day: Trigger Memory Products

This is a fantastic resource!

Trigger Memory System is an at-home program for teaching children times tables through innovative memorization techniques. “Education through imagination,” is the company’s mission, and their products receive rave reviews from parents and teachers.

Times Tales is a creative mnemonic-based program that uses simple stories to make it fun to learn the upper multiplication facts. Times Tales comes with printable games, tests, flashcards, and puzzles. Children as young as 5 have had success using this program, and it is designed to be used by the entire family.

Trigger Memory System also has a line of Clean ‘n’ Flip Charts to visually encourage children to help with household chores. The Zone Cleaning for Kids is a fun step-by-step chore system to clean the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The laminated illustrations in the flipchart can be customized to each family’s needs.

The Bedroom Cleaning for Kids is a sturdy spiral bound flipchart that breaks down the process of cleaning their bedroom into simple parts using fun, simple pictures.
The Laundry Cleaning for Kids is a fun step-by-step chart that makes doing the laundry easy for even the youngest children.
Trigger Memory System has donated Times Tales, Zone Cleaning for Kids, Bedroom Cleaning for Kids, and Laundry Cleaning for Kids to benefit The Mercy House. 

To bid on the item in this post, please leave a comment with your bid amount. Please leave a current email address in case you have the final bid. Winners will be announced on Nov. 11 and payment can be made via Paypal or by check. All bids close by 11pm CST on Nov. 9. There is no minimum bid.

100% of the proceeds from the Mercy Benefit Day will go to the work of Mercy House. The Mercy House exists to provide alternative options for pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya. The Mercy House will aid them in nutrition, housing, prenatal care, counseling, Biblical teaching and job skills for sustainable living. The Mercy House has approved 501c3 status.


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