Cash Back {$300 American Express Giveaway}

I like to save money.

Just ask my kids. They are highly trained to spot a clearance tag across the store.

And honestly, the main reason used to be so we could have more. I still love giving to my family, but more, I love to see my family give.

I’ve always been pretty frugal. We are in the middle of dreamstorming some ways for my hubby to get more involved in the all-consuming, never-ending, work of Mercy House. For the most part, we have been a one income family for a very long time. We are trying to be innovative and free up time, so we can serve thru Mercy House more as a family (instead of staying up way too late to get things done, after regular work).

And while I’m not entirely sure what that will look like, we are dreaming.

And cutting back.

And trying to be creative in many different ways.

So, when American Express asked me to calculate what I would save thru a Blue Cash card (that gives you cash back on groceries and gas), I thought it was interesting.

  • We spend around $550 a month on groceries and around $150 on gas (my hubby has a company car, thankfully). Multiply that x 12 and the total cost for one year is staggering: approximately $8400 a year on gas and groceries.
  • $8400 x .03 (cash back with Blue Cash Card)= $252.00

You can try it too:

    • Take cost of your groceries + gas in one month x 12 = Total cost of groceries/gas in one year
    • Total x .03 = Cash Back with Blue Cash Card

[We used to do the whole coupon thing, but with my hubby’s diabetes, our food bill has increased.]

Now, I don’t have an American Express Blue Cash Card. I like to pay cash (or debit). But I do like that I could earn back a significant amount in cash and I like that American Express cards MUST be paid back at the end of each month–so debt can’t pile up.

I’m still on the fence about getting any kind of credit card, but cash back is something to think about.

  • American Express is giving away $300 to ONE of my readers.
  • To enter: You just have to tweet what you would save with the hashtag #BlueCashMeIfYouCan and #wearthatfamily  [Example: I could save $252 with Blue Cash #BlueCashMeIfYouCan @wearethatfamily] That’s your entry and you could win a $300 American Express gift card!
  • I’d love to hear in the comments how much you spend on groceries…just because I’m nosey.

Click here to learn more at the Preferred Blue Cash card.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Blue Cash American Express. But the opinions are 100% mine.


  1. 1


    I spend $4-450/month for my family of five; we live near Washington DC. It takes a lot of coupons and home cooking to spend that little.

    I have the AmEx Blue Cash card, have had it for many many years. It’s great! We’ve never had consumer debt, since we pay every month, and I usually get back a $500-600 credit each year. Now, they let you redeem the cash back each month, so I just apply it to the bill each time.

  2. 2

    Jenn says

    Our family of 4 eats on $50/week. We eat very little processed foods and that’s the only way we can get away with spending soo little.

  3. 3

    Mary b says

    We (the 5 of us) spend @ 650.00 a month on groceries. We eat zero meals out and my kids are 15, 12&9. They also pack their lunches for school. I don’t think we do too bad.

  4. 4


    We are a family of six and my budget is $200 a week- but that includes all household items, toiletries, and dog food. Basically it’s a walmart budget. :( Would love to be saving money and I challenge myself each week to see how far below that budget I can keep it.

  5. 5


    We use a discover card almost exclusively for all our gas and monthly grocery/household needs (pay it off every month) And then use the cash back rewards to pay for Christmas gift-giving each year. Now they even have a way to use your rewards to purchase right from amazon. pretty handy.

  6. 9

    Danielle says

    We spend about $500 on groceries for the month and about $300 for gas each month (my husband commutes 45 minutes each way daily). We pack lunches for our daughter; we do allow her one day a week that she can buy lunch at school. She usually picks Friday, pizza day :) We’ve already put $60 in her lunch account since school began in August and that should last until January. American Express would be a great way to save!!

  7. 10

    Linda M says

    I have 2 teenage boys (16 and 17) and boooy do they eat! I think I spend approximately 800 a month in groceries. I try to save money by packing their lunches everyday, (besides how else do I know they are getting their fruits!) I don’t drive much…so we only spend maybe 125 a month on gas (hubby has a company car/gas card) Any little bit helps when it comes to feeding my 2 “garbage disposals”! lol

  8. 11


    We’re a family of two and spend about $50 a week on groceries. I do A LOT of couponing, meal planning, and home cooking, canning, etc so that cuts costs way down. Of course I don’t eat leftovers and the hubby does so that typically saves us from buying lunch meats for lunch as well.

  9. 12

    Melissa says

    We spend around $350 a month on groceries. I love to use coupons but I’m not an “extreme couponer”, mainly because I don’t have a grocery store nearby that will double or triple coupons.

  10. 14


    We spend around $600/month. My three kids are teenagers. I use coupons some, but we’re trying to eat more “real food” and don’t often see coupons for these types of grocery items. I also have one child with medical issues that have messed with his metabolism. He has to eat 6-7 times per day!

  11. 15

    Lisa says

    I spend about $450 on groceries for my family of 4 and also for my in-home daycare! I use coupons when I remember! Thank you for this opportunity!

  12. 17


    For a family of four I spend about 800 a month at the grocery store but that includes toiletries. The store I go to is pretty much the cheapest around so I do one stop shopping. To keep their costs down they don’t accept credit cards so this option doesn’t really work for us but I do agree it’s a fantastic way to get extra money.

    For those people who aren’t fans of credit cards, you can go online within a day or two of charging an item and pay it off. This allows you to get the dollars but not pay any interest or be worried about a big surprise at the end of the month.

    I tried tweeting, I’m relatively new at it so I hope it went through correctly!

  13. 18


    We do that too! I use a discover card tho (sorry Amex!) and they give you % back but you can also get gift certificates as your cash back and earn ANOTHER 10% on your cash received back. It’s awesome. They have a referral program where you get % back if you shop through their site and I’m a huge online shopper. When we bought our iMac we got back $65.

    Because I also run a business and run all my expenses through this we get enough cash back + bonus from gift cards that we clothe all of us for a year (and we’re not cheap to clothe….just being honest here) and even some home good products.

    The key is to pay off the card EVERY SINGLE month. Dave Ramsey would not agree to using a credit card, but in these economic times when every penny counts – including the free ones, I go against the grain.

  14. 19


    My budget was recently increased to $250 a month for our family of 5. However, groceries are increasing every time I go to the store. I would say we are closer to $300 (yes, defeats the whole budget purpose). This includes toiletries, as well. I do use coupons and do the coupon matches when I go shopping. Plus, we almost never eat out. We spend about $20 eating out each month.

  15. 20


    oh heck I didn’t know this was a give away. SORRY!!!!!!!!!

    Uhm, let’s see, we spend (muffle muffle) 1200 a month {covers ears from gasp of the audience} for a family of three. We don’t eat out. We buy all grass fed, organic, etc. etc. And I make our meals from scratch. We don’t drink pop or buy bottled water. I don’t know why it’s so much but it is. We eat a lot of meat. Like a LOT of meat. A cow and a half a year. OH yes we do.

  16. 21


    I spend about $200/month MAX for my husband and I, but we have people over for meals pretty often too. We don’t really do many processed foods, mostly fresh produce and meat and grains, so we can’t really do coupons. Not that I would have time to organize coupons anyway. :-)

  17. 22

    AR says

    We are averaging about $800 per month for a family of 7. We do buy mostly og meat and grains for bread. The total does include dog food, toiletries, etc. I love couponing but I just dont have the time to make it worthwhile right now.

  18. 24

    Tiffany says

    Currently because my husband is in Korea, we spend less, but normally We spend about $700to include any paper products/laundry soap etc. I use coupons when I can to spend less!? I would love to cut that in about 1/2!

  19. 25


    THere’s just the two of us, but we like to eat healthy and fresh, so we end up spending between $300 and $400 a month. I probably don’t use a third of what I buy, so we’re working on it :)

  20. 26

    karen says

    Our family budget (five people) is $100/wk for all groceries and paper/soap household products…and I make this work with pretty serious couponing. We don’t have any significant health issues and I do strive to cook mostly from scratch, avoiding most processed foods.

    I don’t tweet so I thought I’d add here…we also budget $160/mo for gas…so that would bring our annual savings with the AmEx to $201! Interesting concept…but we still are going to stick to all-cash.

  21. 27

    Dee says

    I spend about $500 a month on groceries but a whopping $700 (minimum) on gas! With the blue card, I would be saving at least $432 a year!

  22. 28

    tammy b says

    we spend about $600/mo on food and about $250 on gas. we could save at least $360 a year. like you i’m not sure how much i like the idea of a credit card vs. debit card – even if i am required to pay it in full each month. i just hate the thought of not knowing how much my balance is every time i use it…yes i know i could track it manually, but that’s just one more thing…..

  23. 30

    Kimberly P says

    Our family of (about to be 5) spends about $600 a month on groceries. Unfortunately, I have a long commute to/from work, which requires filling up one gas tank twice per week. This makes us spend about $350 a month on gas. $11,400/year on gas and groceries = YIKES! We could save $342 a year with the cash back.

  24. 31

    Lacey C. says

    I don’t tweet so I can’t enter, but here’s my grocery info: We are a family of four, and my young children (5 and 3) eat almost as much as I do! (Which is a lot! I love to eat!) My budget is $120/week for everything that is not a bill. So, if someone needs a shirt, i cut back on the desserts. If I’m out of mascara, I’ll have to go without iced tea in order to buy it. When fruit is expensive in the winter, we have to go without a lot of other things in order to keep fresh, whole foods on the menu. I coupon some, but it doesn’t help me save much on the foods we need and prefer. So I usually save quite a bundle just by shopping at a HIGHER-priced store because they have a store brand product for, literally, EVERYthing I need. And their store-brand is great quality and lower prices than buying a national brand with a coupon. I do save coupons, though, and limit myself to using them on clearance items. Target is a great place to shop clearance foods, they place them on the endcaps of the grocery aisles and add to it weekly. Also, I do get some food, and most toiletries/cleaners, at Target using a RedCard debit card because of the extra savings. I buy club-pack sizes, but not from a club store :), just in the club-size grocery aisle of my regular store. I stock up on meat when it is on clearance (for being close to expired) and prep and freeze it right away. You get creative when you have no money! :)

  25. 35

    Kate N. says

    Hi Kristen!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! We spend $600/month on groceries/household needs and $120/month on gas for two cars. (More if we are leaving town much.)
    I tweeted (@pknowak99)
    Kate N.


  26. 36


    This might sound silly but I’m so grateful to see so many different real households sharing — my husband and I are a long way from having the full families you all have but it is so encouraging to see all the different ways creative, frugal living can happen.

  27. 37

    Deb says

    $600 for groceries and household, 3 kids (18, 16, 15) and one dog. We get money back on our USAA card, but not sure how much as we don’t use it that much and NEVER for groceries. Gas I am still coming up with an exact number on, we moved 6 months ago, switched cars and are driving less since it is winter, no trips to Glacier, but probably $150 as our gas is still $3.43 here.

    If we eat out, that comes out of entertainment, not groceries….

  28. 38

    amanda says

    for my hubby, 3 yr old daughter and i we spend about $320 a month and thats with me couponing and shopping weekly. some of yall are doing great spending small amounts on large families!!!

  29. 42


    We probably spend around $500 on groceries, eating out and health and beauty products, add about $250 for gas to that. So that would be about $270 cash back…cool!

  30. 46


    I don’t have Twitter, so I can’t enter, but we spend about $300 a month on groceries/personal items (we pinch and save, never go out to eat, etc.). It has gotten to be a little bit more now that our baby is eating real food (and I try to buy organic for him).

  31. 47


    We spend $500 a month on groceries and $250 a month on gas…I tweeted this and now am going to go check out this Blue cash…sounds pretty cool to me!!!

  32. 48

    Sharilyn says

    We spend about $400 per month on gas and food. Sometimes more if we travel more. So we could save $144 each year with amex blue cash. By the way, we have six kids, but we don’t eat out, ever. Ok, maybe once a year. We also shop at the dented cans store. We are cheap, but could sure use this winnings!

  33. 49

    Beth says

    We spend about $550/mon for a family of four. I’ve tried to cut this number and I just can’t seem to get it down. I do buy organic when I feel it’s necessary (milk, eggs, apples, etc) and we stay away from the processed stuff.

  34. 50


    Wow. I didn’t realize how much it is. We lump all our miscellaneous items in with grocery (soap, shampoo, pullups, dish soap) but its about $200 a week. yikes! Family of 6.

  35. 51

    Lee Broom says

    We probably spend about 600. a month on groceries, family of 4, and about 400. on gas. We’d probably get back 300. with the AmExpress. But we don’t use credit cards anymore…got in too much debt and trouble. It’d be fun to use for Christmas money, though, if we did get it back.

  36. 52

    Christa says

    I’m sorry to whine, but I have no idea how to use Twitter. I find the hashtags terribly confusing, and I hate being left out of this giveaway. Why does AmEx only favor tweeters?

    OK, done whining. We are a family of 8 that is gluten free and has food allergies, too. We don’t eat out, but use quality ingredients to cook from scratch at home. Our grocery bill reflects it–about $1100/month. (See why I wish I could win?)

  37. 57


    We are a family of 6 Children 6,4,2,1 and we spend about $900 in groceries a month and this include toiletries, hair products anything Walmart/Aldi/Walgreens related. I try to use coupons but with 4 small children it is difficult.

  38. 65

    Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    We spend about $100 a week on groceries (of course during the holiday season, we’re spending a little bit more)

  39. 66


    I’m not sure if this giveaway is still open but I’ll leave a comment anyway (one of the few people who doesn’t tweet). Our budget is $300 a month for a family of 4, however I usually go over which obviously defeats the purpose of a budget, huh! But most months we stay close to $300. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. 70


    I don’t have this card, but I do have a rewards card. I just wanted to tell you how we use it. We put EVERYTHING we possibly can on the card. But every time it’s used, we write it down in the checkbook like it was a check. So if I go to the grocery store, I hand the hubby the receipt and he writes it down (we just put “VISA” instead of a check #) and puts it in Quicken. It’s basically like we pretend our credit card is a debit card. But instead of having the money actually gone immediately, we can float on the credit for a couple weeks. Yet, in our heads it’s really gone. We’ve been doing this since we got married 13 years ago, and we have never carried a balance. Not one month. We’re able to pay it every month because every penny is accounted for. Plus, it’s a rewards card, so I’m about to get $450 cash to use for Christmas shopping. For using the card on which we have paid no fee, and no interest, and never carried a balance.

  41. 72


    Thanks for this…I’ve been looking in to switching to a rewards card. I spend about $400 a month on groceries on my credit cards but that’s “off.” We belong to a CSA for half the year and get 95% of our veggies and fruits in the summer through that. In the winter, I go to a produce market that is cash and carry. The trick is that some of my stores don’t take AmEx. I wish they did, I love the points rewards. If you are going to get a card, and the stores you use take AmEx, I’m a fan.

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