Cash Back {Winner}

For years and years, I’ve kept a huge plastic container hidden in my garage. It contains gifts for friend’s birthday parties, family birthday gifts, little things I’ve found on sale or bought off-season and collected throughout the year. Most years by November, the container contains all the gifts we give for Christmas.

I sort of fell off the buying wagon with the busy year we’ve had.

This week when I got out some Christmas decorations, I opened the container. I was happy to see some holiday hand towels that would make nice teacher gifts. But other than that? It was empty.

Y’all: I have to Christmas shop now.

Good thing there’s a store in my garage. Ha!

This just reminded me that it’s good to put thought into saving, planning ahead and being intentional with buying. It not only saves money, it saves time.

I thought your comments on the post about the American Express Blue Cash Card were very interesting. It was good to know I was in the grocery shopping ballpark with other families like mine.

And now for the winner of the : I’m happy to announce that random tweeter:

UPDATED: Since the first winner never responded, here’s another random winner: Jessie C who, tweeted:!/tcarolinep/status/138882571550466048
Now, about that container…

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Blue Cash American Express. But the opinions are 100% mine.

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