In Which I Celebrate YOU {FREE Gift}

Today is my blog’s birthday.

[insert confetti and sweet tea]

I started this blog 4 years ago. Four!

And, boy, have I learned a lot. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and allow you to laugh at me, too. I’ve learned that what I thought was for me, was really for Him. And I’ve learned that I would have nothing to celebrate without YOU, the people who read all these words…

And now a bulleted list: In the past four years, there have been:

  • 2000 blog posts
  • over $75,000 dollars given to charities
  • nearly 3 million visitors
  • sold thousands of copies of my first book
  • two trips to Africa
  • and a whole lot of sweet tea
Thank you for going on this journey with me. Thank you for listening and for teaching me so much over the years. Thank you for dreaming with me and for saying yes. Thank you for being here.

In celebration of you, Dayspring my very favorite store, affiliate (my go-to place, not only for shopping, but for (in)couragement and community) is giving each of you a free gift.

And it just happens to be my favorite item:
Life Collection - Large Pitcher

Oh, I’m so serious.
  • It’s easy! Just visit Dayspring, add the pitcher to your cart and use promo code: LIFEFREE. Shipping charges do apply ($6.00 approximately). But you can also get some Christmas shopping done while you’re at it (totes are b1g1 free) because orders of $50 or more have FREE SHIPPING! One per person, please.
  • If you haven’t “liked” on Facebook, you might want too…the party might spill over there…
Happy 4th blog birthday!
To all of us.
*this code expires in 4 days; this post contains my Dayspring affiliate link.
Reminder: The 2nd Annual Mercy Benefit Day [Silent Auction-with approximately 25 amazing items to bid on] will be THIS Monday, Nov. 7 all day long! I hope you’ll shop with purpose and support Mercy House!


  1. 4

    Sara Z. says

    Happy blog birthday! And thank you for the gift! It’ll make a perfect Christmas gift :) Your blog has become one of my most favorites to read. Thank you for blessing your readers every day with encouragement!

  2. 5

    sandi says

    Thank you for being real by sharing your daily ups and downs, but most of all, thank you for sharing Jesus with the world. I love your blog! Many blessings to you, Kristen!!

  3. 6


    THANK YOU, Kristen!!!!! You have my very favorite blog in the whole world, and have inspired me in so many ways. Because of your blog, I decided to start my own blog! I also sponsored two Compassion children because of what I read here! And.. the ‘he said/she said’ – a gift. Love you and your heart! I would so appreciate your prayers as I try to find God’s purpose in my blog. I want to honor him and encourage others in the hope of Christ, but I’m just not sure how… or what my ‘voice’ is. You know? Anyway, Thank you for everything!!!


  4. 8

    Ginger says

    I was hooked after reading your book! What an awesome priviledge to carry Jesus to our world! Happy blog Bday! And thanks to you and Dayspring for the gift as well.

  5. 10


    I love the difference you are making in so many lives through your blog. You are an inspiration, especially to me. Thanks for the incredible party favor! I love Dayspring products…

  6. 12

    melissa c says

    Happy birthday to your wonderful blog! I’ve been so blessed to find you this year, purchase your book, help support Mercy House and now get one of my favorite pitchers for free! I already have one for myself but feel that God will let me know who could use this beautiful gift when the time is right. God bless you and your family, Kristen!

  7. 14


    Happy Blogoversary! :) Thanks for the free gift!! I just ordered 4 of them and only had to pay shipping!! I’m not sure if that was a mistake or not…I was thinking we might only be allowed to get 1 free. But wow!! I also ordered some Christmas ornaments and a gift or two!! yay!! Like others have mentioned, I love how you have made a difference with your blog. My prayer is the same for my blog…thank you for sharing with us the ups and downs of ministry. I have LOVED following along with your journey to opening the Mercy House. Awesome!! God is so good!!

  8. 16


    THank you for sharing YOU – I love your blog! Happy Bloggy Birthday!!
    Many Blessings to you, your family and Mercy House!!
    PS – Love the Pitcher!!

  9. 18

    Diana says

    Happy 4th Blog Birthday!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to get the pitcher. I just ordered one for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I know she’ll love it!!

  10. 20


    Wow, thanks for the gift!! I am still marveling at the number of posts you have done in four years, I’m a math person and realized there’s no way I’ll reach that level in four years! Hope you have 4 more!!!

  11. 27


    I’m so happy and grateful to the blog world for giving me friends like YOU! I still clearly remember the first ever time I read one of your posts and then just keeping reading and laughing and laughing and then started stalking you on twitter and then did the happy dance when you tweeted me back! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how far we’ve come since then. Because girl, once we’ve squished into a hotel room with 3 other girls and I’ve fed you candy at midnight, it’s friends for life, yo. Friends for life!

    Love you so much Kristen,

  12. 29

    Shannon says

    Happy 4th birthday to your blog! I just found you through Money Saving Mom and really enjoy what I see so far!

  13. 33


    Whoa!! Happy birthday We are THAT Family!
    And yes, I will be sharing the love with Dayspring by buying up a few more goodies.

    You are a true blessing Kristen. Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  14. 36


    Wow, happy bloggy birthday to you! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, DaySpring — this inspired me to actually check out with all the things I already had in my cart. The pitcher was just icing on the cake. Thanks for blessing us!

  15. 38

    Lindsey says

    Hi Kristen,
    I don’t know where else to put this question so I am going to hope you see it here. When will the tote bags be available to buy from the mercy house shop? I am wanting to buy quite a few things, but am waiting on the tote bags to order it all. Thanks! :)

  16. 39


    So thankful you started this blogging journey four years ago! And so very amazed at all that the Lord has done through you in that time! Happy, happy bloggy birthday!! And thanks for the sweet gift! :)

  17. 41

    Jessica says

    Thank you! I got some really cute Valentine’s from them too at only .75 a pack (34 cards). I can’t wait to get my stuff! Happy birthday family!

  18. 42


    Love Love love your blog, was so glad I got to meet you at Relevant. This gift just blew me away, I can’t believe we get it for shipping price ONLY! I can’t wait to get it, thanks for blessing our socks off!


  19. 43

    amy says

    You and your family have changed us for the better….from helping our marriage to challenging us to give more to those in need. It’s been an amazing journey.

    Thank YOU for the amazing gift. I adore the vase and I can’t wait to get it!!!

  20. 45


    Thank you thank you! I not only found that pitcher, but I found some nice Christmas presents on clearance and a beautiful red plate (on clearance) for on top of my new hutch.
    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  21. 46


    Thanks, Kristen! I ordered my FREE pitcher (THANK YOU!) and Angie’s book (which I will find tucked under our Christmas Tree) and a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I’m so pleased. :)

    Blessings to you!

  22. 51

    ACMommy3 says

    Happy Blog Birthday! Thank you so much for this special gift – what a thoughtful way to celebrate! I just ordered mine, along with some lovely Christmas gifts for my family who lives far away. I really appreciate this.

    BTW — Love your family picture up above! :-)

  23. 53

    Joy says

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading for at least 2 1/2 of those years. What a blessing your blog has been! Thanks for the great treat today, too!

  24. 56

    kelly says

    I cannot find this pitcher anywhere on the dayspring website! Can someone please tell me where it is lol thanks God Bless

  25. 58

    Terri S says

    Happy blog birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate! Thank you to both you and DaySpring for the beautiful gift!

  26. 59

    Tara says

    What a treat! I love your blog and appreciate your transparency! You are such a genuine person and I am truly both blessed and encouraged each time I read your blog. Thank you so much for the gift and your blog! Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements. God is proud!

  27. 60

    Wendi says

    Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much for the pitcher. It is very thoughtful of you to give your readers a gift. I just placed my order!

  28. 62

    MichelleH says

    Happy blog-aversary! Thank you for the fantastic swag bag. I’m tipping the sweet tea in your honor. 😉

  29. 64

    marky says

    Happy Blog Birthday!!! I so wish that I would have known that you were in Hershey last week~
    I would have stopped by, given you a big hug a sweet tea and shopped Mercy House!

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