Cash Back {$300 American Express Giveaway}

I like to save money.

Just ask my kids. They are highly trained to spot a clearance tag across the store.

And honestly, the main reason used to be so we could have more. I still love giving to my family, but more, I love to see my family give.

I’ve always been pretty frugal. We are in the middle of dreamstorming some ways for my hubby to get more involved in the all-consuming, never-ending, work of Mercy House. For the most part, we have been a one income family for a very long time. We are trying to be innovative and free up time, so we can serve thru Mercy House more as a family (instead of staying up way too late to get things done, after regular work).

And while I’m not entirely sure what that will look like, we are dreaming.

And cutting back.

And trying to be creative in many different ways.

So, when American Express asked me to calculate what I would save thru a Blue Cash card (that gives you cash back on groceries and gas), I thought it was interesting.

  • We spend around $550 a month on groceries and around $150 on gas (my hubby has a company car, thankfully). Multiply that x 12 and the total cost for one year is staggering: approximately $8400 a year on gas and groceries.
  • $8400 x .03 (cash back with Blue Cash Card)= $252.00

You can try it too:

    • Take cost of your groceries + gas in one month x 12 = Total cost of groceries/gas in one year
    • Total x .03 = Cash Back with Blue Cash Card

[We used to do the whole coupon thing, but with my hubby’s diabetes, our food bill has increased.]

Now, I don’t have an American Express Blue Cash Card. I like to pay cash (or debit). But I do like that I could earn back a significant amount in cash and I like that American Express cards MUST be paid back at the end of each month–so debt can’t pile up.

I’m still on the fence about getting any kind of credit card, but cash back is something to think about.

  • American Express is giving away $300 to ONE of my readers.
  • To enter: You just have to tweet what you would save with the hashtag #BlueCashMeIfYouCan and #wearthatfamily  [Example: I could save $252 with Blue Cash #BlueCashMeIfYouCan @wearethatfamily] That’s your entry and you could win a $300 American Express gift card!
  • I’d love to hear in the comments how much you spend on groceries…just because I’m nosey.

Click here to learn more at the Preferred Blue Cash card.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Blue Cash American Express. But the opinions are 100% mine.

Blessings Unlimited {SALE}

I love Blessings Unlimited (the inspirational home party store created by Dayspring).

There is a big sale going on and I thought if you love their stuff, you might want to grab up something while supplies last.

Here’s a peek:

Beautiful pillows for $8 each, Reg. $26 (69% savings):


Small pedestal cake standfor $6, Reg. $18 (66% savings); Me & My Family Sign $5.00, Reg. $16 (68% savings)

Enjoy Life Tote $5, Reg. $10 (50% savings); Perfect in Beauty Apron $6.50, Reg. $25 (75% savings)


While quantities last! To see the entire sale, click here.

Disclaimer: I am a Blessings Unlimited Consultant, encouraged by Dayspring. I don’t host real life parties, but you can order thru my online store on my blog.