Ten Things I Love About You {Freebie}

I’m realizing now- more than ever- how important it is for my kids to know that I love them. I mean really know.

Sure, I tell them.

Yes, I show them.

But the world seems to erode their confidence in so many ways–from peers who don’t share their values to the social pressures that insist they aren’t enough.

I want our home to be safe, a place of unconditional love. I want them to know why they are loved.

When I saw these big 20×13 posters (they have a sticky back for a door or wall!) at Paper Coterie (and I could get a couple of them for FREE-stay with me), I knew that this would speak to my kids. I can’t wait to give them for Christmas!

[I took a picture of mine…they turned out great. I’m going to put them in an expensive poster frame].


1. your laugh 2. the way you lead 3. your strength and determination 4. the tiny curls at the base of your neck 5. the way you close your eyes when you play your flute 6. when you seek me out to talk 7. your hunger for knowledge 8. your style 9. you don’t take no for an answer 10. your growing world perspective

1. you are kind 2. you are good 3. you are important 4. the way you snuggle 5. your long, dark lashes 6. you put others first 7. you’re compassionate 8. watching you play flag football 9. you are calm 10. your growing love for the world

1. your smile 2. the way you love life 3. you make me laugh 4. you are mommy’s girl 5. the way you love others  6. you are beautiful 7. you love being outdoors 8. you are brave 9. you are strong 10. you love your family

And if you hurry, you can get a $30 free credit too, to make a couple of your own posters (they are $14 each) or anything else at Paper Coterie. This code expires on Sunday, Nov. 13:  H2SHOLIDAY (you do have to pay for shipping, but it’s super fast!)

[This isn’t an affiliate link and I’m not receiving anything. I just love these posters and wanted to share them with you.]

Do your kids know why you love them?

Tell them.

Mercy Benefit Day Winners

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For bidding, donating, being a part of this year’s Mercy Benefit Day. This effort raised enough for more than EIGHT months of in-depth counseling for our girls at Mercy House! Grand total: $2092!

Here are the high bidders. An email will be sent to winners. Please make payment via Paypal (mercyhousekeny@gmail.com) and include your Auction Item in the subject and a correct mailing address for us to pass on to the company who donated.

Please shop the companies who loved mercy with us. They are a blessing to us!

Dayspring – Jennifer W

Cavemen in Babyland – Diane Rice

Scentsy – Kris Gaffney

Divine Design Graphics – Jasmine Butzer

Worthy of the Prize – Marky

Guy & Eva Jewelry – Teresa

Union 28 – Angela

James One 27Rachel

The Vintage PearlMegan {{Millions of Miles}}

Gift Lot: Sweet Notes/Scentsy/Stella & Dot/UsBorne – Cheryl

Gourmet Cupcake Queen – Tona Saponaro

Sparkle PlentyJanene

Jennifer Perez Designs – Debi

Evie N Lizzie Boutique – Tona Saponaro

(in)courage – Tona Saponaro

Mercy HouseBrandi

Trigger Memory System – Tanya Freeman

Graham Gardens – Jasmine

Baby Be Blessed – Kris Gaffney

Hadley Designs – Tona Saponaro

The Adopt ShoppeKaty

Reminders of Faith – Amanda Jackson

CD Collection – Teri Williams

Stanley-Fisher Bed & Breakfast – Amanda

Funky Faith Blog DesignStephanie

Show Offs Art – Debi


Big Enough

I could hear her calling my name throughout the house.

“In here,” I yelled as I threw on a sweatshirt and threw open my closet door.

My little girl hurried in, excited. Expectant.

“Mommy, Mommy! How big is Jesus?”

My hand stopped mid-air.

“What?” I said slowly.

“I need to know, Mommy. I need to know how big Jesus is.”

There was something so pure and holy in her question, I knelt down and leaned in.

The words were heavy.  Expectant. “He is big enough to do anything.” I said.

Her eyes were a wonder. “Anything? Like step on buildings and reach really tall and fix broken things?”

I felt a surge of emotion realizing how important my next words were:

“Oh yes, He is big, big, big! He is big enough to walk on water, to protect us, to fix us when we’re broken. He can heal us when we’re sick. He is big enough to forgive our sins and he fits in our heart.”

And then she said, “I thought so. I’m going to go draw Him now.” She ran off to find crayons and paper.

While I was trying to convince her of His size, I believed it myself.

She was Jesus’ words to me, “How big am I, Kristen?”

Big enough.

There are areas in my life that loom over me. Unknowns. Fears so big they threaten to swallow my faith up. So many things I don’t have figured out…And the bottom line is, He is bigger then them all.

How big is your Jesus?

Big enough.

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 9

Today, my son took his saved money to the Book Fair and bought three things. One for himself, the other two for his sisters.

His spontaneous generosity made me day. Thankful.


WFMW: Deals

I’ve become a regular online shopper.

You know one of those people who give out their credit card to people on the Internet?

Yep. One of those.

I used to love (real life) shopping. But I’ve become all about efficiency and it’s pretty rare for me to take a “shopping trip” these days. My kids needed new jeans this fall, so I got them online with a discount code. We usually eat out with a coupon or Groupon and date nights are usually planned around some deal I’ve gotten. And don’t even get me started on buying handmade. I’d much rather shop with purpose or buy something I know wasn’t made in questionable conditions.

Here are my thoughts on buying online:

  • Don’t buy what you don’t need just because it’s a Great Deal.
  • Keep track of where/what you buy so it doesn’t expire (this is one of the ways these companies make their money)
  • ALWAYS search for a coupon code with name of store (via Google). You can almost always find 10% of or free shipping
  • Subscribe to deal bloggers who do most of the work for you
  • If you buy clothes, make sure you look closely at the stores size chart.
Here are some of my favorite deal sites: (some of these contain my affiliate link, which is a great way to stretch your buck):
Groupon (local and national deals)
Heartsy (Etsy deals)
Mamapedia (mom deals)
Plum District (mom deals)
No More Rack (one day sales)
I am amazed at the great deals that are available online! From family activities to oil changes to swim lessons, I’ve been pleased with what I’ve found. I’ve been sharing a Deal of the Day on my Facebook page for a few weeks. I’ve decided to also throw up a blog post whenever I find something I think my readers might enjoy.
Here are a few deals I’ve found lately:
Dayspring has an awesome coupon code (g0od only this week) that gives you 40% any item of your choice! It includes discounted specials like their canvases that are already 30% off. Use this code: NOVEMBER40
I just got this canvas and I am debating if I should give it away or make it my birthday present next month:

(I wanted y’all to see just how BIG it is!)
retail: $54.99 -30% off right now is $38.49 plus with the code above get an additional 40% off = $23.09
–Need photo Christmas cards? I ordered these yesterday:
Use this code to save 60%: CSSAVE604   I ordered 30 cards for around $27, but with the discount, I only paid $11 shipped (there’s always free shipping and you can add the return address to all the envelopes!) Yes, we are wearing black mustaches in our family picture.

Click on the button below to order your own:


–Get this fun Thanksgiving e-book completely FREE! It’s full of great recipes and crafts.
Click here (email required)

So, online deals are working for me!

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 7&8

Yesterday, my heart was full of gratitude as bid after bid came in for our Mercy Benefit auctions.

This morning I’m happy to be spending time with my nearly 5 year old.

What about you?

I’m also thankful for this cupcake.

P.S. What are you thankful for?

(Bidding for auctions closes Wed. night. WFMW will go up late tonight as usual).

2nd Benefit Day: Dayspring {Love Came Down Christmas Collection}

Dayspring is a big part of my life and Mercy House. This huge company has blessed us and they continue to do so. I’ve met the President and many, many employees. They all have one thing in common: Jesus.
It just doesn’t get better than that.
They are donating for auction: from the Love Came Down Series:
lovely tea towels:
festive table runner:
and gorgeous lazy susan:
Total Value: $85.00 (plus free shipping)
To bid on the item in this post, please leave a comment with your bid amount. Please leave a current email address in case you have the final bid. Winners will be announced on Nov. 11 and payment can be made via Paypal or by check. All bids close by 11pm CST on Nov. 9. There is no minimum bid.
100% of the proceeds from the Mercy Benefit Day will go to the work of Mercy House. The Mercy House exists to provide alternative options for pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya. The Mercy House will aid them in nutrition, housing, prenatal care, counseling, Biblical teaching and job skills for sustainable living. The Mercy House has approved 501c3 status.