Ten Things I Love About You {Freebie}

I’m realizing now- more than ever- how important it is for my kids to know that I love them. I mean really know.

Sure, I tell them.

Yes, I show them.

But the world seems to erode their confidence in so many ways–from peers who don’t share their values to the social pressures that insist they aren’t enough.

I want our home to be safe, a place of unconditional love. I want them to know why they are loved.

When I saw these big 20×13 posters (they have a sticky back for a door or wall!) at Paper Coterie (and I could get a couple of them for FREE-stay with me), I knew that this would speak to my kids. I can’t wait to give them for Christmas!

[I took a picture of mine…they turned out great. I’m going to put them in an expensive poster frame].


1. your laugh 2. the way you lead 3. your strength and determination 4. the tiny curls at the base of your neck 5. the way you close your eyes when you play your flute 6. when you seek me out to talk 7. your hunger for knowledge 8. your style 9. you don’t take no for an answer 10. your growing world perspective

1. you are kind 2. you are good 3. you are important 4. the way you snuggle 5. your long, dark lashes 6. you put others first 7. you’re compassionate 8. watching you play flag football 9. you are calm 10. your growing love for the world

1. your smile 2. the way you love life 3. you make me laugh 4. you are mommy’s girl 5. the way you love others  6. you are beautiful 7. you love being outdoors 8. you are brave 9. you are strong 10. you love your family

And if you hurry, you can get a $30 free credit too, to make a couple of your own posters (they are $14 each) or anything else at Paper Coterie. This code expires on Sunday, Nov. 13:  H2SHOLIDAY (you do have to pay for shipping, but it’s super fast!)

[This isn’t an affiliate link and I’m not receiving anything. I just love these posters and wanted to share them with you.]

Do your kids know why you love them?

Tell them.


  1. 2


    Great idea! I would love to do this for my kids. I think this would speak volumes to our child that we adopted from Haiti and honestly is still trying to see if he really believes that we REALLY love him.

    Thanks for the idea!


  2. 6


    Those are great! Thanks for the tip!

    I have been using this month as an excuse to teach thankfulness by telling my kids each day why I am thankful for them. It has been a lot of fun (for them and me:) )

  3. 7


    THese are so cool! I did something similar last year, but without the cool poster part- I wrote letter to each of my kids at Valentine’s Day, telling them what I love about them. One of them pulled theirs out again the other day… I might have to one-up myself on Valentine’s Day again this year with these posters!

  4. 8

    Amy says

    Awesome Idea! Only, I’m not as tech-savvie as y’all. I don’t get the “drag a photo here” part. I even tried to create a photo folder on the site and failed. Any suggestions???

    • 8.1


      The first time I did it the drag and drop was a pain, you have to just drag it near the square you want it in and when the green line starts to show up inside the area you want it in, let go and it will jump there. It will be blurry at first but will clear up

  5. 9

    Amanda says

    Thank you so much for the coupon code! Those posters are so sweet :). I made one for my husband and son. Thanks for all the great ideas you give us! God bless you :).

  6. 10


    Thank you so much for sharing this idea! We’re working on having a meaningful Christmas with our teens, and this is a very inexpensive way to do just that!

  7. 13


    This is such a great idea. Just yesterday my teenage daughter was expressing to me how she didn’t feel like she was enough. It’s so easy for our children to get beaten down by the world. Thanks for sharing!!

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