Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 3

I’m am thankful for the new doctor (neurologist) who spent an hour with me this morning. He feels like he can help me and I feel hopeful!



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    Oh no…What is wrong with you? I have had a lot of neurological pain so maybe I can help. Just email me at if you are interested. I had a disc in my neck pushing on my spinal cord causing burning pain throughout my body. Even surgery didn’t help…ice did!

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    Tess says

    I am thankful for the awesome view of Lake Michigan I get every day as I drive home from work. It makes me catch my breath every time.

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    I am doing a similar thing over on my blog! But when I popped on here this morning and saw this I had to share my “thankful for” from last night… because I am so thankful for an awesome meeting about a certain women’s conference that YOU will be sharing your heart at! I love it when a plan comes together! He is such a faithful God to give us everything we need for the calling He has placed on us! This is so far outside my range of “sure I could do that”… which means I am leaning more heavily into Him than ever and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Cannot wait to have the chance to meet you! I will be in touch :)

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