Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 7&8

Yesterday, my heart was full of gratitude as bid after bid came in for our Mercy Benefit auctions.

This morning I’m happy to be spending time with my nearly 5 year old.

What about you?

I’m also thankful for this cupcake.

P.S. What are you thankful for?

(Bidding for auctions closes Wed. night. WFMW will go up late tonight as usual).


  1. 1

    Lizzie says

    Yesterday I was so grateful to be able to see a buck and doe in our hedge in the morning. It was beautiful to see God’s creation.

    Today I am thankful for my lunch :) (tomorrow I am doing One Meal One Day, skipping lunch)!

  2. 4

    Jenn says

    Thankful for the 2 hours of date time that Hubs and I got today. …and thankful that he is soo in tune to me. We talked about something that I’ve been struggling talking to him about and he already knew the topic. It made things soo much easier!

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