WFMW: Create a Thanksgiving to Remember

If you’re not quite ready to turn your kitchen table into a giant chalkboard, this idea might be for you. Although I may do this too!

I read this idea in the latest edition of Thriving Family, a wonderful FREE magazine offered by Focus on the Family.

Provide a clean, write sheet or tablecloth and fabric markers….have your kids, family, guests, each write something they are thankful for or draw a picture. Make sure they date it. Each year add to it…


[I love this version I found on Pinterest where the hostess went back and embroidered over the names. I would never have the time to do that, but it doesn't mean I can't dream]

Don’t you love it?

Easy, affordable and inspirational!

What works for you?


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    I did this for my daughters birthday, just bought a roll of white easel paper at the store, whatever was cheap, and then cut as many strips as needed to cover the table. I taped the paper up under the ends of the table. Just like wrapping a gift. Then set out a mason jar of markers (check to make sure that they don’t bleed through on to your table 1st!) on the table. I wrote on it first before everyone came so that they would know what was up and not have to guess, or me have to tell them! It was fun to see what everyone wrote.. Happy Birthday wishes to my girl, and some people wrote funny things. Afterwards I thought that I roll up the paper and save it for my daughter some day, but instead decided to take pictures of it. Way less space that way!!

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    Jeannette says

    My grandmother and then my mom had Guest Tablecloths. Whenever we had a new guest eat with us they signed our tablecloth. And then their names would get embroidered. Sometimes the only thing we could remember about a long past visit was where they signed their name or in what color my mom embroidered it. :) And it was great fun to bring it out for new guests and reminisce about previous ones.

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    Awesome idea, always encouraging ways to bless others at this site, thnx for sharing. I posted an easy cookies in a jar mix this week to bless the unrecognized: postman, grocery clerk, trashman, bank teller, etc:)

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    Thanks for hosting! I linked to a grain free (gluten free), lactose free, bean/legume free (soy free), refined-sugar free Thanksgiving Meal Plan! Complete with a shopping list and checklist :-) -Marissa

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