A Girl’s Work is Never Done {Amazing Giveaway}

UPDATED:  Bethany, comment #366, has been chosen as the winner.  Congrats!

I sort of have this thing about clean floors.

And when the days of my life (and work) get chaotic and feel out of control, I take it out on my floors.

Yes, I’m a compulsive sweeper slash vacuum cleaner user.

I may have Mount St. Laundry in the background and 429 things on my to do list, but I always start with my floors. It makes me feel better.

You’d think with this compulsion gift, I’d have a really top dollar vacuum cleaner. No. We usually just replace our cheap, worn-out one with a mediocre one every year or two.

Y’all: my floor cleaning dreams have come true. When Oreck asked if they could send me their newly released Magnesium (top of the line vacuum) to try and keep, I might have cried a little. I might have also spread dirt on the floor in eager anticipation. Oh wait, I have a hubby, three kids, a dog, cat, two half-alive hamsters and a fruit fly infestation, I don’t have to add “make house dirty” to my list.

I was grocery shopping when the Oreck Magnesium arrived. My hubby took it out of the box, assembled it in a few seconds and put it next to the Christmas tree. I think that’s called Brownie Points.

!!!!!! I call it love.

I might never stop vacuuming.

Here are my favorite things about the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum:

  • It’s incredibly light-weight (a very good thing for my neck).
  • It’s feels like it’s self-propelled. Seriously.
  • It sweeps up floors and carpet with two speeds.
  • It’s small, sleek and sexy. (Yes, I used the “s” word).
  • The swivel head reaches the small village of dust bunnies that live behind furniture.
  • The cord is really long and I only have to unplug once on both floors of my house.
  • And probably my favorite part?? It’s so easy to use, even a child can do it. And does [insert evil laugh here].


And the best part? Oreck is giving their amazing Magnesium Vacuum to one lucky reader today! Value: $499.99

Introducing the lightest, full-powered upright in America. With its extremely strong, durable magnesium frame, the Magnesium™ packs all the power you expect from an Oreck vacuum — so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces. The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. It’s even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs. Additionally, the large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability, making it easy to push through high-pile carpet. Best of all, it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.

To enter: Please visit Oreck.com and come back here to tell me one thing you learned about the Magnesium vacuum.

For an additional entry, you can  tweet that you’d like to win the @oreck vacuum that @wearethatfamily is giving away.

The giveaway winner must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states.

Please note: Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.


  1. 301

    Christine says

    It is lightweight and yet built to last. Sounds too good to be true. Would be my dream come true! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. 310


    I also tweeted about it :) Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    P.S. I love reading updates about The Mercy House, as I’m a monthly supporter and am so excited about what God is doing through you guys! <3

  3. 311

    Jenny says

    Now this is something I NEED!!! We just replaced our vacuum and I so dissapointed in the one we have (el cheapo). The suction is awful and it doesn’t leave those nice vacuum lines I love. I’m a once a day vacuum kinda girl… I would drool over this one – it looks awesome. Just 7 pounds and lays flat – I can picture it cleaning under my bed now!!! Mr. Magnesium – I WANT YOU!

  4. 314

    Beth says

    I know you had this in your post, but the fact that it goes almost flat to the floor is awesome! I saw the pic on their site!

  5. 315

    DebbyM says

    I like that it lays virtually flat, which is great to get under the heavy furniture I can’t move by myself…and it is their lightest vacuum.

  6. 323

    Melanie C says

    I love all the tools, but 20′ power cord means no more back tracking and pulling out outlet protectors in every room to vacuum! Yea!

  7. 324


    I love that it is great for both carpet and wood floors and with a switch will go between the two! Much better than switching lots of hoses and connections, etc. I love a vaccuum my kids can operate, easily too!!

    Thanks for this offer & many blessings!

  8. 331


    Oh please oh please pick me. Clean floors are my sanity. When I clean my floors I like to picture myself fighting back the chaos, as Ann Voskamp so eloquently put it.

    But I too have one of those mediocre vacuums that needs to be replaced after 2 years. It’s struggling and has none of the features I saw on the Magnesium. So basically I vacuum my house but it’s all in vain. My house is still dirty. I mean lie flat to clean under couches and beds? And clean ceiling fans? And it has a crevice tool? The Magnesium sounds like a panacea in the cleaning department.

    Please pick me. I am ever so dirty.

  9. 332

    Kysia says

    I learned that it is gentle enough for Persian and Oriental rugs, not that I own one. My favorite part is that it can not only do high pile carpet but also floors. Which is awesome considering those are what I do own, and not only clean them but giving off self-propelled feeling, so that I don’t have to work as hard.

  10. 333

    Sam says

    LOVE that it has twin LED headlights…hehehe. I think, though, that I am really in love with how flat it gets. I HATE moving furniture to get underneath with my thick-load vacuum. Thanks for the opportunity….love clean floors myself.

  11. 337

    Melinda P says

    Weighs less than 8 lbs? AWESOME! Our vacuum should have been replaced ages ago, but we haven’t had the money.

  12. 340

    Meriann says

    The Hepa filter looks great for the dust mite allergic members of the fam! Now everyone gets to take their rightful turn behind the wheel. :-)

    • 340.1

      dellsix says

      i have skin parasite we can have no cloth
      drapes or forniture is the external

      of the machine made of cloth i pray not

  13. 341


    So awesome that it is less than 8 lbs! I can hardly vacuum often. Our heavy machine hurts my back. At over six years old, it’s probably time to invest in a new one. I’ve been thinking canister – not so much to heave with each movement… but this would be very light!

  14. 343

    tona saponaro says

    What an awesome giveaway (yes! vacuums excite me)! :) “102 mph of airflow delivers powerful cleaning” I will take it!

  15. 345

    Polly Helling says

    Light weight and self-propelled practically….amazing!! A vaccuum that does what it was created to do is worth a lot of money!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. 346

    Melissa says

    What a blessing it would be to win, as my vacuum just broke and I have been putting off buying a new one in the midst of Christmas shopping!! I love that it comes with a 7-year limited warranty and 3 yearly tune-ups…it sounds awesome for so many reasons.

  17. 347

    Jennifer says

    different power settings for hardword or carpet and lays flat for cleaning…..I dont remember the last time my floors were clean and would love to have something like this. Just reading your post motivated me to sweep the floor today…thanks

  18. 348

    Jen S. says

    I realized that it has a HEPA bag. I’m so over our vacuum that doesn’t have a bag – it’s a mess to empty, the dust gets all over the floors, etc. The fact that the bag is HEPA makes all of us allergy sufferers very happy.

  19. 352

    Deb says

    It looks like an alligator when laying flat…! I love that it will do most of the work for me – propelling itself, adjusts to different surfaces, including being gentle enough to safely vacuum oriental rugs. Long cord means I won’t accidently jerk it out of the wall and have that “oh, no”moment of wondering if it just sucked in its last breath…!

  20. 353

    Gen Green says

    I am just glad to learn that there are other vacuum obsessed women like me. I find order in a world full of chaos when the floors are free from crumbs, sand, dirt, dog hair, and who knows what else. : )

  21. 364


    The long cord and lying flat features are not just helpful but rather, they are vital. You see, I stopped moving furniture a LONG time ago while vacuuming and I’m beginning to think the dust bunnies are under there plotting their takeover. I can only hope they are kind overlords to humans. I have a feeling the first thing they’ll do is banish all vacuum cleaners though. I must have this vacuum cleaner so that the revolt can be stopped and vacuum cleaner kind can continue to live in utilitarian peace and harmony.

  22. 365


    Wow! 102 mph airflow and it doesn’t rip the floor up? Amazing! I’d fuss less about dirty floors if it were mine;0) And you’ve gotta love that it has a HEPA filter bag for all my allergy-having kiddos.

  23. 367

    Angela says

    The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile.

    Now THAT is cool since I have carpet and “fake” hardwood.

  24. 370

    Monica Kinney says

    I would HATE to see the “bunnies” under my furniture … this thing lays FLAT to reach them!! That’s a GINORMOUS plus in my book with a house full of boys!! Oh please send me a Christmas present (the Christmas present I need)!

  25. 373

    Shelly in Kansas City says

    I would LOVE to have this!!! I really need a new vacuum!!
    Thank you Kristen for all the amazing giveaways!!

  26. 376

    monica says

    I love that it lays virtually flat to clean under furniture! That it only weighs 7 pounds is great to!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  27. 380

    Laura says

    “It lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture…” my favorite part! I hate having to move the coffee table when I’m vacuuming!

    I tweeted! (@laura_cagle)

  28. 381

    Tara says

    I love that it works on all floor surfaces! Right now I use 2 different vacuums – one for hard floor and one for carpet. We are SO in need of a new vacuum. This one sounds perfect!!

  29. 384

    Kay Roberts says

    Read all about it…love that ir breaks down the dirt to vacuun and that it lies flat for easier under items vacuuming.
    Thanks for the offer

  30. 388

    Ann Megill says

    102 mph of airflow. 30 ft of cord. Only 8 lbs. works on multiple surfaces. goes flat under furniture. Pretty nifty little sucker. 😉

  31. 392


    It lies “virtually flat”…that would be some Awesome Sauce! Seriously, it looks like I might be able to vacuum under my bed with it. I have 2 shedding dogs, you wouldn’t believe the fur that can collect under there if we neglect it.

  32. 398


    Try it free for 30 days? woo HOO!

    I hate buying new vacuums so much, I purchased what I thought was the “top of the line” Dyson ball vacuum. I am not as happy as I thought I should be.

    Maybe an Oreck is what I need!

  33. 399

    Natalie says

    Would LOVE to win this amazing vacuum! I love that it can go flat to reach under furniture! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  34. 401

    Maureen M says

    I can’t believe the 102 mph airflow and the 7,000 rpm. And being able to go under furniture? Be still my heart. If you could love an inanimate thing this would be it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. 403

    Jenny Brunsvold says

    Being only 7.7 lbs., all my little boys will be able to help me vacuum!! YAY! :) I also like the twin LED headlights – to help me see all the Lego pieces under the couch! 😉
    Thank you!

  36. 405

    theresa says

    Just spent yesterday heavily preg flat out on hands and knees trying to vacuum under the bed for the first time in too long with just the measly hose attachment, really wish I had one of these to get under there!

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