Family Gift: TableTalk Chalkboard PlaceMats {Free Printable}

I don’t regret turning our dining table into a chalkboard. We’ve already had some of the most amazing conversations and connections.

I think everyone should involve drawing and doodling with there dinnertime. It’s simply got my family talking!

But I know not everyone will make such a drastic choice.

The other night,  we made heart charts (drew what was in our heart). It was such a sweet time. I was going to share it with our dear family friends, but I knew they would never go for painting their beautiful table.

And that’s when I realized: I can give them chalkboard placemats for their table for Christmas! It was fun and easy to make and I enjoyed creating The Family Table Talk Guide {Free Printable}:

[I found $1 hard plastic placemats that had a cool design. I only painted one side, so the back still looks neat].

[I painted mine outside and found it works better with more than one coat].

Add this printable:
The Family Guide: Table Talk

Add some chalk and a festive ribbon:

And give it to someone you love!

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  1. 1


    this has to be one of the most awesome-est things ever!!! I am SO going to make these!!!! And one idea would be to invest in a pack of chalkboard markers (like they use at coffee shops?) so you don’t have to deal with yucky chalk dust at the table! So awesome!

  2. 3


    I love this idea. You are right … I am not brave enough for my whole table. What a great idea.

    Ok… so where can I get the chalkboard paint? Lowe’s? Walmart? We are so rural… and behind the times… I wonder if they will have it.



  3. 5

    April says

    Cute Idea! I think that you could to this with dry erase markers on a plain placemat too if you can’t find chalkboard paint or don’t want to deal with chalk.

  4. 11

    Jenn says

    love, Love, LOVE this idea, Kristen!!! I have a family on my Christmas list that I wasn’t sure what to do with…this is the perfect way to do it! BTW, I’m pinning this.

  5. 13


    How well does the table clean off with the chalkboard paint? I love the idea, I just don’t want to worry about it scrubbing off when my kids spill their dinner all over it. 😉

  6. 16


    Love the blackboard table top. However it would get our long sleeves all chalky-dirty. I hate that I’m using getting dirty as a reason to not be creative but, clothing is sometimes expensive. LOL I admire your creativity!

  7. 18

    Amanda B says

    They make chalk board contact paper too, that might be a little more washable. I’m going to try it. Thanks for the idea!

  8. 19


    I’m the same as Kriswithmany – I LOVE the idea of painting the entire table, however with young kids who frequently spill both wet and dry stuff, I wonder how it would clean up of regularly sprayed with lysol or other household cleaners – would the paint come off eventually? Eagerly awaiting your reply, as this may well be one of the projects near the top of my list for 2012!

  9. 21


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