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    Jenn says

    Happy birthday!!!!

    Mine turns 5 in June and I have no idea how that happened! :) (but here’s hoping 5 is better than 4, because my goodness 4 has been rough in this house!)

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    Racheal says

    Happy Birthday to your baby!!! My baby boy turned 5 in September. I also hope that 5 is better than 4, because 4 was rough in our house too. So far it has been!!! Whewww. I don’t know how they grow up so fast, but I am loving this stage of his life. So full of questions and you can see him learning and thinking about things more than ever. Have fun with 5.

  3. 10

    Kris Gaffney says

    Hey Kristen, I received your Africa necklace from my daughter when we took her and her family to Tanzania. I love it so much that I have only taken it off twice in the last year and a half. I am returning to Africa in February. Part of our trip includes a tour. I know someone will want a necklace just like mine. Are they still available and how shall I tell them how to get one if they are. Thank you for what you do, I love Africa and someday hope to make a difference.

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