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I wanted to spice up my pantry a bit. I’ve heard about screen doors being used as a pantry door and that’s what we decided to try. We bought a plain $18 screen door at a local hardware store and cut it down to fit the smaller width of our pantry.

I bought some fancy scrolls to embellish the plain door. I decided to spray paint the unfinished wood. Red, of course!
My hubby nailed the scrolls onto the painted door.

And then my sweet guy took off the old plain white door and gave me the country kitchen I’ve always wanted!!
My hubby did an AMAZING job!
My favorite touch? The fork door pull. He just used pliers to give it a bend and then screwed it into the wood:

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And it cost less than $50!
a favorite project from the archives


  1. 8


    That’s lovely, but I’ll be honest…I’d have to keep my pantry semi-organzied like that I love being able to shut the door and pretend it’s not chaos in there!

  2. 9

    Jenn says

    That looks FABULOUS!!!

    The walls in my kitchen are very close to that red. I LOVE red in the kitchen…tho, I did recently learn that the color red supposedly makes you eat more. Oh well! 😀

  3. 11

    Denise Kachich says

    I LOVE your pantry door! Your yellow is my kitchen yellow! OK, it’s me, Denise from MOPS this morning! Thanks so much for speaking to our group! You were a blessing to all of us!
    If I’m typing this note does that mean I’m blogging? So, I’m really moving up! Mrs. Techie! :O I can’t wait to start reading your book I bought today. And I’m glad Sherron sent me this link because I’m not sure if I would have found you. Please come to our group again! Hope you and your family have a very blessed weekend. Sincerely, Denise

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