The Day After Christmas {Sale}

Anyone else in recovery mode? We had an awesome day: it was simple and good. So good.


[listening]: to Jesus Bible Storybook Audio (Jesus’ birth) on Christmas Eve

[playing games]: my favorite moment by far

[food]:We had a traditional New Mexican Christmas lunch with Posole. Have you ever had it? It’s one of our favorites and easy to make!

[birthday party for Jesus]: hooray!

[annual visit]: to the hospital NICU to drop off goodies to the nurses that saved our preemie six Christmas’ ago (she was born Dec. 16, but nearly died Christmas Eve).

[the wonder]: love

My kids got money from grandparents for Christmas, which can only mean one thing: After-Christmas shopping. Hold me.

I’ve scheduled some posts for the rest of the week, so I can focus on my family and do a lot of nothing.

I did want to share:

[Dayspring]: Sale: there’s a fantastic after-Christmas sale going on at my favorite store. These are items are 75% off! I’ve stocked up on teacher, neighbor and friend gifts for next year.

Christmas Carol Tree $49.99 $12.49

Beautiful Wooden Tray $34.99 $9.99

Metal TableTop or Outdoor Sign (I love mine on the my front porch bench) $29.99 $9.99

Mugs (in white and red) $9.99 $2.49

Star Trivet $9.99 $2.49

Get an additional 15% off your total with code: 15offgifts



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    Dec?16 is my daughter’s birthday too! Happy belated birthday! I would love that recipe too. We’ve been on the road, but I meant to send you a note, the Mercy House bundle was a big Christmas hit!

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