This House Still Believes

Jesus is the gift.

We believe it and work hard to not let the childhood fantasy of Santa overshadow Jesus on His birthday. I’m talking about how it changed for our family a few years ago over at (in)courage. I’d love to share it with you…


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    Great post. It is really hard to have to change Christmas around for Jesus. But, isn’t he the reason it all started? I am starting a lot of changes this year. I think it will all be okay and even better than before.

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    Heather S. says

    My daughters stopped believing in Santa at ages 4 and 6. Honestly, I was relieved. I feel that by not working so hard to make them believe in something that isn’t real I have more time to devote to focusing on the ONE who is. To each his own on this non-essential issue of the faith, but for me, it was quite a relief!

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    Kelli says

    Thank you for sharing your Santa found out story. My children attend Christian school and the oldest is on the fence of belief. I’m finding little ways to explain the example of Kris Kringle, but wondered how I’d tie a myth back to the realness of Jesus when the time comes. I like your letter, “we are called to believe in things we can’t see.” You gave me inspiration and I appreciate those who go be fore who make my path a bit more bearable. Going into things not by surprise but armed with a plan. Thank you!

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