WFMW: Laundry Brilliance

I have a tiny laundry room.

But it’s cute, that should count for something, right?

Although if you stop by, it won’t look like that. [hint: piles]

My big kids are in charge of their own laundry (which is a fancy way of me saying, once a week, I ask them to bring down their basket, put it in the washer, oversee their soap-usage, remind them how to start the washer, tell them when it’s time to move to the dryer, add in the dryer sheet they forgot and tell them to now fold and hang up. It’s a work-in-progess).

I’m always trying to look for ways to tidy up the laundry room (since I’m only caught up about 45 seconds a week-FREEZE, everything is clean. Ok, moment over).

I love this idea:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


What’s your best laundry tip for the New Year?

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    I love the organization in your laundry room! It’s perfect. I have added my Cedar Xmas Garland to your party today. It was pretty easy to make and didn’t cost this girl a lot of the dough. Thanks for hosting another party and hope you have a great holiday season!

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    Rachel says

    I made my own soap for the first time a few months ago using the Duggar’s recipe and I will never go back. It is awesome and super, super cheap! I have a laundry schedule to ward off the piles… works great and amounts to only a little bit of laundry work each day. I would love for my laundry room to look as cute as yours :)

  3. 6


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your laundry room! I have a tiny room/large closet for a laundry room. I’ve sort of figured out to maximize the space, but it’s not cute at all!! And it’s one of those things (along with several other things in my house) that I don’t want to invest a lot of creative energy or money in it because I really want to move sooner than later. But you may have inspired me! Thanks!

  4. 7


    We have a teeny tiny laundry room, too. It’s a nook at the top of the stairs, about 5×4. Just big enough for washer, dryer, a hamper, and the door to swing open. But I have 4 hampers so the door is permanently open, lol.

    What helped my laundry pile the most was having a family closet. My teen boy and 12 yo have their own clothes in their own room, but all the other kids (age 2-10) have a shelf in the family closet. It really saves on the “fake” laundry- when the kids dig through their drawers, knock clean clothes out, then the clean clothes somehow end up in the hamper with a wet towel on top so you have to rewash it.

    I make my own soap, too- recipe on my blog!

  5. 8


    Laundry must be on the mind this week! I just shared about how I hang clothes inside during the winter to save money on electricity.

    I would love for my laundry area to look as pretty as yours. Mine is in the basement and does not look pretty at all. Maybe when we renovate the basement?

  6. 9

    Adrienne says

    I have a small laundry room to that doubles as a mud room and school storage area. I found Laundry baskets that have handles that you can fold inward to allow the baskets to stack on top of each other. Very similar to your picture but without the pretty storage cabinet.

  7. 10

    Jan says

    At least you have a laundry room LOL! my tip is don’t separate clothes by colors- just separate by each person and wash in cold water- much easier to keep track!

  8. 11


    My tip is to get the kids involved to put their own clothes away (no matter how messy) so they are helping you fold the laundry or at least redistribute it into the proper room.

    I don’t enjoy folding or putting laundry away, so I get the 4 and 6 year olds to help me out…or we just live outta the laundry baskets until they are empty. Depends on how busy I am.


  9. 12

    Shelly Roy says

    My five kids have their own laundry day. We change their bed and wash their towels on that day also. Usually not more than one load per person. sometimes a large one and a small one. My two oldest are on their own now, so I am morphing to three days for the kids, one day for hubby and me, and one day for sheets. Doing laundry from start to finish on their day keeps my kids in clean clothes and the laundry room with managable piles (if any at all).

  10. 13


    I love the organization in your laundry room and having a laundry hamper in each room helps organize the family laundry and can add decor to bedrooms. We all need help in organizing our laundry. Thanks.

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