What God Wants For Christmas

I’ve scratched the last gift off my list. I’ve tried to get what everyone wants. {Except my youngest asked for makeup and my oldest a laptop. And someone mentioned a puppy. I laughed hysterically.}

The gifts are waiting under the tree. The expectation is palpable.

But there’s One on my list that I haven’t shopped for.

Because He doesn’t want the hottest Christmas gift from the mall.

He won’t be disappointed if it’s not perfectly wrapped.

He isn’t wanting me to spend a dime on Him.

Because what God really wants doesn’t include pressure or tradition. It doesn’t involve spending more than I have or perfection or guilt. It isn’t about pleasing the hard-to-please or the letdown that sometimes comes when the wrappings outweigh the gifting.

He wants something so profound and simple, I long to give it to Him.

Close your eyes, step in front and look into this:

He wants what’s in this mirror for Christmas:


The hope and peace we seek is found in the simplicity of giving ourselves to Him. I challenge you to find a place during the hectic and busy days ahead to do just that: offer yourself to Christ on His birthday.

It’s what God really wants for Christmas. 

Merry Christmas from our house to yours.


This year our family did the 7 day devotional for children What God Wants for Christmas by Family Life. I highly recommend it.


  1. 4

    Kristy B says

    thank you!

    I so needed that reminder!

    I am recovering from major hand/wrist/lower arm surgry on my dominant hand and it is hard and i feel kind of useless!

  2. 5


    We just read that book yesterday! The Family Life book has been a tradition in our house for years. My girls never grow old of waiting to see what the surprise is at the end of the story. What does God REALLY want? They open up the box, look into it, see the mirror and yell, “ME!” So thankful this Christmas to know that’s all He really wants. Merry Christmas!

  3. 6

    Erin says

    We did this for the first time at our house this year. Our oldest is four and was so excited to get to Box #7. When we finally opened it up and asked her what God wants for Christmas, she shouted, “A mirror!”. :)

  4. 9

    kelly says

    so simple and sweet. thanks for the reminder. i visited here last year cause you cracked me up. the dentist and the lice post! i stay because Jesus uses you to move my hard heart. when we meet in heaven one day (a long time from now, of course) i wanna hug you. you have blessed me so many times this year. i love you as a sister in Christ. even though we are strangers! ;0 may 2012 be filled with wonder, joy and God’s peace for you and your family. thank you. thank you.

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