WFMW: Works For Me! {Ebook Announcement}

I’m straying from my usual tip-giving to share an exciting announcement: A team of awesome people have been helping me compile a WFMW ebook!

It’s called That Works For Me: Tried and True Tips from Works For Me Wednesday and it’s featuring hundreds and hundreds of the greatest tips from you.

Can I get a woot?

For the first time, the best tips from carnivals over the past several years will be organized in a searchable, categorized easy-to-use ebook!

It will be released Spring of 2012.

If you participate regularly in WFMW, please check your inbox (or comments if you don’t have an email on your blog) for a time sensitive email in case one of your tips was chosen for the ebook.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Mercy House.

[Updated] I forgot to mention that my portion of the proceeds are going towards our savings fund to bring our kids back to Africa with us this summer to do our annual staff development, skill training and develop our new community program for single moms.

I hope you’re as excited as we are!

Because that works for me.

AND—to celebrate this fun news, I’m mixing it up with a thumbnail picture linky instead of what we normally do. I’ve been thinking about trying it. Make sure you leave your preference in the comments: regular linky or picture.

My 10 Favorite Moments From My Week{end}:

1. After nearly 8 years in our house, we have decided to stay here forever. So, we organized our kitchen cabinets and drawers. What can I say, I needed motivation. Look how fancy we are now (disclaimer: these pictures might also prove my inner nerd):

oh, yeah

2. This monkey discovered bars. Dear God, please protect her bones, Amen.

3. Flutist in the house! She performed beautifully at her first District Honor Band Concert. How on earth did I give birth to a musician?

4. This guy scored TEN points in his basketball game. 

5. Watching him get so excited he forgets to dribble is also on my list (sorry, son)

6. My hubby who worked hours and hours (after his day job) to help me get out 536 end-of-the-year statements for Mercy House. Did you know we regularly pray over each name and thank God for those who partner with us to make a maternity home in Kenya a reality? Y’all rock.

7. A whole afternoon at the playground with my favorite people in perfect weather on a perfect Sunday. I think my hubby caught me taking a catnap:(We were invaded by these teen boys doing parkour. Have you heard of this? It’s like extreme playground diving and rolling and it’s terrifying to watch. I guess it’s harmless fun until they um, die.

8. My church community. I cannot express how deeply thankful I am for it.

9. Taking a break from my computer from Friday night until Sunday night.

10. New product from Africa made by our girls. I cry every time I open a suitcase or box. It smells like my second home. 

Got a favorite moment? Do share.

I Fell(t) For Ruffles

Life is so busy: Kids, work, home, laundry, the list goes on…

I think stress flows from fingertips when I craft.

When I can’t sleep or I need to unwind, I relax with my glue gun and the refresh button on Pinterest.

I love all the fun felt ruffles I’ve seen lately.

I took these simple instructions to make a felt ruffle and created my own version of a Ribbon felt & ruffle wreath to hang on my front door:

Supplies Needed:

Wreath $3.50

Ribbon $1.97

Felt (I chose 3 colors 1/8 yard)

$3.00 Straight pins

Felt ruffles are easy to make, but are time-consuming, which is why I opted for half a ruffled wreath. And also why I’m thankful for a tween who loves to craft as much as I do: In about five minutes, I hot-glued a handful of ruffled felt pieces (folded the same as the wreath) and made these two pins. Fun, huh? Seriously, easy and cost only pennies!
These are so cute and would make perfect teacher gifts or just a great way to dress up a shirt.

Simple Steps:

cut 3″ circle felt (easiest way to do this: stamp the top of a cup on an ink pad and “stamp” it on to felt, cut)

fold and hot glue 6 or 7 felt “ruffles” in half and then quarter

glue  each ruffle to circle felt with hot glue

attach with pin


Anyone else find crafting relaxing?

For When You Let Others Down

I opened the mail.

In an instant, I was furious.

I’ve been having some medical tests run lately to try and diagnose the chronic pain in my neck. One of the tests was faulty and had to be repeated. It involved needles and electrical current. And tears. So, when I received an $800 bill from a doctor I’d never seen-the one who read and declared the test faulty, I was mad.

It was an insurance nightmare and on my fourth frustrated phone call, I lost it.

I ranted and complained and whined to the billing lady on the other end. It was ugly.

I was ugly.

I got off the phone and it took about 7.2 seconds for me to get the feeling. You know the one. Conviction.

Oh, but it gets worse.

{Read the rest at (in)courage….}

Life [Photo Edition]

1. My neighbor and I hugged a cow the other day and fell in love with Chick Fil A even more. Is that even possible?

2. P.S. Yes, because they are now serving grilled chicken nuggets to our kiddos and there are warm chocolate chip cookies on the menu horizon. My thighs are afraid.

3. The other day, our youngest was giving my hubby some extra hugs and kisses. I pouted and said, “When is it my turn?” She ran over and hugged me. My hubby pouted and begged her to come back.  She put her hands up in the air to stop the back and forth teasing, “Look, guys, I can do a pattern.”

4. While I was putting on makeup the other day, this same child said, “Mom, that’s enough (makeup). You look hot.” And then she added, “You know what that means, right?”

5. Hold me.

6. My son is playing basketball for the first time. We are doing Upwards (LOVE this faith-based sports organization). He’s new to the sport, but catching on fast. My hubby captured this little clip on his phone. Note the crazy mom screaming “YOU HAVE TO DRIBBLE!!” at the boy running down the court with the ball.

7. Okay: the crazy lady is me.

8. My little one got her library card. I just love the big fuss the library volunteer made over it.

9. And then within 24 hours she lost it/found it/lost it again.

10. We found it for the last time because now the library cards lives in Mommy’s purse.

11. I leave you with the pictures I found on my phone yesterday (surprise!):


WFMW: Get {Craftsy}

I love the new site: Craftsy.

Have y’all heard of it?

It’s for knitters, sewers, quilters (people with real skill), but it’s also for people like me who are wicked with a glue gun.

Craftsy is the fastest growing online community for Crafters!

Craftsy users love:
1) Terrific online classes from amazing instructors for beginning, intermediate and advanced quilters, knitters, crocheters, seamstresses, jewelry makers, and other crafters.
2) Fantastic good deals on crafting supplies: organic yarn, lovely fabrics and high quality needles, etc..

It’s free to sign up and be inspired.  (If you sign up for online classes and tutorials, there are class fees). I like hopping on there and looking thru ideas for Mercy House and my daughter who says every other day, “Got any crafts for me to do?”

Take a look and get craftsy!

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