Family Art: Word of the Year

I wanted our entire family to create a piece of art that was unique and meaningful. Something to hang in a high traffic area, art to remind us of what we are needing, chasing this year. Our word for the year:

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This is something everyone can do! Supplies:

  • Art Canvas -whatever size you like (we went big!)
  • Materials to create texture-be creative! We used things we had on hand: pencil eraser, palm leaf, rubber bands, etc


    1. Apply vinyl to blank canvas
    2. Divide canvas into sections; we chose 5 sections because we have 5 people in our family
    3. Paint over the vinyl word art
    4. Once canvas dries, decide on your textures. Pictured is a square block with rubber bands twisted all over it
    5. Use your second color to “stamp” onto canvas. We dipped our block into paint and our youngest stamped in the first column
    6. In the next section, my son used the eraser of a pencil to create “dots.”
    7. Our third section is stamped circles created from the lip of a coke bottle.
    8. I used a palm branch from the front yard to create the fourth section. My husband used a piece of rope in the last column (not pictured above).
    9. Once the entire canvas is dry, peel off the vinyl letters carefully.
10. Hang your family art and be inspired!


  1. 1


    Aaaahhhhhhhhh! We will so be doing this! We are impatiently waiting for our littles (2 b & 2 g) to join our family of 4! This will be a great project to do together at some point!

  2. 10


    This is a wonderful project and extra special because the whole family can be involved. I am inspired to fill a big blank space in my family room with one. Not sure it will be as neat and arty as yours….my kids are very determined to take things their own way…but that will certainly make it unique! Great to find your blog!

  3. 11

    Heather says

    Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  4. 12

    MichelleH says

    This is so awesome. I love how each family member is represented, unique (patterns) yet united (colors) and kept together by FAITH. What a great representation!

  5. 13


    I love know there is at least one young family out there who doesn’t spend all their time sitting in front of one kind of electronic screen or another!

  6. 16

    Suzanne says

    Love this! Our word this year is Trust. Amazing how God keeps bringing this one word forward in almost everything I see, hear or do.

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