For When You Let Others Down

I opened the mail.

In an instant, I was furious.

I’ve been having some medical tests run lately to try and diagnose the chronic pain in my neck. One of the tests was faulty and had to be repeated. It involved needles and electrical current. And tears. So, when I received an $800 bill from a doctor I’d never seen-the one who read and declared the test faulty, I was mad.

It was an insurance nightmare and on my fourth frustrated phone call, I lost it.

I ranted and complained and whined to the billing lady on the other end. It was ugly.

I was ugly.

I got off the phone and it took about 7.2 seconds for me to get the feeling. You know the one. Conviction.

Oh, but it gets worse.

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    Kristen, you are mighty blessed to have a husband to help lead you and teach you. That is what I see when you describe things he says and does. It is awesome that you respond to him with such respect and honor. I think what you did was brave. It is so amazing how the Lord gives us the courage to do things that we would normally find so difficult on our own. I know there are times I know I need to repent and seek forgiveness. I get that feeling in my chest…no other word but pride…and I just struggle to spill out those words. Then, that gentle nudging leads me and it comes out. I am always happier when it does come out.

    I do hope you get this all resolved and I pray you have answers to your problems soon.