I Fell(t) For Ruffles

Life is so busy: Kids, work, home, laundry, the list goes on…

I think stress flows from fingertips when I craft.

When I can’t sleep or I need to unwind, I relax with my glue gun and the refresh button on Pinterest.

I love all the fun felt ruffles I’ve seen lately.

I took these simple instructions to make a felt ruffle and created my own version of a Ribbon felt & ruffle wreath to hang on my front door:

Supplies Needed:

Wreath $3.50

Ribbon $1.97

Felt (I chose 3 colors 1/8 yard)

$3.00 Straight pins

Felt ruffles are easy to make, but are time-consuming, which is why I opted for half a ruffled wreath. And also why I’m thankful for a tween who loves to craft as much as I do: In about five minutes, I hot-glued a handful of ruffled felt pieces (folded the same as the wreath) and made these two pins. Fun, huh? Seriously, easy and cost only pennies!
These are so cute and would make perfect teacher gifts or just a great way to dress up a shirt.

Simple Steps:

cut 3″ circle felt (easiest way to do this: stamp the top of a cup on an ink pad and “stamp” it on to felt, cut)

fold and hot glue 6 or 7 felt “ruffles” in half and then quarter

glue  each ruffle to circle felt with hot glue

attach with pin


Anyone else find crafting relaxing?


  1. 2


    This is cute. I love to craft, but the time just doesn’t seem to be there and the craft stores don’t seem to be here in Warsaw, Poland. So, I wait…a long time.

  2. 4


    Oh wow….your wreath is SO cute!!! I may come steal it. {{only kidding}}

    No, I do not find crafting relaxing…I find is stressful. Whenever I get out the glue gun, my husband gets nervous. He knows things are not going to end well.

  3. 6


    LOVE the idea of adapting this to a pin! CUTE CUTE CUTE!

    And YES, I find crafting to be relaxing. And it’s some of my best prayer time! I find I can mediate and listen for God much more closely when my minds are busy with a hot glue gun! :)

    Thanks for sharing, as always!

  4. 8

    Haley says

    Oh me me! Actually, inspired by your blog and and few other more craft dedicated ones, I just started my own blog. I know you are so so busy, but maybe sometime when you are crafting and relaxing, you can check it out between Pinterest refreshes : ) Thanks for all you share and encourage here.


  5. 9


    eh, crafting makes me stressed … I think it’s because I don’t feel ‘creative’ and I get frustrated at the results, I see Princess doing the same exact thing. Put me in the kitchen though and I’m just fine … but the stress comes back when it’s time to clean up the mess!

  6. 10


    If I could find someone to cook my meals and clean my house and organize my clutter, I might just live in my craft room (I guess I would need some more money for all of that, and for the craft supplies) I need to spend some time crafting SOON!!!

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